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K.J. Ramsey is a trauma-informed licensed professional counselor and the author of This Too Shall Last and The Lord is My Courage. She is a recovering idealist who can’t stop offering space to see every part of our souls and stories as sacred.

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  1. This was a very powerful devotion for me this morning as I continue to wrestle with a great deal of fear and uncertainty for my future. Thank You!

    • I’m grateful this encouraged you! Anxiety can be so painful to experience. I hope the book gives you room to experience your fear differently.

  2. This was a beautiful and honest post regarding the demonstration of courage in our relationship with God. When hate, harm and fear shout loudly, we can hear the Voice of Love by reading, meditating and memorizing God’s word daily.

  3. Wonderful message on trust! So much of our fear in life is simply because we aren’t trusting our Lord the way He wants us to!
    We must grow our courage..let go, let God! Let Him be there for us in everything!!

    • So much of the struggle in our life is because trust is *hard* and requires experiencing safety. He guides us into trust, and he does so by gently settling us down—even our bodies—not yelling at us for not trusting. I’m so glad we have a gentle, kind Shepherd.

  4. Courage is not the absence of anxiety but the practice of trusting we will be held and loved no matter what. What a powerful statement, and one that I will repeat to myself over and over again. Thank you!!

  5. Love this message and the translation “He settles me down…”

    Also the picture of Jesus as the “Shepherd who stands with scars still on his hands, who is always reaching toward you in every moment of stress, because He has been where you are and knows the way home.”

  6. I’m going through an incredibly difficult & painful time in my life. And reading this post has been such a needed & God appointed revelation! He “settles me down.” As I think of my kids when they were little and upset or scared or frustrated and I’d hold them until they had settled down. What an amazing image of God holding me until I settle down. Thank you for that imagery and encouragement!

    • I’m so sorry you are walking through such a painful season. Yes—God holds you just like you held and rocked your kids. I hope the book gives you more room to imagine how true that is.

    • Jenny,

      Abba Father Please come alongside Jenny & help quiet her tired weary soul. Send your peace & comfort during this difficult trial. You alone know what she needs. You can bring about tranquility to her life. In Jesus Name AMEN!


      Blessings 🙂

  7. I just read and shared an excerpt from a FaithGateway email. Beautiful! And then saw this in my fb feed to share as well. I look forward to reading more!

  8. Psalm 23 most people say it is a Psalm for use when someone as pass away at their funeral. But it does really speak to as well. For other reasons that God is our shepherd he is for us. The shepherd looks after his sheep. We are the Lord’s sheep. He take care of us. We have to trust the Lord does that and have the courage to say he does. As it says in God’s word he will never leave us nor forsake us. How that is. Like the first line of pslam 34 verse 8 it says “Oh taste and see the Lord is good” To see this we need trust him that he is good and he promises what he says in his word. Love today’s message. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx In my prayers all in encourage.

    • Yes! Psalm 23 is for the whole of our lives not just the end of them. Writing this book showed me God is ever seeking us, ever chasing us with Goodness and Love to bring us to rest at home.

  9. What a timely book. Thank you for writing the neuroscience piece. It is my belief that educating about the neuroscience of trauma is essential to healing it. God bless you and keep you, make HIS face to shine upon you and give you His true Shalom— HIS peace.

    • YES. Me too. I’m so grateful you appreciate the bodies God gave us and the role our bodies can (and must!) play in healing! Integrating neuroscience into my books is one of my favorite things.

  10. Thank you for this reminder that our courage comes from the Lord, not something that we have to muster up. It is encouraging to think of God holding us until we “settle down”.

  11. I am so excited to sit and read her book. Having recently experienced church hurt and betrayal by my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ it feels timely that I would stumble upon KJ Ramsey’s Instagram. I know the Lord answered my prayer and met me where I was at when I found her page.

  12. Wow, your post really resonated with me. It’s like you read my mind. Thank you for sharing this. Please enter me in the drawing to. Win a copy of your book.

  13. KJ,

    Thank you for the insights & wisdom we can glean from Psalm 23. Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. In today’s society it takes courage to trust anyone or anything-especially one we can’t physically see. Yet that is what God asks us to do-trust & obey no matter the situation. He will never leave nor forsake those who trust in Him. Great post.

    Blessings 🙂

  14. Changing the goal of our waiting…and seeing a shepherd for cares for us. Thank you for shifting our perspective and sharing your journey with us and pointing us to the way of courage.