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  1. My family need prayer for wisdom and God’s strength to endure and overcome the circumstances in our lives right now. My grandaughter has been taken by her dad and doesn’t want to live with him so is very distressed and we are looking into how to fight this battle to get her out of there. I want to stay in tune with God in all this and do this in line with Him. Our hearts are broken by this situation and we need a ‘But God’ intervention.
    Thank you

    • I am praying for you all today for wisdom and guidance, and for God’s protection and peace over your granddaughter. I’m praying for a miracle for your family!

    • Heavenly Father we lift up Tracey’s family and pray especially for her granddaughter. We pray You will heal the heartbreak and that others will see and be blessed. Please give them godly wisdom in how to pray. We thank you that You are for us so that no one can be against us and that glory will be brought to this situation. We love You in Jesus’ name. Amen

    • Tracey,

      Abba Father One of your children is in distress. Guide & direct the family in the way they can fight the battle & get the granddaughter back. Give them peace & strength as they worry about her. Shower them with your love. In Jesus Name AMEN!


  2. I need His wisdom and direction in all that I do especially in running the household. Thank you.

  3. I need prayers to be strong for my injured and and prayers that he heals swiftly.

    • Dear Father come strengthen Robyn and help her to support her husband in the best way she can. May he heal quickly and may they both have abundant peace and hope as they wait. Give them wisdom in any decisions and set them free from worry and fear as they trust in You. Amen

  4. Heavenly Father, hold Sharon in the palm of your hands. Give her guidance and grace as she manages her household. We thank You for Your wisdom and glory as You show her the through Your word. Amen

  5. Jehovah-Rapha, you are the Lord Who heals, the Lord Who makes healthful. Please grant Robyn the graces she needs as she cares for her son, and touch him today with some tangible sign of Your tender love.

    • Nancy,

      Father Give Nancy a discerning heart to know if surgery is possible. Guide & direct her & the team on the correct treatment options. Put your healing touch on her. Send some peace & comfort as she makes a decision.

      Blessings 🙂

  6. Praising God our oldest granddaughter is getting married this week! They are faith filled and love Jesus ❤️ Praying for a reconciliation of 2 sons who don’t care for each other and one of those families won’t be attending this wedding, although they were invited.
    Saddens me as it has for 6 years now but I’m trusting Gods Sovereignty in all of our lives.. blessings to and through all of you ❣️ Happy Sunday

    • Dearest Trinity You are the Creator of all! Relationships are Your idea & You are joyful in Christian marriages. Bless Sadie’s granddaughter & grandson-in-law that they would fall deeper in love with You & each other as they become 1 in marriage. Use this time of celebration of their marriage to call to hearts of her sons for yearning & action toward reconciliation. Move them toward forgiveness & restoration. Only You can heal the broken & we beg You to do just that with these boys/men. Be tangible in their lives. Give Sadie Your peace. Give her insight when & what to say or love with actions only if that be Your will try minister to these sons. Thank You for Your presence in all things! In Your Great & sustaining name. Amen!

  7. Dear Nancy I pray you rest in Jesus as you make this important decision May God heal pancreas in the way He sees fit for His will be done praying for you ❣️

  8. Hello my Christian Sister’s….first could you please pray for me to become the best advocate for the Lord I can be even being disabled ! And could you please keep all my family in your prayers especially an Uncle who has Cancer in four body regions…my daughter who needs to come to trust the Lord again after lots of trauma in her life…and the rest of them God knows the stories . Thank-you so much !!! I will pray for all of you also !!!

    • Dear Lord I pray for Sadie’s family for the sake of someone they all LOVE if it is your will may they find it in their hearts ❤️ to come to a place of peace and understanding for one another and especially celebrate the joy and union of two wonderful people one know to have strong faith in you….In Your Son’s Name I Pray Amen

  9. I have intense heartburn the past two weeks; hope I find a Gastro Dr soon who can help discover the root cause. I praise God for His presence and provision through this health challenge. Thank you for praying!

  10. Dear Lord, I pray for Toni and Sadie’s families, and for all whose families struggle with loving each other. Please let them release the past and move forward into the new thing that you have planned. Lord, open eyes to see each other the way You see us, and bring healing to minds and hearts. Please fill these ladies with your peace as they continue to lift their families to You. We thank You for being the restorer of all things!

  11. Prayers for strength to endure what at times feels like the unendurable! I know God is working behind the scenes to reconcile a relationship. I want to do his will while I wait so I’m prepared to receive the gift of reconciliation. I’m praying for discernment as I read His word and sit in the quiet, listening for His voice.

