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Kaitlyn is a Virtual Assistant, book launch manager, and storyteller who writes about discovering God's goodness in the ordinary and faithfulness in the difficult. She loves good books, deep conversations, and iced vanilla lattes. Kaitlyn is the author of Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between.

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  1. Totally blessed from the inside out by today’s devotional. I am not a trash can. People nor words they speak realize the impact they have on one’s life. I guess that’s why I chose to write years ago as a child. Expressing how I felt, this outlet has become the catapult of purpose. Thank you again for sharing! God bless you!

  2. Dearest Lord may my words today only be those that encourage & build up. Keep me from slinging any trash at anyone I encounter today. And give me discernment that I not accept any trash possibly flung my way. Enable me to discern truth. If a negative is true help me submit it to You & grow in Christ-likeness. If it is false enable me to discard it to the landfill. What powerful encouragement you have shared today, Kaitlyn. Bless you!

  3. Wow, such memories that popped up reading this. But I AM NOT A TRASH CAN! Thank you. I need to remember to how our words can have long lasting effects. It is so easy to blurt things out before thinking.

    • Sure can be… so grateful God is full of mercy and grace. And also so grateful that He’s in the business of speaking Truth, helping us recognize and replace words that don’t belong.

  4. I was deeply wounded by words in my childhood and again in my marriage. After my divorce I promised – myself – I would never again walk that road. Thirteen years later, it was me who said the unkind things to the person I love. the most. I still can’t believe the words I spoke over our relationship. I know how much words matter! I fell short. I am praying daily for forgiveness and restoration.

    • Oh man, yes. I wrote a post a while back about how I can be my own bully, thinking words about myself I’d never utter to a friend. Here’s to learning to speak to ourselves as we would to a friend + and speaking words of life to those around us!

  5. Thank you for sharing this. Also I thank Ruth for that beautiful transparent prayer that I will also commit to pray for myself. I’m not a trash can, nor do I want to CARRY the trash can!!!!

  6. This reminds me of a line of lyrics in the hymn “The Summons” — “Does your life attract or scare? ” It really does make you think about words you say and words that have hurt.

  7. This is so encouraging! And I feel sure your small research return would be echoed in any larger query. It’s so hard to hear God‘s voice when we have one of these soundtracks playing. Thank you for putting it into terms that are so easily related to. You are a gift! Thank you!

    • Aww, thanks Amy! I actually messaged our editor saying “I don’t know if this makes sense!” when I turned it in, so it really is a gift to read “putting it into terms that are so easily related to.” You brought a smile to my face today. 🙂

  8. We live in a 55 and older independent living community.
    We have lived here three and a half years. Most people speak
    kindly and encourage one another. However, there are a few people who say unkind and even harsh words to others. I see the
    destruction they leave in others lives. May I continue to speak words of love and joy. Thank you for your words today. Friendships are to be cherished and not abused.,

  9. Such an encouraging thoughts and message. Thank you. May God show us all how much he truly loves us.

  10. ‘May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight my God and my King ‘
    Great verse to memorize.
    I pray healing for you all….me included.

  11. Kaitlyn,

    Thank for this “you are not a trash can!!” AMEN & AMEN. The children’s song “sticks && stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt” is a lie. Words can cut deep wounds. Thankfully God has made me an encourager. I use my words to build people up daily. Thanking my co-workers-even EVS (trash/cleaners) for doing their job. We already have enough hatred, & disunity. Wanting to spread more of God’s light & love down here.

    Blessings 🙂