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Anna works full-time for DaySpring from Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and four kids. Anna is the author of A Moment of Christmas and Pumpkin Spice for Your Soul, and she shares the good stuff of the regular, encouraging you to see the ordinary glory in your everyday.

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  1. Paper planners – the monthly kind – are the ones I can’t live without! I have to see the whole month at a time. Something about being able to glimpse the big picture helps me stay grounded. This planner looks beautiful! And yay for being able to gather again!

  2. I have to use a digital planner for work as well, but I’ve been using a modified bullet journal for a while for my personal life. 🙂 And I love stickers!

  3. In my quest for simplicity, I have been using digital planners the past few years, but something called me back to paper planners this year:). Like books, digital versions leave me a little unsatisfied. There’s just something about the texture of the paper and the physical presence of a planner that helps ground me a little more than digital versions did. I’m excited to be using paper again and I would love to start and end my days with the (in)courage Planner!!

  4. I to LOVE paper planners. I’m an Administrative Director so I like to write out my task list for the day and then there’s something so satisfying about being able to cross off an item once it’s completed, and I make it fun/bright/cheery by using beautiful pastel highlighters and have stickers throughout my day planner. Having a physical day planner is key to keep me organized especially when I’m pulled in various directions with my role.

  5. I have a big 3 year calendar that I use to keep my life organized, but it runs out this summer. This planner sounds like just the thing I need to replace mine!

  6. I love the written word …. Seeing my thoughts and schedule on paper reminds me of the importance that someone took the time to write that card,special note, or a thought that I had and didn’t want to forget .

  7. Oh my this is beautiful! I keep my planners too, Anna. They are a to do list and a diary and a holiday menu keeper and more. I love to look back at them through the years. I am a scrapbooker and my planner helps me tell my stories. Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  8. This is really funny, and good to know I’m not the only one who loves a paper planner! I’m older than many of you, and I’ve heard it said paper planners/calendars are a little outdated. Please understand, this was from a colleague at work who had not learned its value. 🙂 But I disagreed with her because, even though I love technology and value the convenience of having it with me at all times, who wants to hand over your phone as documentation if you need it? I absolutely love jotting down my thoughts, my plans, and seeing the written notes. It’s like having an old friend, which also may sound a little outdated, but what’s not to love about something that feels a little vintage!?

  9. I absolutely love a physical planner. It’s something about being able to hold it and feel it (I’m the same way about books lol). I stay way more organized when I write it down instead of using my phone.

  10. Planners also serve as my gratitude journal. Gods goodness to me is documented throughout the years.

  11. This made me smile that I am not the only one who doesn’t rely on digital calendars! I love paper planners so much I have 2! One is a monthly calendar that has a magnet and is kept on the refrigerator; the other is an 18 month book style that I keep on my table. I am retired, and live alone and still find the need to write everything down. I think it makes me feel like I have a sense of worth to see EVERYTHING written down. Thank you.

  12. I have been using this very design planner for 30 years. I don’t like monthly, I like weekly. It is very similar to the Executive planner which I use. Even though my husband refuses to look at it, or write in it, (he has me put a larger dry erase board up by the month), I keep one on my kitchen counter where I keep all appointment cards, birthdays, everything filed.

    I love reading your daily messages and would love to have one of your daily planners.
    Thank you for the opportunity. Marsha

  13. So blessed I found incourage and DaySpring when I needed it the most in my life. I use a paper planner every year. My sister is a teacher and gives me one from her school. Keeps me on track. Would love an incourage paper planner! God Bless.

    • Planners are what we need in our busy lives! I love this kind where with making plans you also see scripture verses that remind you to pause and remember that GOD is in CONTROL.

  14. I will be honest and say I have never used a planner. I have always been a bit unorganized with to-do lists scribbled on posted notes everywhere. I am thinking maybe this would be something that would really benefit me.

    I loved your line of “Because, friend, no matter what season of life you are in, prioritizing and planning helps make the most of your time.” I had recently been praying about how I feel like I am always overwhelmed and there is never enough time. I heard the Lord ask me to really look and see what I am spending all my time on and if it is really things that he wants me to be doing. This planner would be a great way to start to work through this!

  15. After 34 years working as a pharmacist, I have retired to full time writing ministry/speaking and LOVE a DAILY PLANNER to keep me organized. There is also something FUN (yes, for me it is fun) to cross off items on my TO-DO list. And there is a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. By then, I’ve already forgotten half and the things I did.

  16. A physical planner is a must! I will always be a paper and pencil girl.

  17. I love a good planner! Can’t live without it! And one that has scripture is even better for my daily dose of the Lord!!!

  18. Good Morning,

    I am considered “old school” and I love paper planners and files. I need a visible in my hand to remind me of whats to come!