    • Angela,
      Praying for you and the relationships that need healing. Hold onto God, let Him be your strength while you wait on Him.

  12. I have some financial concerns as a single mom. Please pray that God will show me the way to provide for my daughter and me.

    • Elizabeth,
      Praying for God provides for you to help raise your child. I know being a single parent is hard but God will never leave you, He will take care of you. Amen.

  13. I need strength in caring for my 39 year old severly medical fragile handicapped daughter. She has a lot of medical equipment. We are older and staffing has been an issue since COVID. I am trying to keep a positive attitude but my body is reminding me I am not as young ( I am in my mid 60’s and my husband is in his mid 70’s) as I used to be. We are concerned as to how much longer we can do this.

    Thank you for prayers for strength and the hope that we find staff (nurses and aides) to assist us in caring for our daughter.

    • Ann,
      Praying that God sends the staff you need to help you care for your daughter. Praying He sends the right people that will be a blessing to you and your husband. Amen.

    • Ann, lifting you and you family up to God, the great provider. May He send you the people you need to help care for your daughter. May peace be with you always

  14. Praying for my husband to get a full time job. He lost his job during covid due to the industry he is in. He’s been on dozens of interviews but no offers. He remains faithful to God. He is a two time cancel survivor . God has provided during the last few years but we are asking for God to put him in the position He wants him in. I get scared at times, when the funds gets low, I want to stay strong for my husband as we walk through this together. Thank you.

  15. Betsy….my ❤️ goes out to you I have dealt with various aspects of panic, anxiety, depression, agoraphobia…..but with God by my side leading me to good mental health it has been a great blessing and help ! I will definitely keep you in my prayers and Lord please continue the healing process that Betsy needs because You of all people know exactly what that is….In Your Son’s Name Amen.

  16. For everyone’s intentions here I am praying for all of you wonderful ladies may your Sunday be nice !!!

  17. I would like to ask prayer for a renewed focus and desire on what God wants me to do, to not choose comfort but to choose obedience. I am in a season where it feels easier to just stay comfortable and not change out of fear but I know that can lead to apathy and missed opportunities.

  18. God of love, ever healing, ever strong, please stand by my sister, Betty, in her time of need. Grant her spiritual, physical, emotional healing and a peace that surpasses all human understanding.
    I need prayer for completion of a kitchen remodel by the end of this month. It has been going on since June of this year. The company has been dragging its feet getting workers to my home to finish the work, including putting in a kitchen sink I have been without since June. I am struggling with this company as are other customers for our work to get done. I appreciate prayers for wisdom and direction in ending the contract with this company. Thank you for your prayers.

  19. Please pray for my sister who has back surgery tomorrow. She has two little ones still at home to take care of. Please guide the surgeons hands. I know she is in God’s hands. And please pray for me as we continue to search for a home church.

  20. Today and for the next several months I need prayer for me and my boys. I’m currently in the process of divorcing my husband. It is super complicated as he does not think we should divorce because there was no adultery, but there was other abuse. I needed out and I need to protect my children as they are his step sons. It is unnerving and extremely emotional.

    • Amber, I’m so sad for all you and your boys are going through.
      Thankful that you are taking steps to be safe and healthy moving forward.
      Father God, please cover Amber and her boys in your peace and protection. Remind her of your promises to provide and give wisdom when we ask, and so we do, Lord. Please be their Shepherd in every way and draw them close as they walk this transition. Give Amber hope that you have plans to prosper and not to harm, plans for a future with your blessings and every reason to hope. I ask in Jesus’ name.

  21. In Courage,

    Praying for everyone here. May God send His healing touch to your bodies, minds & souls. Asking for financial & spiritual blessings where needed.

    Please pray for families with loved ones in ICU. Some of the patients I see have been there a while. Some were involved in motor vehicle crashes, have had strokes, etc. It is hard on the families waiting, watching, praying & hoping.

    Blessings 🙂

  22. My name is Leigh. I pray that people not only see Jesus in me but see His work through me. My prayer needs are for family, my husband is ill and my little granddaughter is struggling to keep up in school. Thank you, peace be with you!!

    • God, our loving Father, please bless Michelle to lay her anxieties at the Feet of Jesus. Bless her with healing from her anxiety, fear and worry. Help Your daughter, Michelle, feel Your peace and comfort over her today and always. Remind her that what she is worrying about You have already worked out. For You work all things out for our good and Your glory. The victory belongs to You, God! Thank you! Thy will be done. In Jesus’ Name, amen ❤️

      “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

  23. Please pray for me to have a pure heart and mind and to continue to do God’s will. May I actively love Him and others and show the truth through my actions of love. Thank you for praying for me! God bless you!

