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  1. Amen. Dayspring helped me with encouraging wall pictures saying I’m special because I’ma daughter of the King. I needed that after abuse from my family. I didn’t believe God would love me. I am important. God wants me here even if I wasn’t wanted from birth. Thank you

    • Dear Ariel, so sorry about the abuse and hard things that you had to endure. Praying for you, that you may continually experience God’s love and acceptance just as you beautifully said in your comment and that you may find deep healing and joy and hope in Him.

    • Yes, we all need to remember that He created us in our mothers womb for His purposes. He creates the work of our hands that we are to accomplish. Its rough to get over our birth families not loving us the way a normal family would. We must choose to press on towards the purpose that He created us for.
      Lord help us to keep choosing to know that Your love is enough for me.

    • Ariel,

      Praying you can feel God’s love of you. Remember this Zephaniah 3:17 The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” Let that sink in-the God of universe takes great delight in you (Ariel) & rejoices over you with singing! WOW~ You are super important to Jesus. Asking God to shower you with much love & peace.

      (((((((((Hugs from Watauga TN))))))))))

  2. Thanks for sharing this good message. I’m in my mid 40’s no kids and already some of my friends have grand-kids. I’m happy in my life now. I wasn’t always. And I’m working towards a goal of becoming a teacher. This is where God wants me. But, the comparison game gets to me once in a while.

  3. A group of dear friends were discussing/encouraging each other we need to eliminate the word “should” from our self talk. When we say it about our selves we are inserting our own goals & how we think we can accomplish them. As obedient Christ followers we need to not should follow Him. It’s an imperative not a wish I might do. Thankful when I/we don’t do as we are instructed He offers forgiveness at our repentance! Dear Lord help me not be the masterpiece that argues with The Master! Thank you for this great reminder! Blessings!

    • During counseling many years ago, the therapist asked “and what book of ‘shoulds’ are you reading from?” I still remember his suggestion to burn it and for shoulds that are appropriate (I should go to church, I should stop in to see my mom) I would be better off if I replaced it with “I want to go to church,” “I want to stop in and see my mom.” It does make a difference!

  4. Excellent writing, advice & encouragement Ellen both for myself & to share with a friend 🙂

  5. Thank you for what you shared Ellen. I don’t have kids I am married. But not brave enough to have kids. Now don’t have them in one way glad I don’t have any. But if did I be glad to have them. But I don’t miss what I don’t have. I have beautiful Nieces and Nephews. That I love as if they were my own. I enjoyed spending time with them all. They are not babies the eldest one is 22 and youngest 9. They are brilliant in their own way. I pray for their Salvation. But I did think at one time I was not important. As don’t have many friends. The ones I have two of them two sisters love 84 miles away from me. I hardly ever see them. I have one that lives 10 miles away from me I hardly ever see her as her life is so busy she is single like my other friends that live 84 miles away from me. So I did at one time feel on important. Why does no one want to be in my company. See me more often do things together that friends do together more often. I took that hard at one time. Then my Salvation Army Officer prayed with me and said Dawn you are important. Your a Daughter of the king of kings and that king is Jesus. Then one of my friends they live 84 miles away from me. Sent me print copy of the Father’s Love Letter. Told me to look it up on YouTube. Listen to it. Just type in the words The Father’s Love Letter. I did that. I really spoke to. Let me know my Heavenly Father loves me I am important to him. Because he knows all about me even the very hairs on my head. That amazed me to know that. I then said to myself. If people don’t want to spend more time with me that is there business. All that matters is I don’t let it get to me. Know I am important to God. That is all that matters. Now it doesn’t get to me as often or as much. I trusting God more. Keep telling myself I am important. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little in my prayers incourage xx

  6. “I’m living the life God called me to” seems to be a good answer for those who ask about dating status. We are childless, not by choice, and faced similar questions years ago. I learned to say, “I guess it’s not in God’s plan for us and he knows best.” It may not be helpful to know, but as you get older it’s much easier not to compare with others!

  7. I think we all have probably dealt with this. The comparison trap is seriously amped up by social media, and it can truly become a battle for the mind. Thank you for these reminders!

  8. Ellen,

    Social media makes it easy to play the comparison game. We see glitzy pics of others “perfect” lives. Suddenly we feel we need/want that. Add to that society tells us that we should accomplish ___ (fill in blank) by ___age. The trouble with that is that each of us were created uniquely. We have different talents/gifts & mature at differing rates. This says it all-Wayne Watson’s “For Such a Time as This” For such a time as this I was placed upon the earth
    To hear the voice of God And do His will, whatever it is For such a time as this
    For now and all the days He gives I am here, I am here And I am His For such a time as this!
    We are His put here to do His will!!

    Blessings 🙂

  9. Ellen, your words speak to me too and I’m married with kids. There are times I am hounded with thoughts that I’m wasting my life and am failing and missing out. Knowing they are lies helps some. Hearing it from others helps more. May we uplift each other, in whatever places God has put each of us, and encourage one another to keep looking up to Him. Love what you shared. Needed to hear that today. May you be blessed.

  10. I’m certain your post will resonate with many. Thank you for the reminder that we are on our own race.