  19. I love to write down all my appointments and people’s birthdays and other information. This looks like it would be very helpful.

  20. I love planners, a great way to keep yourself organized the good old fashion way with Jesus!

  21. Using a paper planner with scriptures keeps me focused and in the Word.
    The scriptures are often exactly what I needed for that day to encourage and me and inspire me to encourage others.

  22. Like you, I am required to use a digital calendar at work, yet I would be lost without my “hard copy” planner. It goes everywhere with me! I especially love planners that include space for recording my thoughts, dreams and goals and quotes/verses for spiritual encouragement.

  23. I am a digital planner kind of girl but my mother in law would love this. She writes everything down and has always used a paper planner. It actually is a gift that my hubby and I usually get for her. She remembers every birthday, every special day etc because of her planner and she always hand write cards and sends them in snail mail. My kids used to get annoyed with all of grandma’s mail, but now they appreciate it.

  24. I, too, enjoy paper planners. I like being able to see everything in one place.

  25. Every year I decide that I will not use a paper planner this year and go all in for digital but every year I wind up once again with a paper planner. There is something about writing in it that makes me feel more grounded. In this digital age it just feels more tangible and real to hold it in my hands. I still love to read from my Bible and books instead of my phone or tablet. I guess I am not really ready to go all in for digital afterall.

  26. I always look for a planner to give my daughter, Kat, who has a great deal of health problems and has many doctors appointments. Finding one with scriptures and encouraging words is the best!

    • Julee, prayers for your daughter, Kat! I love having Scripture in my planner – a good reminder that our Great Physician holds us in the palm of His hands.

  27. Yes, Anna, paper! I use one at work, at home…it is mobile…you can focus without the distraction of the technology…and I can MARK THINGS OFF! not the same satisfaction electronically My wall weekly for my family is running out soon and i’m searching for something that may work a bit better, including the monthly outlook. I’ve had to have a separate monthly calendar and it is bulky and awkward. But the value of the weekly view at home so everyone knows what’s happening is priceless! Thank you, in(courage) women for being there for women.

  28. I am a huge planner lover, too! I keep a separate calendar of house keeping accomplishments. I can’t seem to remember when I last did what! This looks like a great journaling tool and the spiral bound style makes for laying out flat, which is best for writing. (In my humble opinion)

  29. I have always used a planner. Every year I get a new one. I enjoy logging my next year and it sits open in front of me on my desk year round. I couldn’t imagine life without it. I don’t like digital calendars, I can’t use one. I keep up with my work schedule, my daughter’s schedule, her sports, our church schedule, and my grandmother’s appts as well. So a paper planner is a must.
    I soo enjoy your devotionals and planners, thanks for both and I look forward to this new one.

  30. I am a list maker. I have used planners to help me focus, remember, and accomplish goals and tasks. This planner looks beautiful.

  31. Seeing all of you gathered for the first time in 2 years is heart warming. I found (in)courage during the pandemic and the daily readings/communications have become a foundation for my daily routines. Why I love, paper planners, for me, putting pen & pencil to paper help pull my ever now growing events calendar together for ease and peace of mind.

  32. I haven’t used a paper planner for a few years but I have loved looking back and seeing my notes and comments that I had forgotten about on specific days. How full life can be. I know as we go through it, it feels overwhelming, but some day we can look back and really treasure all the things we were able to do.

  33. I too am ‘old school’ in pretty much everything. I have been pulled into this modern world kicking and screaming but one must move on. But I still cling to my old ways as they not only comfort me but continue to bring me joy. I love holding a book not reading on a computerized screen. I love greeting cards not digital ones. I miss the excitement of waiting for a hand written letter in response to one I have sent. Most of these are longings from a not so long ago past. I can appreciate the digital world but I miss the one that seems to be barely hanging on. I’m not ready to let go. My daughter has kept the letters I used to write to her when she was growing up. Gives me comfort that she will still have me with her when I am gone.
    I would be honored to gift her with a beautiful planner as she has taken to using them along with her digital one.
    Love reading all the beautiful comments. Kindred spirits and such lovely souls all of you are. May God’s peace and joy bless you all

  34. I used a paper planner for years when I was running a busy household raising children to keep “all the things” organized. I have slowly switched to digital, but after reading this feel like I need to get back to simpler organizational roots! Thank you for the suggestion.

  35. I honestly can only use paper planners. I love the feel of actually writing out every little thing. It gives me more freedom to make it my own. Now with our first child on the way, a paper planner is needed more than ever with all the extra appointments, reminders, etc. to help me stay organized. I love the designs of the new planners!

  36. I love planners! I get so excited for the hope of being more organized and on top of things! I haven’t found one yet that keeps me going and that I can develop a routine with, but hoping this might be it! I am excited!!