  24. I need prayer for my sister Rachel and brother Sidney and their relationship restore it back to you lord and give them
    The joy they once had,

    Release Earvin. Sidney and Chris from prison do it now Lord do it suddenly in Jesus Name

    Allo me to
    Continue to live in Ephesians 3:20 for the rest of my

    I pray for the person before me meet every need and concerns Lord Jesus

  25. Michelle, I pray that you would not be anxious for anything but in all things by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make your requests known to God and may His peace that surpasses understanding guard your heart and your mind. Please pray the same for me as I have 5 grandchildren who have dysfunctional home lives. My daughter also has some health issues that I think probably stems from a terrible marriage.

  26. This is a wonderful reminder how important it is to prayer for ourselves, but also one another. My prayer request is healing from breast cancer, peace of mind, and not to lose my joy during this journey.
    Thank you.

    • God, please walk with Tina through this journey of dealing with breast cancer. Give her healing and peace of mind. Increase her joy exponentially and let her feel your presence always. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  27. My prayer is for grace, kindness, a gentle spirit and loving attitude through this difficult season in life.

  28. My brother lost his 9 year old son last night and we don’t know exactly what happened. They’re going to do an autopsy and the coroner said it could take 16-18 weeks for that to be completed. Please pray for our family. We are heartbroken.

  29. We have a big mighty God who hears all our prayers. But our God might not answer our prayers as quickly as we like. But we still have to believe he hears them all and will answer them in his own timing and in his own way. We might wonder why he keeps us waiting. Think why is God not answering our prayers or keeping his promises. As it says in 2 Peter 3 v 9 it says ” The Lord is not slack concerning His promises as some count slackness but is long-suffering towards us. Not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” You see the start of this verse says the Lord is not slack concerning His promises as we count slackness. See we can become very impatient when we have to wait a long time for our prayers to be answered some of them. But we can take heart as we read the start of verse I just wrote down. We can know if we ask for prayer also from a fellow believers. We know they will be happy to pray for us. They will rejoice with when our prayers are answered if we tell them God answered them. We also can’t forget how Jesus taught us how to pray. When one of the disciples said teach us how to pray. Then Jesus said to in Luke 11:2-4 when you pray say as most of know the Lord’s prayer. We also find it in Matthew 6:9-13 the Lord’s prayer as well. It is good to know what the verses of the Lord prayer say and try to live as they say. When we say our prayers each day we have to believe as as believer of Jesus that he has heard them and will answer them. I will pray to God not individually but to God for all the prayers that are asked for here that God will answer them all believing he will in his own time. You all that have left prayers you want prayed for. As I will say to God believing in my heart. God you know all the people that have left prayers on incourge that they want prayed for. I know Lord you know and hear all theses prayers the people have asked for. I don’t have to say the needs of their request one by one as you already know them all. I just ask and believe in my heart you will answer them all in your perfect timing. Let the people who have asked for prayers today on incourge know that they have their Sisters in Christ praying for the prayers they have asked for. In your perfect timing you Lord I know will answer them for them all. God bless and Amen. Tracey I know what you are going through with your Granddaughter. It not nice for you too know she is sad and does not want to live with her Father. I know a family who went through similar situation. It took a good few years for the kids two of them to be living with the right parent. Alot of prayer went into it. It took almost 8 years for the right parent for the kids to be living with. The praying Grandmother never gave up praying along with her Daughter that the kids would get to live with the right parent. Now after never giving praying up 8 years later. God answered the prayer. They are now with the right parent the kids. Kids were trumatised by all this. But are not happy with living with the right parent. So Tracey never give up. As in God’s perfect timing he will answer your prayer. Even if you have to wait a while. Thank you incourge for having this prayer day that we can all as followers of yours pray for all the prayers here. For our Sisters asking for prayer. May God richly bless you all incourge for the wonderful work you all do for him in theses writing you write everyday. In them share your experiences and hearts of what going on in your lives. So as we women from all back rounds can know we are human too. As some of the things you share are going on in some of our lives to. So we as followers of Jesus know we aren’t the only one going through this. We can learn from your experience that you share and how to apply them to our lives with word as well. Thank you so much as you all do a wonderful work for the women in the way you share your stories to help us women who are saved. I say a big Amen for you all and give you these scriptures for you all. Number 6:24-26. I say it also ove all the women who has shared prayers they want prayed for today. Amen. Love you all in Christ Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland xxx

  30. Lord, I lift up Donna to you. Please hold her close during this difficult season of life. Help her to completely trust in You and to know that You are in control and that without a doubt You love her and will never leave her. Please give her grace, kindness, a gentle spirit, and a loving attitude. Please go before her and behind her and hem her in with Your love.
    Please pray for my family. My husband has some has some health issues. Please pray for complete healing for his body and for our marriage. Also, please pray for my son and his marriage. He is depressed and needs wisdom, guidance for his plans in life, peace, and joy. Pray that he knows without a doubt how much God loves him. Please pray for my mom heart as I worry about my husband and son. I am weary of feeling worried. Thank you so much.

