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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Only in God’s beautiful economy do we receive when we are giving! Beautiful reminder of that truth , Anne! Blessings!

  2. What a beautiful encouragement and reminder that we can bless one another even when circumstances aren’t ideal. Just need to use some of the creativity our Lord blessed us with and let the love pour out.

  3. Such wonderful thoughts at a time in our lives all of us will remember in different ways because of where we were in our life cycle.

  4. Anna,

    God knows our needs & will supply them all the time. He used the hands & feet of coworkers, family & friends to shower you with a ton of hospitality & love. Just what you needed at that time.

    My image of hospitality has been that of family/friends over for food or drinks (coffee/tea). I hadn’t thought of hospitality as loving on others IE: the treatment of friends, family or strangers. In that line I offer hospitality every Friday from 4:30 7PM. I volunteer with Loaves & Fishes Food Bank. You can find me putting meals together, handing out meals, prepping for next week’s meals, doing dishes/cleanup what ever needs to be done. This ministry has changed lives. We had 10 commitments to Christ on Friday. It takes the focus off me & my problems & allows me to be there for those in need. I shower everyone with God’s light & love.

    Working in ICU as a clerical I see 28 patients daily. You get to meet & talk with some family members & offer kindness in any form they need. I pray for each patient & family. I don’t just see it as a job, but as a ministry. You see God gave me this job in December 2021. When my unit was shut down they put me in an ICU Covid unit. Half way through December they wrote a job out just.for.me. God kept His promise from years ago & showered his love & grafce on me this way. So now I am spreading more of it around in ICU not only to patients & families, but to my co workers.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Awesome, Beth Williams! I am grateful Holy Spirit never shut my church down. We continued our gatherings with our city’s blessings. I unfortunately was cut off from my mother who was in a nursing home at the time. That was infuriating. We lost a lot of our elderly loved ones, just as the evildoers intended, not from Covid, but from loneliness and broken hearts and pure neglect. I thank God justice is right around the corner.

      • I feel for you, Tami. So, so many people have suffered unnecessarily because of the way those in power handled the pandemic. I am so grateful that a much Higher Power is in charge and we are indeed starting to see justice. Even the Christian community is slowly waking up to the realisation that a great injustice has been done.