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Anjuli grew up as a missionary kid secretly wondering, “Why does everyone else understand what a relationship with Jesus is, but me?” It wasn’t until she ran into her fears instead of from them, that Anjuli found her voice and the love of God meeting her there. She is a...

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  1. “Grief is a gift. It marks how much my heart loved another.”

    In times of sadness, I’ve tried to encourage the people I care about by reminding them that the greater the sorrow, the more evidence of the depth of their love. You’ve expressed that sentiment so beautifully here.

    My favorite part in your story is when you turned your body to face your seat mate; a demonstration of you being fully present to listen and attend what she shared. This is *so* you to me :). One who takes the time to hear without needing to formulate a response before the other person is finished speaking.


  2. Your story brought back a memory for me. My mother was flying from Colorado to Virginia to visit my brother and his family. She wasn’t in the best of health. She struggled with back pain. As can be usual her flight was delayed in DFW due to an electrical storm. They spent the night in the terminal. A young man was in this flight and he became my mothers aide and provider of whatever was needed. He never left her side. When they finally reached Richmond my brother was there waiting. As my mom and brother embraced the young man went to check on their luggage. My mom and brother went to the carousel and my mom wanted to thank the young man for his care and introduce him to her son. But they never saw him again. It was as though he had disappeared. I am firmly convinced that we are among angels unaware. The funny thing is that the luggage had not arrived yet so who knows. Only God.
    But I know that He keeps His promises.
    Like the story of Esther, who knows but what we were created for just that moment. There will be a day when our blind eyes will be opened and we will see
    You were that woman’s angel.

  3. Sharing with my dear friend who is deeply grieving the recent unexpected loss of her sister.
    Love that it’s written by you.

  4. Anjuli. Thank you. Beautiful…
    “I think these moments in life are divine. The kind of moments we can’t plan, but walk through by faith. God meets us behind kitchen sinks, in long lines, at drive-thrus, and high in the sky with strangers. God makes space for our sadness and we make space for others. This is the way of love”….
    Amen \0/

  5. Thank you for today’s post. Greif everyone deals with it differently. But I believe if you have Jesus in your life. Especially when your graving over a loved one especially close to you. You can know the Saviour is beside you. His loving arms are round you. He says it ok to cry feel sad. Wish they were still here. But I also believe you can sing that song to yourself which as helped me over all my times when I lost loved one close to me especially my late Mum. It has help me so much. It is “What a friend we had in Jesus” it goes the words of it might not be in right order. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer. How true those words are in that song. When we are greifing we can carry all to God in prayer. Know he will help us through this. If person close to us that had die. If we’re saved. We nothing to worry about as we see them in glory one day. Yes we miss them on earth and wish they were here still. Especially on special occasions like there Birthday and other special dates. God we can take to him prayer when a year goes by it comes to date they die. So we have Saviour who is there to help us through all this sadness. It comes sometime to all of us. It is as the unwelcome guest at every door. But lest not loose heart if the person was saved we see them when or turn to go to glory. That is good news Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  6. Dear Anjuli,
    I absolutely loved this story and I have to admit; I am one of those people magnets to have a conversation with strangers in an airport or on the plane. I actually have a prayer team that prays for me while I travel and prays for those once and gone conversations. I understand the gift of a listening ear, so I do my best to listen to others who need to talk to a stranger who will listen, be objective and not judge. I always have a book or listen to music if no one wants to talk. God has put some very interesting and purposeful people on my travel paths over the years flying from Raleigh to Columbus. I remember them all. So I related to your story with deep connection and warm memories. Thank you for sharing this story. It inspired me again to recall all those special and blessed conversations once had between two strangers in the air. God bless! ~Linda

  7. I’ve been struggling with letting myself go and just cry. Something in me holds back the tears every time. But the kindness that you shared your seatmate makes me want to cry. Thank you!

  8. Anjui,

    This post reminds me of the song “Angels Among Us” by Alabama. Here is the chorus: Oh, I believe there are angels among us Sent down to us from somewhere up above
    They come to you and me in our darkest hours To show us how to live, to teach us how to give
    To guide us with the light of love. We can all be the angels in that song. First though we have to pay attention to the “Holy Spirit” nudges or “I shoulds” as my pastor says. You never know who may be grieving or worrying about something or someone. We may be the catalyst God can use to show them the love of Jesus. Bless you for listening to the Holy Spirit nudge & talking with that woman.

    Blessings 🙂