  31. Lord, may Lynn feel your peace and strength flow through her and find the rest she needs for her heart and mind. Give your healing to her family and may they find comfort under your wings of love.
    My husband and I need prayer for my Mom-in-love. She is 85 and her health is failing. She has been in and out of the hospital and it’s taking a toll on us all. She has told us she is ready to go and I understand that. We pray that whatever God has planned is for her benefit and his glory.

  32. I am praying for all of you for healing body soul and spirit, for provision for every need. May the Lord God of all creation touch each of you, May Jesus comfort each of you as only He can. I am going through the longest season ever of depression and anxiety. I am 75 and so tired and weary. My 42 year old stepdaughter and her 15 year old son, our precious grandson, have lived with us since our grandson was born. My husband and I help support them on our very limited and fixed ss income so she can keep him in private Christian school. Please pray for us all. God bless you all as we stand together in prayer

  33. Please pray for me and my family. I am in the midst of having COVID and praying both my husband and sister, who lives with us, do not get COVID from me. Both are high risk. In Jesus name Amen.

  34. It’s been a year since my husband became a full quadriplegic (not being able to move from neck down) and he also has a traceoctomy to breathe and on a ventilator 24/7. Everyday is a l8fe saving day for him. Without the ventilator he would die. It has been life changing for us. It has been so incredibly difficult to care for him and I have run out of glory strength. I have fallen in clinical depression. I feel so lost.

    • Dear Lyz So much hardship comes to us in this world. I feel so sad when I pray for my family, because I know that God can’t get our attention without pain and sorrow. I believe he gives us strength to soar like eagles when we wait and long for him. I’m praying that you will not loose hope. It only comes with perseverance and so I’m praying you and I both TRUST in His wisdom when life is so hard. Heaven is prepared to welcome us when we have completed his good purposes as he uses us to show our families where to find peace and endurance. We were born for this I believe.

  35. My 48 year old son is schizophrenic and has recently lost his home bought for him by his deceased father. He came to live with us about a year ago. My prayers were answered when he fought drug addiction and rededicated his life to Jesus. Hi son, whom I raised, has had many struggles but they had patched things up and were now closer than I imagined in my prayers. Now, alcohol has entered and destroyed they’re relationship. Please pray that my son will realize Satan has influenced him and wants to destroy families. Please pray that Jesus will show my grandson that he is precious to him. He received Christ at 7 years old and is now 23 and suicidal.

  36. I ask for prayer as I struggle with anxiety and depression. They say you are not weak, only you have remained strong for too long. I know that my Peace and Hope come from God and also my strength. I pray to beat this and give God the Glory. I pray for all those that struggle with this illness. I have felt like a failure most of my life. I also know that God is my Everything.

  37. Need direction in my online business and ministry. I want my heart in all these things to be aligned with his for me. Need provision where currently there is none.

  38. Prayers for my Mom and brother. He’s dealing with health issues and I pray for her continued strength in taking care of him. As for me, prayers for peace of mind. My struggle is always wanting to be a warrior not a worrier! Thanks!

    • I will be praying for your mom’s strength and patience, for your brother’s health to be restored and for you to become a warrior and feel God’s peace and courage in every area of your life!

  39. Please pray for us, as our terrible tenants have finally left, but we are now having to go down the road of arbitration with them. I feel like my joy is trying to be robbed from me through this incredibly stressful time. Prayers for peace, renewed joy and wisdom and discernment for the coming days would be very much appreciated!

    • Tara, I left you up to our Lord now and ask that you have an extra measure of discernment and wisdom during this trying time. I ask that you have perfect peace despite all that is happening and that no weapon formed against you will prosper. I pray that the Lord will restore your joy and give you beauty for ashes. In Jesus’ strong name, Amen.

  40. Please pray that I overcome perfectionism and insecurity in the name of Jesus! Thank you!

    • Tiffany, I lift you up and ask in Jesus’ great name that He would release you of all insecurity and perfectionism and that you will be at perfert rest in Him without striving.
      Many blessings to you!

  41. Please pray for healing in my relationships with my daughters. Their father has been trying to alienate them from me for years and has caused much damage.

