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Rebecca Martin studied education and literature at the University of Cambridge and loves exploring ways to take Christianity from theory to practice through gospel-centered living. She and her husband live in the U.S., where she works from home and writes amid the wonderful chaos of their three small boys.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Amen and amen! As good as online teachings and sermons are, there is nothing that can adequately replace the community of God’s people meeting together to worship Him and serve one another. Thank you for this reminder.

  2. I get it!! At first, on line worship was great- I could sit there in my comfy clothes with a cup of coffee. But I soon realized the toll it was taking. I NEED that connection on Sunday mornings and even though it was cold, that first Christmas during the pandemic I attended an outdoor service- cars parked 6 feet apart and we were all bundled up but it was so worth it. I had always been active in my church but moved away for a while and the new church was not as engaging. But after an 8 year absence, (I just moved back to Maine) I now drive 20+ miles to attend my old church in the town I used to live in. And while it is not always easy to get there and to be as active as I would like, I do my best. The connections with the women for me especially as I get older is so vital to my well being. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of that community.

    • That Christmas service sounds magical! I’m so glad you went in spite of the cold!

      What a blessing that you can now attend your old church. I hope you feel the strength of good fellowship even at that distance.

  3. I’ve heard all this before (and agree with it!) but I appreciate that this comes from someone who really went strongly toward the independence side of things before realizing the need for community. Thank you.

    • I am astounded that God is STILL patient with me. Had my own children this stubbornly tried to do things their own way, I would have scolded, but not God. He just patiently waited for me to realize His design is always best and I just need to trust Him!

  4. The strength that we get from our brothers and sisters in Christ is so vital to our growth. God’s word teaches us to not forsake the assembling…….etc. I especially grasped the comment above about the 1st community as well as the 1st communing with God which took place in the garden with Adam & Eve. Thanks to all who share their thoughts. It’s truly a blessing!!!!!

    • Amen! God’s design from the beginning holds true even in our modern context. I was thinking how much I loved reading these comments and realized that in itself was a longing for Christian community. 🙂

  5. Rebecca thank you for sharing your heart. We can miss the real meaning of what the Church is all about. We can get like in thoes day during the pandemic when everything was shut down. We don’t want to go Church anymore especially if the weather cold and not nice outside. We find it easier just to stay at home in our cosey warm houses and listen to an online service. Now that Churches up and running again we can’t get lazy and get we not want to go anymore. Just get we want sit at home and listen to service online. We don’t think about the Minister or Pastor who goes week after week to Church again once it was ok to go back to Church again after the pandemic. To bring us the word of God so as to teach how we can live as the word of God says. He are she does it because they love the Lord and love us. When they make the effort so should we. We can get another reason when go to Church because it is we think as Christians we have too as it required of us. We go to been seen and make people think we are good people Christian’s who go to Church every week if not every week most weeks. All theses things we should not be doing. We should be going to Church because we want to thank God. That he kept us during the Pandemic and provided on line Church for us during those times. Through our Minster and Pastors who gave up their time to give us the word in love so as we could watch it on line during the Pandemic. Not just go because we want to be seen and we think it required of us as Christians. We have to have our hearts right and prepared them before going. Want to go for all the right reasons to hear how God is going to speak to us through the word our Minister or Pastor going to speak on and apply it to our life to grow closer to God and live right for God in our daily lives. I believe the Church is not the building as many think it is that are saved. I believe it is good to hear the word of God. But the real Church is us being like Jesus helping people in need praying for them. Living our lives as the word of God says. Showing we care and love all people of all walks of life no matter what skin colour or religion they belong to. Loving them and helping them like Jesus did when on earth. Everything we do is about Jesus and living as he have us live. We want to do that in our lives. We show the world we are different. If they ask us what different about your live. We can tell them Everything we do and the way we live our life we Iive it for Jesus in word thought deed. We pray and study his word. This is the true Church to me. Most especially the unsaved think it is the big fancy building were you sing a few songs and hymns and hear a sermon. We are in and out in an hour. Most hope when they go that the sermon will not be long. They only go to be seen saved or not saved. That is another wrong reason to go. Love today message. Keeping you all incourge in my prayers. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

    • The list of reasons not to go to church seems especially long on a Sunday morning. My trouble is, I worry what church cost (how hard it is to get kids out the door or deal with a baby in service) and what it does *for me* instead of viewing it as a faithful response to God’s call to community. But you know what? I have never once regretted going to church, even when the boys fidget and the baby cries. 🙂

  6. Rebecca,

    I, too love on-line & TV sermons. Their topics & preaching styles can help me learn even more. During the pandemic my little church closed for a bit. At first I just stayed home & watched on tv & computer. After a while I began to miss my tribe. Seeing my friends & getting hugs is important. Then needing friendship I attended my in-laws church. I got to know the people & got involved some. Suddenly our church had services again. It was nice getting to see those familiar faces. More than that was the fellowship & being able to pray with & for others. My little church has been good to us over the years. My pastor baptized my dad (83). They were there for me when my parents dementia got bad. They fed my family for both my parents deaths–even though my parents didn’t attend that church. Yes to community & loving on others.

    Blessings 🙂