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Kathi lives with Roger and a bunch of chickens in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. There they host writer retreats, and Kathi writes about how to do life with God a little closer today than yesterday. She’s a best-selling author and absolutely loves her Clutter Free Community on Facebook.

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  1. Oh, Kathy, if only you really knew important it was for me to read this this morning. Many thanks for sharing your own struggle. It helps so much- today I will try to be less harsh with myself.

    • I love when the Holy Spirit knows exactly when we need to hear what. I pray that you feel His presence today Madeline. I’m glad you will be gentle with yourself.

  2. Perfect timing because yesterday we just had to put our 11-year-old boxy to sleep with so many problems of health. We rescued him 10 years ago and he was the most loving passive cuddler and today is the first day without him at home and something is definitely missing ..his presence. We know he needed to go but just weren’t ready. Thanks for God’s comfort.

    • Whether 2 footed or 4 footed loved ones, we might be prepared but we are never ready to let them go. Praying you will be comforted by The God of ALL comforts & memories of your sweet boxie will give you moments of joy. Pet every pup you cross paths with in honor of your boxie!

    • Oh Gayle – my heart breaks reading this. What a wonderful life you gave your boy. Thanks for loving him well – signed Kathi, another boxy lover.

    • Gayle,

      Sweet sister sending (((((((((Hugs)))))))))) from Watauga, TN. Losing a pet is just as hard as losing a human loved one. They become like family. May you feel God’s peace & comfort as you grieve.

      Blessings 🙂

  3. Thank you for this beautiful encouragement, Kathi. I really needed to hear this. I have told myself and have let others tell me that it could be so much worse, and I know that’s true and others have had it worse, but my grief is real and it’s mine, and as you said, I can’t heal if I don’t allow myself to go through it. Bless you.

  4. In a season of 1 thing after another I’m sure your counselor would’ve called compound trauma, I was rattling off each hill / mountain & I read Psalm 121…”Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven & earth” Maker of heaven & earth! Maker of those hills & mountains He knew the terrain & could/would/will enable us to navigate them! He is the “Compound Comforter” sending what we need exactly when we need it as we face compound trauma. Thank you for sharing your struggles to inspire my new appreciation of a new faucet of God’s character. Blessings dear heavenly sibling!

  5. Thank You Kathi for sharing from the depths of your heart ~ it certainly spoke to me.

    • I’m so sorry that you’re going through painful things right now. Praying for God’s comfort.

  6. I’ve been doing this too. I need a good long healing cry. For me it was my parents spit for the second time in my life as I just turned 40, a failed hysterectomy, a successful hysterectomy 2weeks later, helping my mom move and get back on her feet and through her own medical things including her 3 surgeries, trying to adjust to dads new girlfriend right after mom left, oldest son that launched and started climbing cell towers, covid, move across state, then 3 months later move across town. Son moving across the country after moving to this state as well with work transfer. Missing him(23) but proud too. This is only the past 4 years!
    No wonder it’s been harder to adjust. I love this new state. I love where God brought us, I am thankful. But it’s gonna take some time. I need to be more gentle on myself. Heal and then back to the new normal ❤️
    For some reason typing my laundry list and actually seeing it was affirming.
    Thank you for this today. Needed it.

    • I get it – acknowledging all that you’ve been through helps us really recognize that there has been too much, and that it is OK to say that we’re not OK.

  7. Kathi, I wish for you a long period now of “compound joy”! Enough already. Lord, fill Kathi’s world with so many happy moments and thoughts that she overflows with them and leaks them onto everyone around her. Just like she spread her comforting words to us today!

  8. This really spoke to me today as well. I recently had someone mention “compound trauma” to me at work recently. After returning from a week off, it seems like things should be “great.” Thanks for being honest and vulnerable. Apparently several of us needed to know we can grieve the things happening in our lives currently.

  9. Thank you Kathi…thank you for sharing hard stuff. Sometimes we forget how freeing it can be!
    I love these words you wrote…

    “Through the Word, prayers, and the love of the people God has surrounded us with, we feel His comfort.”

  10. I sooo needed this today. I always feel guilty for complaining when I see others in worse shape/ circumstances. Thank you for this!!

  11. Kathi, thank you so much for sharing. May God continue to bless and comfort you and give you His peace. ❤️❤️

  12. Kathi, thank you so much for sharing. May God continue to bless and comfort you and give you His peace ❤️

  13. Thank you for this beautiful article. It’s just what I needed right now while I’m having a hard time dealing with the loss of a pet cat and other draining events. I copied down most of your words into my faith planner so I can read them time and again. Thank You.

  14. Yes! I resonate with this.

    Thank you for insights on grief and comfort. And multiple traumas. You verbalized what many people are feeling, but didn’t know how to say.

    And we really do need to replenish our emotional reserves.

    Excellent post!

  15. Thank you for sharing. This is exaxtly what I needed to hear today. I have been in the same place for a while. Bombarded for a while and telling myself the things you said. While I know we will get through, I have to acknowledge where I am in order to move on.

  16. Kathi,

    Thanks for a much needed post. So many people have been through the “wringer” so to speak over the past few years. I have some Co-worker ICU RNs who worked Covid units. Now they are dealing with a sort of PTSD. Back in 2020 on a Sunday afternoon I was feeding my iguana-Tiny when he suddenly died in my arms. It hurt really bad. I first thought I had done something wrong. It was his time to go. Sad thing was that my hubby-the one who bought Tiny in first place-was at work.

    I never minimize anyone’s trials or suffering. Everyone deals with stuff differently. I just love on & pray for them.

    Blessings 🙂