  42. Thank you for this Message Version of the Bible verse quoted. It is so comforting to me.

    I am the mother of three young adult girls. I seem to need different parts of my learning brain to embrace what each child is experiencing. I feel like I’m back in high school with each child. Everything seems so serious with each child. No extra time to think of an alternate possibility for each child’s solution.

    I know that God has it already worked out. Emotions are tender with girls, hormones. Smile.

    I pray for the female before my comment and after my comment that you will embrace comfort for this evening. I pray that you sense the joy that God has for His children. I know how courageous I feel when I am reminded that I am God’s Beloved Daughter. You are too !


    Your Sister in Christ

  43. Please pray for my husband. He moved out our home in April and asked me for a divorce about a month ago. I feel that he is going through a midlife crisis. He’s running around drinking and spending his weekends in bars with a woman half his age. He does not know God. Please pray that God will rescue his soul.

    • Praying for you and for your husband. Please Lord heal their relationship and help them to reconcile. Help Taras husband come to know and love you as she does and show you power in their lives. Amen

  44. Please pray that John and I would be healed and reconciled. That God would teach us to understand each other and show us how best to love each other.

  45. I’m worn out! And haven’t felt close to God in some time! I could use a prayer please! Thankyou!

  46. I am really and I mean really struggling with anxiety about my health and body. I am trying daily to overcome this , but it is difficult!!! I am a very healthy eater , I just get confused about what to eat and how much. Please pray that I am able to overcome this !! That I can have GOD’s peace when it comes to my body and food .

  47. My dear friend, Debbie, from Danville, CA, is desperate for healing. I am at a loss to adequately express her daily suffering. She endured horrible pain, and despite every intervention known to man and years of appointments which have only cost her more misery, she exists on a thread of hope.
    This is a beautiful believing woman, who asks God to just take her home, as she is beyond weary. Hard to know how to offer her encouragement.
    Would you please join me in storming heaven for her relief?
    Thank you.

    • My nephew Nate needs Godly intervention and a breakthrough in Hebrew he is studying at college. Difficult language to be sure. At least his brain is still young. Smile. I need prayer to keep on keeping on as very isolated as my one close family member had to move. Bathe myself in the Word daily but need believing friends. Hugs and prayers, ladies.

      Storming the gates of Heaven with Christine for God’s mercy and grace on her friend Debbie. Intractable pain is so wearing and destructive and from the pit of hell. Praying pain relief and management for her on a human level and complete relief by a miracle of God. Praying our Precious Jesus will fill her with hope and joy and peace on a minute by minute basis. Please Lord, send ministering angels to love and support and offer relief and succor to this daughter of Yours. She loves You Lord and needs Your touch. Please, please, please relive her pain and restore her spirit and put a hedge of protection around her to protect her from the evil one. Amen. ✝️

  48. Yes pray for me to be more like Jesus and faithfully pray for others and help them bear their burdens. Pray for His wisdom and guidance in healing. Thank you.

  49. I need wisdom in dealing with a single guy who has been deeply wounded from his youth on. He cleans houses and needs clients, but also feels God’s love in my home and wants to be my friend. Not sure how to proceed with him. I will definitely set healthy boundaries and trust that he will honor them. (He’s aware of boundaries; he sets them for his life.) He reminds me of the Gadarene demoniac, having lost everything because of life choices. But, he’s not too difficult for God to reach. He says he talks to Jesus all the time…

  50. Please pray for healing for me. I have a eye floater in my left eye. Please pray for God’s healing for me to settle this floater .

    Thank you

  51. May God’s Love and blessings show brightly, right the wrongs, heal the sick and give strength to move forward with love and courage. Embrace the gifts God has given each of us to share with each other. Amen.

  52. I’m blessed with the blog that I consider as mine too. I’m a faithful reader and I pray for God’s protection over the writers and readers. I ask prayer for my financial life. I’m returning to work as a substitute teacher and on my master degree with credentials. I’m 66 and raising grandsons, but I still dream I’ll get my credential and a job on my old age.

    Pray for my 16 years old grandson for his health and that the faith he learned while in my company will be in his heart. For the first time he moved away to be with his dad who he hadn’t met since his 5 months. He is happy. Oliver, his little brother, and I miss him.

    Thank you for your work on the Lord.

    Marinalva Sickler

  53. my son died two weeks ago, his funeral is next Monday and there is ill feeling from my daughter-in-law. The marriage had it’s problems and she was happy to leave all the practical arrangements to me. I have consulted her about everything but now she won’t answer her telephone or respond to texts. I am 84 years old, struggling with my own grief and need a l bit of help with the final details.
    I pray she will contact me