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Barb Roose is a speaker and author who is passionate about teaching women to live beautifully strong and courageous so that they experience God’s great adventure of faith and purpose for their lives. She’s the proud empty-nest mom of three and whenever possible, Barb prefers to eat dessert first.

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  1. Thank you Barb for sharing these helpful and encouraging reminders!

    “Look back, but don’t stare.” ~ I love it!!

    “God’s best for you is yet to come — look forward to it.

    – Amen & Amen! I hold on to this with joy and expectation. Amen!

    Thank you again, Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  2. “Look back, but don’t stare.” ~ I love it!!
    These words are so encouraging. Isn’t it great to know that we do not have to be a prisoner to our past?
    I am learning every day to look forward to what God is doing in my life.
    Thank you for sharing your heart today.

  3. Thank you. My whole Life and plans that I had for it changed at 17 my my parents move me to Florida that’s making it impossible for me to go to college and become a teacher as I wanted to do.
    I thought I had forgiven that I excepted it because I can see what God has done in my life leading me to eventually become a preschool teacher a wife mother grandmother and our great grandmother at age 82 with the majority of my family within 3 hours.
    However sometimes I still look back thing I can wonder how things would’ve been this is helped me to finally finally finally give it up to Jesus and spend the rest of the time I have on earth serving him and looking forward to heaven. God bless you and yours

    • Betsy, thank you for stopping by (in)courage today! What a powerful story – and praise God that you’re ready to surrender what could have been and fully celebrate the life you’ve lived. Thank you for inspiring us today!

  4. Excellent article Barb!
    Thank You
    It’s just what my counsellor has been tell me 😉

  5. Barb thank you so much for shearing this post. All you said is so true. We can all look back at photos of memories from long ago. People who no longer here that were in the photos and tears come to our eyes wishing they were still here. Look at the moment things back to when the photo was taken. Especially if of a person who is no longer here that was very important in your life like a Mum or Dad or Grandmother that meant the world to you. You stop and pause and think in that moment looking at the photo of them. About all the lovely things you and they used to do together. Those were good days and good to thank God for those lovely memories you can remember of them and the things you did together. Plus what made them special to you. Like me just spending time with my Mum and remembering her wisdom and the things she used to say plus the Birthday parties she had for me when small plus Birthday cake she made for it. Plus me my Grandmother and the way I used to watch her make the most beautiful apple tarts. Boy they were lovely. Like the the Birthday cakes my mum made for me for my parties when small. They are memories to treasure always. But if saved you have not lost all you may miss them this side of earth. But one day when your time to leave earth you will see them again that is just lovely to think about also. Keep all the memories of them in your heart. As said thank God they were even though not here now they were part of your life when on earth. But as you say don’t stare at the photos to long. As you could get into a rut. Say why are they not here anymore. God gave you them for the time he did. God will also give you new memories of things he wants you also treasure in your heart of the people who he puts in your life now. To be there to make memories with that you can also treasure in your heart. Like in the photos of people not here today. It good to look at old photos even if people are gone. Remember the good times. Plus look at old photos of the people are still here today. Laugh at the photos of them and what they looked liked years ago and how you looked then too. Then show them and you all can laugh together at the way you all looked. You may say look at my hair then and look at what I was wearing then. I never have my hair like that again or wear that. But you know time and fashion change. It good to Keep all the memories your heart even if the person here today or the person not. Dawn Ferguson-Little xx in my prayers all you incourage

  6. Wonderful message Barb. Thank you!
    “Look back, but don’t stare.” Memories are precious, but also sometimes unhealthy.
    I want to stay in this frame of mind TODAY
    …..”it’s not healthy for us to leave the gates of our minds open for the past to come and distract us from what’s happening in our present”
    I want to be present so I can “experience freedom in your future as you look forward to God”
    He has plans and I don’t want to miss them because I’m staring at the past, missing the past and beating myself up from PAST mistakes.

  7. This is my first time reading anything on this blog. This was such an encouragement to me. I have had some very hurtful things happen in my recent past, and sometimes I catch myself re-living it. But, your words are so wise…there is never forgetting, but the suggestion that it’s okay to look back but not to stare… that is very freeing. I’m praying that God helps me continue to look forward. He is Faithful!

  8. I am committed not to let my past hijack God’s freedom and purpose for me right now, & my future. But thanks for this wise reminder!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing God’s wisdom with us Barb!!! I am grateful that you shared and will start following you. I need the encouragement from a strong woman so I can move forward and do all that God has created me to do… May God Bless you and yours greatly…

  10. Barb,

    You experience freedom in your future as you look forward to God instead of fixating on the past. That is so true of me right now. For a long time I was upset over the “mistakes/wrong choices” I made in my work life as a 20-40 yr. old. It felt like I cheated myself & hubby monetarily by changing jobs & not working for periods of time. Then once again I had to quit a good job. This time to care for my aging dad & hubby’s parents. Took a part-time job for a while till they let me go. Surprisingly that was a happy day for me. I knew God had something better in store for me. I looked to God & forgot about my past. Little did I know it would start out as a part-time ICU Step Down clerical & lead to a full-time ICU clerical position (same hospital). WOW! Look back & reminisce but don’t stare. Keep looking forward & see what God has in store for you!

    Blessings 🙂