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  1. “God loves us so we love others. God helps us so we help others.” Such a simple, straight forward truth yet we take a simple addition equation & turn it into a calculus equation. Lord forgive us! Thank you, Mary for this account & application of not being weary of doing as we are instructed! Blessings!

  2. God loves us all so much. We can reach out to help others and show his Love to throw us. Like me with my elderly Dad. God has put on my heart to go every day and so house hold jobs for him that he can’t do. Plus walk his dog. My Dad not saved. But I do wonder why God asked me to help my Dad like this. I do get tired and which I had whole day of to myself that I didn’t have to help my Dad at all. Even though I only go my Dad to what I do for him for few hours each day. Plus twice a day except Sundays afternoon and walk his dog. I do get frustrated at the mess my Dad gets his house in at times. After the day before I left it nice and tidy. I say to myself Dad how could you get it so messy again after I left it nice and tidy yeasterday. Some days the mess worse than others. See my Dad does not see he makes the mess he makes. God said to me through a person not saved you be thankful you can do what you do for your elderly Dad. As many a person all over the word never knew their Dad and never will. Or lost their Dad at young age. That made me think. What that person said to me that day was so true. Then say to myself Dawn be thankful you still have your Dad. When others don’t for what ever reason and some never knew their Dad. So I stop feeling that way. I go now saying I doing my Dad’s for the Love of the Lord and the Love of my Dad. I am glad and thankful on to God I still have my Dad and able to do all I do for him. Even if he makes a bigger mess some days than others. As one day I not have my Dad. I pray for his Salvation. So now I don’t say I wish I whole day of not having to go to my Dad’s I just do it even if I did tire of doing it. Because some days he made bigger messes than other. After me leaving it tidy the day before. I thankful God gives me the energy to do it. Plus thankful I can do it. I know this my way of helping someone. Plus praying for other world wide. Also me and my Husband set up direct debit for other Christian Charitys like World Share that help people and kids in counties like the Philippines and Pakistan. We know the money we give goes help get kids to school and help Adults in any way they can. When the kids get to school they will get most of them one meal a day. As most of them don’t get anything when get home. Plus clean water as well. Most of all hearing about the Love of God and teaching them all about Jesus. Which is amazing. One family in England. To we boys. Wanted to raise money for people and kids like this throw World Share. So they decided theses two we boys both brothers made Christmas cards. In packs of 5. Sold them gave the money to World Share. So I thought that was lovely even that they wanted to do help people and kids in other countries in the world through World Share. Most kids would even think of wanting to help others in other parts of the world like your Daughter also Mary. I know God will bless theses two we boys for doing this plus your Daughter. To for wanting to help people less well of than themselves and raise money to help them too. My Dad always glad to see me. So all this in today reading spoke to me. To say Dawn be thankful you can do all you for others. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little in my prayers incourage. Love the reading and what I am learning from them. My God richly bless you all for the work you do. Xx

  3. Mary,

    “Doing good isn’t always easy or convenient.” AMEN & AMEN. I volunteer with Loaves & Fishes -food bank. Some days I don’t feel like going-just worked over 40 hrs. in 4 days tired. But I go & help out. I feel like I owe it to God for ALL He’s given & done for me. The satisfaction I get from talking with others & seeing the results of our efforts makes it worth it. One Friday we had 10 commitments to Christ. You never know how a smile, hug, handing out free food or a simple I’ll pray for you will do for someone.

    Blessings 🙂