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Jami, wife to Nato and mom of four, is an entrepreneur and leader who focuses on faith, community, authenticity, and courage. She’s passionate about not doing laundry and uses awkward humor & honesty to convey the truth of the gospel and navigate tough conversations.

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  1. I love this passage from the Message. Somehow it connects with me more than other versions. Right now, I am holding the stress in my back as I am preparing to close on a house having moved from Colorado back to Maine. I dread getting out of bed because I know how I will hurt. This is a good reminder to lean on Jesus.

    • Madeline,

      Father please assist Madeline with any aches & pains. Send her your healing touch. She just made a huge move & has to unpack everything in the new house. Guide her steps & help her to lean heavily on you. Shower her with your love, grace & kindness. AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  2. Yes! God is our Great Physician for every level of our being, physical, emotional & spiritual! The specialist of specialists! May we run, walk, sit with Him for all our diagnoses! Blessings, Jamie!

  3. Jami thank you for this post. I believe these things happen as follower of Jesus in some case to get us to slow down. Trust Jesus no matter what. As we can get so busy with things we don’t take time for us. We busy helping other People and Family. We forget we need to look after ourselves to too. If you look at your Bible it says God made the world in 6 days and on the 7 day he rested. It says this in Genesis 2 v 3 which says ” Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because in it He rested from all his work which God had created and made” So God took rest and we are to the same to recharge up our bodies and spiritual one too. As when tiredness sets in we become no good to anyone or especially ourselves. This is at times where I believe God does not heal us if we have a pain or something else wrong with us. To make slow down and rest. Say yes God it’s my fault I over done it. Trying to help everyone one else. Then forgotten about taking care of me. Spending time resting and in the Lord. As our Lord rested. That say to me we are to do the same. Yes help people and do what you can for them. But always at the same time take time out for yourself. Look after you with God’s help. You will feel so much better and not feel as tired or in pain. As no one else is going to look after us if we don’t take that time to rest and look after ourselves. God will say to us I rested after all the work I had done. You must rest and look after yourself too. Even you get so tired you don’t have time to read my word the Bible and say your prayers. You find yourself saying I must keep doing this for so and so plus my family. You end exhausted. Then no good to anyone. Without God’s word the Bible and Prayer in your life every day. You are going to die spiritually and the enemy can come in and say a your too tried and no energy to read the Bible and Pray. You need that to help you through the day so as the enemy does not attack you. Plus keep you heart right in the Lord. I did that getting no rest when helping my elderly Dad. 7 days a week. I found my time with God going further and further away. That I didn’t have strength to spend time with God I was that tired. I was letting the enemy win. My spiritual life began to do. That can be dangerous as you do and can say things you shouldn’t have as follower of Jesus. I did that. The only way for me to start thinking of me taking time out for the word of God the Bible and Prayer and rest in the Lord. Plus time out for me to rest. That why I don’t go my Dad at night anymore. Let my other two sisters see to him. I am going still twice a day to walk his dog and do his house. If I been going at night too. I be doing the tea for my Dad. As I feel I don’t like to leave them as it would help him. When my other two sisters have not seen him all day so they can do them for my Dad. As they only go once a day to see our Dad. I am now resting and spending time with God. In the evening and I feel a so much better for it. I am not as tired and feel better for having spent time with God. As he never leaves me not forsakes me. When I did spend the time with God. I did feel bad and my day didn’t go as well as it could have. So my Burden is so much lighter and I enjoy doing what I do for my elderly Dad. God helps he do what I do for my Dad. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little in my prayers xx

  4. Jamie,

    Life has been crazy these past few years. People seem more stressed our, worn & weary. We’ve dealt with a pandemic, home schooling children, working from home & almost complete isolation from others. It’s time we give ALL of that heaviness back to Jesus. Allow Him to bring peace & healing to our lives. Praying everyone will take their worries, all the tiredness, worn out spirit & come to Jesus. Let Him take all that off you & make your yoke much lighter. Allow Him to bring peace & calm to your life.

    Blessings 🙂

    • You’re right! It’s been a crazy past couple of years and it’s physically hurt. Thankful to be loved by a true and kind healer. ♥️