  37. I love paper planners too! Seeing things in black and white, being able to go back and review them is wonderful. I am not one to carry my phone wherever I go. Winning this would be awesome. Having the scriptures at hand a Bonus! Take care and God Bless you.

  38. I’ve tried all the digital planners—fancy apps that ping me, online color-coded calendars that make sure I don’t double book, etc.—but it turns out that my old-lady planner with pages that turn keeps me on track. I love spilling slurps of coffee on it. I love looking back on a week well-lived. And there’s no substitute for physically circling a date I’m anticipating.

  39. I love paper planners because it allows me to see the big picture as well as the details of any given month or week.

  40. I love a paper planner and have always used a pretty plain black and white one. Love the idea of scripture and encouraging words throughout!

  41. I am an elementary school teacher and MUST have a paper planner!! Yes, we must use Google calendar in planning our meetings and inviting the people who need to be there but I have to keep a planner open on my desk to remember all the things I need to do each day. Right now, with 16 days of school left there’s hardly any space in any of my boxes!! I have not used a Dayspring planner before but would absolutely LOVE to win a free one!!! 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity for the drawing!

  42. As much as I use my phone planner, it simply does not take the place of paper and pencil. Thoughts, reminders, things that just do not translate to the phone☺️

  43. I am also a die-hard paper planner girl! Call it old fashioned, but I like to see the whole week laid out and my to-do list items scratched out with vigor! It also helps me slow my roll in committing to things on the spot, since I have to go home and check my planner. 🙂

  44. Love the photo. It’s so wonderful to see all you amazing young ladies together at one time. Keep up the good work!

  45. I have always used paper planners and when I discovered incourage paper planners I was so happy as I live in England. Thank you for all that you do with the entire incourage community.

  46. I struggle with the need of a planner since retirement. During Covid I used it to be accountable for what was going on in my first year of retirement and first year of Covid and first year of being a grandmother. In some ways I think I need to go back to this as the few different ways I have tried to document my life doesn’t seem to be working. I would love to win one of these and start the journey again.

  47. I am a visual, list person! I am a mom of 3 boys & all that entails, church leader, on home & school committee, and more with far too much to remember so I also tend to fall under the “if it isn’t written down it may not happen” category. I wouldn’t say I’m the best with technology so keeping it old school tends to work best for me. This planner looks absolutely beautiful and right up my alley!!

  48. I love a good paper planner! It’s such a nice visual, and I especially love ones with lots of pages for notes or random thoughts/lists.

  49. I often keep my paper planners because often they’re better than my journal at reminding me of God’s faithfulness throughout the year. This year, my planner is documenting all of the steps my family and I are taking as we prepare to go on the mission field in South America. I know there will be difficult times ahead as we adjust to our new home and my journal and planner will serve as Ebenezers of God’s faithfulness and provision when I need reminding!

  50. Paper planners are a game changer for me! As a former classroom teacher, now homeschool mama, I heavily rely on my planner to keep myself and my family organized. I just can’t make the move to a digital planner. I like to tangibly be able to write and record my days and weeks.

  51. I have been a fan of paper planners for a long time. Now that I am a ministry leader and podcast host, I rely heavily on my planner to help keep my brain straight so that I don’t miss any appointment or any deadline.

  52. I too love a paper planner! I’ve been using up my youngest daughter’s old composition books, diaries, journals… time for me to use a new one!

  53. I LOVE paper planners. I use them for goal setting, reflection, even the “theme” that God has been speaking to me that month.

    Of course, with pretty pens.

  54. I got my first planner/daily diary in 2nd grade. It was a hard year with lots of changes and my mom said I always used one after. I don’t recall ever not having a planner going- and like you think “oh bless this girls heart” at some of my things. I’ve instilled the love of one in my daughter and as a teen it’s one of the first summer purchase each year. I’m looking forward to the new one!

  55. I love ❤️ all things paper. Organizing is not my strong suit and I need a lot of tools ⚒️ to help me.

  56. Paper planners help me more than I ever thought possible! 13 years ago I had a son, Gracen. He would spend his first 2 years and 2 months in the ICU of two hospitals. After finally bringing him home, on Good Friday , I found myself in the world of special needs/medically fragile momma. Doctor appointments, therapies, early intervention and I had a daughter in high school too! I’ve loved planners ever since. And the fact that this one has scripture on every page and stories too, glory!!! It sounds wonderful and beautiful and the perfect way to help me keep up with everything including my sanity!! Thank you so much!!!

  57. I also love a great calendar- spread out to help keep balance. This year is the 1st time I’ve used a Dayspring planner. I Love It!!! I’ll never go back to the old ones. There’s beauty, inspiration and organization.

