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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. Beautiful 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing, (in)Courage team! May God bless it for His glory.

    I have to confess – “Empowered” is one of my favorite words! The word itself is empowering 🙂

    I am eternally grateful that God empowers us in every area of our lives, not just the seemingly “spiritual” ones.

    So by God’s grace, we can say with the psalmist – “Let my whole being praise the Lord!” (Psalm 146:1).


    FYI – Tried adding this beautiful bundle to my bag a few times and it kept saying “Added”, but nothing happened, cart was still empty. I do wish it was just 2 cents more @ $50, so it can ship for free! 🙂 I’d love to win this! Have a wonderful day!

  2. I already own the Empowered devotional and I love it! Thank you for a chance to win a copy to share with a friend; the planner looks awesome too 🙂

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to win, this sounds like a great devotional and planner to strengthen our walk with Jesus!

    • Lopsided, I am so there! But, indeed, God is in it all, so the compartmentalizing can cease!

  4. This looks like a “must have”! I recall from a few years ago, I took a “quiz” for my word of the year & was surprised that it was EMPOWERED! I don’t think I have ever bought or received anything from DaySpring that was not top notch in the way the item was made or, mostly, the content & empowerment of the messages. This is something I’d love to win – thanks for the offering!

  5. Good morning Everyone,

    I am a lop sided person and I have been this way for at least 45 years. Yes, it’s difficult to even think about an honor God allowed me to achieve: Valedictorian in 1977. Congratulations to the person God will help me become.

    I am so thankful for the Word, The Holy Spirit, My Lord and Savior, Jesus and our Heavenly Father. When I grow up, (in the ways God intended) I look forward to helping others by my love, forgiveness and a healthy lifestyle. It’s important for others to see the change in my whole person. And God gets the Praise, Honor and Glory.

    I don’t know how long this new journey will take (I will be on thePotter’s Wheel). Let’s pray for one another. I want to make a difference.

    God bless you all.


    Your Sister in Christ

  6. I love the idea of this devotional – we all need the reminder of being empowered as a whole being.

  7. Thank you for this devotional. I’m thankful that God cares about our whole being, as sometimes it’s easy to get sidetracked with life. I would love the opportunity to win the empowered bundle.

  8. Thank you that you always seem to know just what I needed! I know this is a gift of God. Would love to read it and share it.

  9. I love ❤ this! I recently welcomed a homeless woman into my home to “empower” her to become whole and well so that her past situations can become her future testimony. She rededicated last Sunday and will be baptized at the creek this coming Sunday. This would make the perfect gift for her!

  10. This post spoke to me today! I struggle with leaning too heavily into one area of my life over another, neglecting what matters all around. It can be exhausting to try to “keep up” with it all, but that’s the point of this message – I must learn to be empowered, to let the Lord do it through me instead of trying on my own. I am not whole until I am in Him. Such a good reminder for this frustrated soul! God bless you all!

  11. This message helped me share a wholeness piece of The true God with my 17 yr old daughter. Her age, and a not age-appropriate tragic loss, and the current generation challenges has caused her to seek refuge elsewhere; some practices God does not approve of. And, to self medicate. (For some back story)
    I sent her this article. And added that I know we don’t see eye to eye in our beliefs, but this is the wish of empowerment I had for her. She thanked me and added that she really likes when I share these types of things with her, and that they are helpful to her. I wept in prayer of gratitude for letting me help get a foot in the door to her heart. No one is ever too far gone. Continue to love, but also learn to “read the room”, so to speak. God will show you when the time is right to interject for him. I appreciate this community!

    • Julia,

      Praying God can heal your daughter’s broken spirit & heart. May He guide her gently back to Himself. May she come back to you soon. Praying for peace & comfort as you try to gently remind her that God is ultimately in control.


  12. Empowered is the word God gave me for this year. God bless you for sharing your stories of His work through your lives.

  13. I resonate with God empowering me through His grace and the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit within me. Yet, I often push ahead on my own initiative, taking charge and powering through on my own strength. I love how these devotions are written to invite us to see from different angles how God empowers us! Taking time to pause, pray, and ponder on God’s Word and ways helps me connect with Him and live a holistic life with God as my strength and foundation.

  14. Empowered – strong word, one of my favorite words. “Empowered incorporates the five major components of our being — physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual” thanks for sharing this as a complete wholeness desire of God’s blessing for us.

  15. Great reminder that “You Go Girl!” isn’t to be about our power…but God’s empowerment and will for us. We don’t need to reach out on our own!

  16. Thank you for the opportunity to win this empowered bundle! Love devotionals and planners! Empowered by God-yes!

  17. Wonderful message!! God wants us whole.. the best for us! We can’t do it without Him!! He is our strength!!!

  18. What a beautiful message and practical application! It’s so easy to get sucked in to the individualistic culture and this is such a great reminder of what and who God made us to be.

  19. Thank you for such a beautiful message (in) courage team.
    I can relate to how “we prioritize certain parts of our being over others and become lopsided in our being, forgetting that every aspect of our lives is important”
    Today, I will keep these words close to my heart, my mind, spirit and body…
    “God cares about our whole being because He, who is spirit, became flesh in order to dwell among us (John 1:14). Jesus, who is fully God, took on Himself the vulnerability and beauty of being human. He enjoyed eating meals and napped when He was tired. He wept when His friend died and raged in anger at injustice. And His work of redemption includes the restoration of our bodies, minds, and souls”
    Have a beautiful day \0/

  20. This is what I want to be impowered by Jesus. As when you see and find Jesus and he becomes your saviour. You find it is the only true way to live life. It is the only thing you want as the world and all it’s pleasures get they mean nothing to you. Yes being a follower of Jesus is not easy. We will all have are difficult days and easy days. We can think why following Jesus is hard. No one said it would be easy at times. But with Jesus help we can do it. As we will get we have an enemy who will still try to make us think that following Jesus is not the best way to live you life. The enemy will try to make you think the world and all it pleasure that you gave up to follow Jesus are better than following Jesus. So we have to careful not to let the enemy try to get up to go back to the way we used to life now we found Jesus . As he will try his best. So we have to be on our guard at all times. As he will used unsaved Family and Friend to try or anything to try and make us see we are missing out not doing the things they are doing that are of the world. That we once used to do. But now we are saved we get we only want to live and breath Jesus in our lives and everything we do and say is for his glory being about the Lord business praying and reading his word. We want to live in a way that the world see we are different. If they ask why we can say everything I do and the way I live my life is for the glory of Jesus. We may live in the world but we are not of the world anymore. What joy we have being empowered by Jesus to want to only live for him. As it changes our lives. No better life could you have than living for Jesus. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little keeping you all in prayer xx

  21. I’ve focused on one area (of the five: physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual) because that’s challenging enough–due to relying on my own wisdom and power. All five felt impossible–even though I know that they’re all vital. How wonderful that this book directs us to rely on God–not ourselves.

  22. I love your Bible studies! Thanks for the chance to win one and the planner sounds awesome!

  23. Lord teach me how to be empowered spiritually the way you want me to, so that I can teach my daughter.

  24. In Courage,

    Thank you for another great devotional. It can be easy to focus on one aspect of our lives & neglect others. We need to allow God to empower us to do ALL things. We can’t do this life alone. Thanks again.

    Blessings 🙂