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Jami, wife to Nato and mom of four, is an entrepreneur and leader who focuses on faith, community, authenticity, and courage. She’s passionate about not doing laundry and uses awkward humor & honesty to convey the truth of the gospel and navigate tough conversations.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Oh my. Big sobs. I am crying happy tears and rejoicing with you for this lavish display of God’s tender care towards us!!

    Like you said, God didn’t have to do it this way. And it certainly doesn’t mean God loves us any less if He chooses not to answer our prayers this way… even prayers that we were not bold enough to pray or imagine! (Eph. 3:20-21)

    But He did. Praise God!

    Thank you so much for sharing! Thanks for all the details, it helped me paint a picture in my mind of all those giggling and squealing girls lol! It’s an honor to share your joy today!

    Big hugs to you, Lila, and the entire family! (Lila – What a pretty name!)

    We will continue to trust God with every detail of our lives. Amen!


    • You bless me. Thank you for celebrating with me. It seems like there’s so much to be sad or mad about about, but there’s lots to celebrate too. He has been good to me. 🙂

  2. What a great illustration of how lavish God’s love is for us! Thanks for sharing & pointing us to trust! Blessings!

  3. Jami,

    Thank you so much for sharing this story. I love how you remind us that God pursues us and comes for us in our deepest worries for our good. I will be thinking about this as I go through this day.

  4. I am mother of 5 and grandmother to 14 – the kind of trust you learned is what every mother needs. We all want to protect our children. At times we feel it is beyond us. We need to know God is there for us – we need to learn to trust. Thank you for your reminder to trust and the example that God really is there for us. I cannot put into words how proud I am of you – you are wonderful mom – blessings on your family.

  5. This is just what my heart needed! Thank you! My daughter Juniper is 11, just started Middle School and she has autism. I have spent most of her life praying that others would see her the way that I do and that she would find friends who love and accept her. It’s heartbreaking to watch others focus on her differences, overlook all of her great qualities or flat out reject her but God is good. He has given her such a spirit of resilience and joy despite her loneliness. God sent her two friends last year who love her, accept her and even defend her when necessary. There is hope and God loves my girl so much!

  6. Tears! So very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing how the love and care He puts in our hearts manifest in joy.

  7. This is an excellent example of Our Father God doing the unexpected and blessing us Exceededingly..abundantly more than we can ask think or imagine. He’s incredible .

  8. Hi Jamie. I love this. It’s what happens when God shows up! It’s my favorite saying! He’s always there to either smile with us or hold our hand when it’s not turning out well.
    Blessings to you!

  9. “He didn’t have to stoop to my level to show me how much He loved her and me. But in His abundance, He did.”
    He did mama bear. He did \0/

  10. Your story really touched me. My daughter is autistic but not formally diagnosed until she was 19. She already had diabetes, depression and ADHD and had an awful time through her teens. Since her autism diagnosis she has flourished. She knows that there are other people like her and she’s not a freak like people told her at school. But I still worry about her and how people will respond to her quirks. She wanted to join the dog club. I wasn’t sure. What if people didn’t understand? What if they were mean? What if she was excluded? But I let her try it. God always has his reasons but it was hard to trust in him enough because I wanted to protect her from past hurts resurfacing.
    But she really wanted to join and she loves it! The people there accept her as she is and she has actually made some friends. It seemed like a huge risk to start with, but it paid off.
    I’m so grateful that God was there, He really showed up for us, and He always will. I just need to keep trusting in him, even when things are tough.
    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m so pleased your daughter had such a great birthday. God is good
    Sorry for the lengthy post.

  11. 2Your writing helped me realize that I really protect my husband from rejection, people thinking that he is not sociable. I am not a Mom, but much of the 46 years I’ve been married I have thought of many ways to protect him and to, ultimately, get people to see his good qualities. It’s been exhausting. The Lord is very present in our marriage, and we are continuing
    to trust Him and to be totally dependent on Him.

    Keep on writing so you can comfort and help those of us who need to realize things and to work on our thinking.

  12. Jami,

    Thank you for a vivid description of God’s love towards us. So glad your daughter had a wonderful time with friends. We tend to worry tons about our family & want to protect them. Instead we need to trust God to come through for us no matter the situation.

    About 6-7 years ago I quit a good full-time job to be caregiver for my dad. One day visiting him lunchtime at the assisted living his tremors were bad. Hard time feeding himself. I asked him if he wanted me to feed him & he nodded yes. There was 1 man on both sides of us & the one on the right said “You will get stars in your crown for this”. Chills thinking God sees me. Fast forward 6 years I was working part-time clerical at local hospital. I had offered to work full time until my coworker came back. Mid November 2021 they shut my unit down. Wasn’t sure what would happen, but trusted God. He sent me to a Covid ICU unit-a bit scary at first. While working there I learned to make IV chains (IV with 4 extensions). Boss walked through one day & I said I’ll go make some IV chains. Shortly after that in her office she told me that an ICU Clerical position just for me-full-time benefitted. Talk about God blessing the socks off me!! Jesus sees us & knows us intimately. He has plans far bigger & better than we could ever imagine!!

    Blessings )