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Jami, wife to Nato and mom of four, is an entrepreneur and leader who focuses on faith, community, authenticity, and courage. She’s passionate about not doing laundry and uses awkward humor & honesty to convey the truth of the gospel and navigate tough conversations.

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  1. I am sorry you received thoughtless comments about your video. There is not point to such meanness, I don’t understand why some feel the need to write hurtful words. I like your thought to take a pause and let it die out. Hugs to you.

  2. I am continue to be shocked and saddened by the vitriolic tirades ……I have chosen to remove myself from places where often outlandish, untrue, and fear mongering happens. By doing that I am letting it continue without countering with evidence, but unfortunately have found objective, empirical evidence doesn’t change minds. I am sorry that even in this forum of presumably safe and civil space it is happening.

  3. Oh Jami your post today is so appropriate considering it is election day!
    My husband and I butt heads in this area more often than I’d like to admit! I am “tempted to use my words” to “beat up” my husband when we disagree on most election topics. Actually, it’s not the topics it’s the people talking about the topics. I get frustrated with the “bulling” and “using words to tear down or divide instead of to build up and bring peace?” Just like me they lose perspective. They start getting personal instead of remaining calm and staying on topic!

    God is our Good Shepherd and I am soooo grateful He brings me back to Him \0/

  4. I always enjoy reading your messages Jami! You seem so happy & upbeat & I know having a close relationship with the Lord will bless us with lights to shine for Him.
    People can be so cruel but rise above it & allow God to shine thru you. Don’t feel you need to answer each rude comment but relish the fact that you have a God who loves YOU plus He’s blessed you with a wonderful husband & 4 great kids.
    I come from a Jewish home but accepted Christ when I was 16. I married the man of my dreams at 19 & Jerry is 1/2 Jewish (Dad) & 1/2 Catholic (German Mom). What a combination right?
    Well, my 2nd born married a full Filipino, beautiful God loving woman. Then my first born married a woman from Lebanon. An Arab, but a lovely, beautiful Christian woman. Before they married, I started e-mailing her so I would have a relationship with her before we met at their wedding in Lebanon. They have quite the love story orchestrated by God. Nour & I are very close & love each other unconditionally. My youngest & only daughter married a man who is 1/2 American & 1/2 Indian. Our family is quite the United Nations!!! We love all of our married in son & daughter’s.
    Lord bless you Jami with a wonderful Thanksgiving & Christmas!!!

  5. Dear Jami,

    It makes me sad that you had to deal with all those unpleasant comments. I rarely have unkind comments on my posts. But I have a very small voice in the internet world, so I don’t have that exposure. You seem to have figured out how to put out the fires. With God’s help. I’ve learned, too, not to react to all the negatively. Let it die a quiet death.

    Wishing you love and joy!

  6. Thank you for your post. I agree it is best to take a pause. I actually deleted my twitter account as it is too easy to join the movement of accepting unacceptable behaviors. Social media seems to encourage people to post things that would never be spoken face to face. People really are lost sheep. Thank for “incouraging” people to follow Jesus, the good Shepard.

  7. Thank you Jami. This certainly came at a perfect time in my life. I am going through a very emotional time with a few of my siblings. A line has most definitely been drawn and a lot of unkind words have been said amongst all of us. I am truly trying to be the better person and rise above their words and actions. But I have had some very ugly, unkind, hurtful lies hurled at me and right now forgiving them is difficult. But I am no longer going to respond to their insults and I am no longer going to let their words have power over me. I will continue to pray for healing in our family.

    • I am so sorry. It is so difficult!
      I think you’re right, it is best to cherish the relationship instead of. fighting over politics. Political parties come and go, but family is always family. difficult and layered.

  8. Too Often, I start a long Comment on FB from post. Only to catch myself up with the Question: “What would Jesus Do?” Then I usually end up deleting my Comment, before posting it. I totally agree that God calls me to use my words online carefully, under His leading!

  9. Jamie,

    I am so tired of all the rhetoric being spewed out on social media. It’s easy to sit behind a screen & write out those comments. There have been times I’ve wanted to send back “ugly” comments to emails & other posts. Then I think to myself what’s the point? Do it & you are acting like the world does & not like a Christian. I keep those comments to myself & do my best to spread Christ’s light & love.

    Blessings 🙂