  58. Although I’m not one to use a planner I have a daughter who loves them… this looks like a beautiful one.

  59. I also love paper planners, but have not bought one the past two years as I’ve used Google calendar to keep my husband updated on happenings.
    Well, I have found myself printing out each monthly calendar on printer paper to jot everything down because apparently my brain needs me to physically write it and see it visually on a space larger than my phone screen
    I do also have a hanging wall calendar with family pics on it I use for meal planning, but I definitely wouldn’t mind having a paper planner again as these 8×11 pieces of paper get crumpled and easily misplaced!

  60. I keep a paper planner more as a security blanket these days. My phone & digital calendar are the first line. But, writing things down gives them more substance & meaning, so my paper planner will always have its purposes too.

  61. A planner that I can write in is a must! Each family member’s events are noted with a different color ink, as well as my husband’s drill schedule, our church schedule, my Embrace Grace ministry events, and much more. Being able to see everything in one place is a vital part of future planning. I bought my first planner about 4 year ago when God started calling me to more and on the inside cover I wrote, “just trying to get my life in order.” Yup. That’s the truth. Me, over here trying to stay in line with the Lord. ♡

  62. I absolutely love paper planners, especially the ones that have a lot of art and colors. I’m a visual person so planners help me to stay focused and on track

  63. I just saw your post on instagram- I’m so excited!! I use paper planners, desk calendars and sticky notes everyday. The art of writing and creating life to my thoughts with a pen & paper bring me joy! I have 2 daughters and we all need this! Encouraging and fun!

  64. I love paper planners and stickers. There is just something about writing it down that makes it better for me. This planner is beautiful!

  65. Love this idea of a planner, devotional and journal all in one place for me!

  66. Anna,

    I am a list maker. Keep track of everything from monthly grocery bills to steps walked in a week. Enjoy writing down the blessings God gives me so I can go back & remember when times get tough. Love having scripture to start my day off with. It puts me in the right frame of mind. This looks so beautifuli.

    Blessings 🙂

  67. There’s something about having something in print in front of me that makes me more engaged. And anything pretty and organized makes my heart happy.

  68. There is something in the feeling of pen and paper on planning, laying out thoughts, prayers and goals. This looks like a beautiful planner!

  69. I keep my “someday” tasks in a digital planner, but I have found it much easier to keep on track of things by creating a weekly and monthly planner in paper form. (I’m a planner/paper geek)

  70. Thank you for reminding how much my day planner means to me! I’m not into journaling, but my day planner provides a history of my life-the highs and lows without frills of extra words.

  71. Thank you for the chance at winning. I’m old school, I ONLY use a paper planner. We have a household planner that both my husband and I work out of (from house cleaning to home maintenance). Then his planner for his volunteer work. I have a notebook I’m working out of currently for my stuff. It would be such a blessing to win this planner.

  72. In a world that tells me to go digital, I cling to my precious paper planners. I don’t mind that my work has doubled – now I have to write everything twice, a digital version for others and a paper version for me – I only regret that I can only dedicate myself to one paper planner a year (at least I try to!)

  73. Monthly paper planners are my favorite! I like to see an entire month so I don’t miss any appointments or important dates that are coming up. I’m also a menu planner so I have a lot of fun with that side of it in my planner!

  74. Oh my gosh! I’m such a planner girl, and now that I’ve just graduated college (at 43!) and am soon to be an Elementary Classroom Teacher, I need ALL the encouragement and prayers I can get! I love this planner So so SO much!

  75. I love planners! I keep trying out different apps but always come back to paper planners. They help me feel more organized and therefore peaceful. But with this planner my goal would be to have a place to write down my conversations with the Lord and find true peace & reflection in Him.

  76. I love a paper calendar to visualize my families calendars. My husband is a pastor so I Need a place where everyone can look and see his evening meetings and commitments and the kids commitments all in one easy place.

  77. I have a DEEP love for paper planners. I think I’ve had one every year since college and maybe a few in high school.

  78. I love planners!! It helps me keep track of my day -weeks -and months! I am a goal oriented task-list mama who needs all the help she can get as far as being organized!

  79. I just started following Incourage (thanks Michele Cushat!) and am inspired by the fellowship and spiritual support in the few posts I’ve read. I am a long-time fan of daily planners and documenting God’s voice each day. I still need growth and miss several days but this planner would be perfect for not only writing the things in my day but the miracles in which God always shows up. Love it!

  80. I have always loved a good paper calendar to keep myself on target. Those visual reminders keep me on track.
    It would be a blessing to win one!!

  81. I love to touch paper stuff; books, Bible, lists, calender planners; I wouldn’t give up my paper planners ❣️
    It is a fact that writing things down helps you remember more then merely typing does.
    I love my planner, have used one every year for at least 40 years.

  82. Planners have helped me keep track of my tasks and projects at work so I’m not as overwhelmed and can leave at night without stuff weighing on me!