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Anjuli grew up as a missionary kid secretly wondering, “Why does everyone else understand what a relationship with Jesus is, but me?” It wasn’t until she ran into her fears instead of from them, that Anjuli found her voice and the love of God meeting her there. She is a...

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  1. Timely and encouraging for my first step-in , thank you, Praise the Lord He gaze my heart.

  2. Reading this I truly believe God puts those in our lives who He knows we’ll need. Kind of like angels on earth. God gives us our assignments without even knowing we were assigned to one. Debbie may have needed you as much as you needed her.
    How blessed you were and may we all be blessed enough to be a Debbie and to also have a Debbie in our lives.

  3. Anjuli,

    This is such an encouraging post. Thanks for sharing! My husband and I have been talking about the importance of mentoring relationships. We so appreciate the people who have invested in us and want to invest in others.
    Thank you,

  4. So good for me today. So many have stepped up for my husband and I….90 and 86. No driving anymore. Kids 80 plus miles away and still things that we enjoy being a part of. In the past, I myself have “stepped up” and I just can’t do it like I used to mainly because of age and no driving. But, the phone does work and I feel that it’s my way of stepping up. But oh, how we are so happy when something pops up and we would really like to attend and this person that you just talked to says, “Oh, you need a ride tomorrow night for the grad party. We will pick you up at 6:15”. No asking, no wondering how we are going to get there, just a gentle look up and the answer is there. God is so good when he sets those step-ups right in front of our eyes. We are Blessed.

  5. Debbie was my group leader when we did WOTH. She is definitely a peach! A gentle soul. A listener. Glad to know she was there for you.❤️ Once again, wonderful writing Anjuli!

  6. What a beautiful inspiration Debbie was! It’s good to know that being there for others doesn’t always have to be complicated or difficult.

  7. Anjuli,

    You were blessed to have a Debbie in your life. I am drawn to older people & the less fortunate. Every week I seek out some of the older women of the church-one in particular & ask for a hug. Also I volunteer at Loaves & Fishes Food Bank. When there I step in & do whatever needs doing from making or handing out food boxes, putting together/handing out meals, clean up, & washing dishes. It is one way I can show God’s love to others.

    Last Saturday (5/14) I asked a friend if she wanted to go to garage sales with me. She said yes & we had a great time. God knew she needed some rest from her busy routine. I was able to bless her with a nice lunch.

    Love stepping in & helping others out. It blesses me as much as them.

    Blessings 🙂