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Kayla Craig is the author of “To Light Their Way" and "Every Season Sacred" and creator of Liturgies for Parents. A former journalist, she’s adamant about paying attention and staying curious. She writes the popular "Year of Breath" devotional newsletter and lives in Iowa with her husband and four wild,...

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  1. Kayla, your words make me smile in so many layers! In the late 1930s my dad built a telescope, even grinding the lens himself. He shared his finished project with some students on the campus of Akron University. One of those students that starry night was my mom. She was impressed with his ingenuity & he was impressed with the GIRL! in a physics club with the beautiful smile. We were raised pulling that telescope out of the basement or garage to see yet another celestial event orchestrated by our Creator. What a gift to be awed & wonder at God’s presence all around us! May we all have eyes to see! Thank you for your inspiring words this am, Kayla! Blessings y’all!

    • Oh my goodness! What a charming story — I kind of feel like this needs to be made into a movie. 🙂 Thanks so much for the smile this morning — and for taking the time to share!

  2. Kayla, a much needed and appreciated message for me today. Thank you. I love the visuals of the stars and sky.

  3. This was so encouraging. God is there for me. I’ve been broken by emotional damage throughout my life but he keeps me going. I know it will be hard on earth because I don’t belong here. I’m a citizen of heaven. I’m only an ambassador here.

  4. Kayla, your words brought me to a place of renewed awe and wonder for our Creator’s powerful nightly reminder of being with each of us through our days and into our nights.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiring message.

  5. We are richly blessed to be fully loved by a God whose presence is always with us and whose creation keeps us in awe.

    Enjoyed these words of encouragement so much this morning, after watching a night sky turn to morning through the window blinds.

  6. Awesome Kayla!

    “How is the Maker of all things present in your real life, right here, right now?”….

    In the beautiful sunrise God shared with me this morning as I walked my dog. As I read your words reminding me He made me just as I am. That He shares with me His majesty everyday through nature and speaks with me in the language of the heart \0/

  7. I so loved reading this. Thank you for your insight and the sharing of your experience. I got chills while the magnificence of our God was being described by you. I felt like I was with you and your family. There so many times I get so wrapped up in the moment that I forget to look for and see the pure grandeur of our Heavenly Father. I must rejoice and be glad in it. Again thank you for your precious story.

  8. LOVED. THIS. “ The mysterious grace of God says you can set aside all the telescopes you think you need to be loved.” Exhaled deeply when I read this. Looking up sometimes doesn’t require anything fancy. Thank you, Kayla.

  9. Kayla,

    God has been ever present for me for a while now. Three years ago I was working a part-time job & they let me go. Two weeks later I was working part-time as an ICU Step Down clerical at large hospital. Fast forward to December 2021 & God gave me a full-time (benefitted) ICU Clerical position written just.for.me. Wow! If that’s not enough for you to believe then take a gander at Grand Canyon, the oceans & how the waves only come in so far. Look at the sky with twinkling stars, moon, every sunrise, sunset. Remember Jesus left the splendor of Heaven & came to broken Earth to die a horrible death just for you. That right there should make you cry & puts me in awe every Sunday during communion.

    Blessings 🙂