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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. I don’t have any dreams for my life, and would like to have a dream. A prayer for God to put a dream in my heart would be very much appreciated.

    • Thank you for sharing Kim!

      Father, thank You for creating Kim in your image and Your heart. You are the Creator and Giver. You created Kim with for purpose and on purpose. You have ordained a calling specifically for her to carry out with her skills, gifts and talents. Lord, open her eyes and ears to see and hear what the Father is doing and saying. Open doors for her to boldy walk through. Give her dreams from Your heart for her life and those around her. May everything she does bring You glory and build Your Kingdom.
      In Jesus’ Name.

  2. Karina, thank you for sharing your journey with wisdom and the people God puts in your path. Your faith and compassion always touch my heart. But this post truly reaches out to my soul and where I’m currently at.I’ve recently had spinal surgery. There was a malfunction in the programming of the spinal cord stimulator( implanted to help my RSD burning pain in my left leg) that was replaced. It basically tased me and as a result I’m learning to walk again with a walker.It’s painful and exhausting. . I’m trying to discover what my new normal will be.From the trauma my anxiety attacks and depression have worsened. I would really appreciate prayers as I deal with figuring out what my new normal is as well as for endurance with my PT/OT.The Lord has definitely Blessed me because we weren’t sure if I’d walk again. But I would truly appreciate prayers as I try to move forward. Thank you very much.

    • Kathleen, thank you for reading and your kind words. I’m sorry about all of these hard things.

      Father, I thank You that nothing comes as a surprise to You. There is nothing that is impossible for You and nothing You can’t bring good from. I speak to every part of Kathleen’s spine and I say be healed. I speak to every bit of trauma and pain in her body. Leave, in Jesus’ name. I speak supernatural healing, strength and wholeness to her body, mind and emotions. Fill her with Your peace Jesus. Fill her with Your joy. That is her strength. We thank You for answered prayers and for those that are yet to come. You are faithful and trustworthy. You are good, in every way.
      In Jesus’ name.

    • Kathleen,


      You are so awesome. We praise you for what you are doing in Kathleen’s life right now. Please lessen the anxiety & depression she has. Give her strength to endure all the PT/O. Guide Kathleen through this journey. Show her what the new normal will look like. Keep blessing her with good health. In Jesus Name AMEN

  3. Hello, Thank you for this message. I need wisdom and the leading of the Lord for what he wants me to achieve for the Kingdom.
    Praise the Lord once again.

    • Thank you for sharing Prislaine!

      Father, You are a good Father. You are faithful to give us wisdom when we ask. Thank You for Prislaine’s desire to build Your Kingdom. Would you honor that desire with a vision for what You are calling her to. Give her ears to see and eyes to hear the perfect leadership of Your Holy Spirit. Continue to give her a lavish love for You and the hurting world around her.
      In Jesus’ Name.

  4. I need prayer for wisdom concerning current mentoring relationship (s) I have been involved in to know if the season for these particular women is over or is to continue. Thanks for your post and prayers in advance.

    • Thank you for sharing Pam!

      Father, thank You for Your intimate involvement in Pam’s life. Thank You for all of the work You have done in her life and the lives of the women she has been mentoring. Jesus, give her a peace about the direction You are calling her. Make it clear. Give her courage to follow Your leading. You are good and faithful. Your timing is always perfect. May she rest in Your perfect leading.
      In Jesus’ name.

  5. I am trying to decide when to retire and what type of life I want post retirement. I lost my husband and one of my best friends to Cancer and COVID. I worked as a nurse during the pandemic and lived increasingly in more isolation due to my job and loss. So now I am trying to come out of the cave, and I am not sure what is next in oh so many ways. I desperately need wisdom -the kind only GOD can give. Thank you

    • Thank you for sharing Beverly. I am sorry for your loss.

      Thank You Father for being close to Beverly in this season. Thank You that seasons don’t last forever. Thank you that You make all things new. You have beautiful things awaiting her. Heal her heart and give her a hope for her future. Overwhelm her with supernatural peace. Give her vision for her future. Surround her with Your love and the love of community. Open doors of opportunity for her to serve, bless and give in this new season. Direct her steps at at every turn so that she finds herself in the center of Your will.
      In Jesus’ name.

    • Beverly,

      Abba Father,

      We praise you for Beverly’s life. She has been through so much in the past few years. She needs you now more than ever. Your word says: “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you & not for harm. To give you a hope & a future.” Make known to Beverly those wonderful plans. Guide & direct her steps. Give her wisdom that surpasses all understanding. Assist her in joining community once again. Shower her with your love.

      Blessings 🙂

  6. I retired in 2018 and left my home state of Virginia and brought a home in Tennessee to be near my daughter and my grandson. After 3 years my son in law got a job in Texas and wanted me to move to be near them again. I sold my home and moved in with them after they settled in Texas. After I moved in my daughter informed me they hated Texas and were moving in a year or two. Our relationship became very up and down. I realized I wanted to move back to my home state of Virginia; which is 1500 miles away! I will be 70 in July but I’ve been healthy and drove to Texas by myself. Pray I can find a temporal home , I can afford, and strength to move again. I know Heaven is my forever home! I just just need God’s guidance on this next move and strength to drive there. I have 3 ten year old cats, so driving is my only option. Thank you!

    • Sharon, thank you for sharing!

      Father, thank You for every season even when they don’t turn out how we thought they would. Thank You for lessons learned and greater dependence on You. I pray that You would make crooked paths straight. Thank You for supernatural provision for Sharon. You have the good gift of a house waiting for her surround by a sweet community. Bring peace and restoration to Sharon and her daughter with You as their foundation. May she hear Your voice clearly and obey Your commands joyfully.
      In Jesus’ Name.

  7. My Mom passed away two months ago. I am struggling with my grief and purpose in life. I force myself out of bed each morning and can’t sleep at night. I know deep down things will get better but I just can’t see it happening anytime soon. I just need prayers.

    • Thank you for sharing Nancy. I am sorry for your loss.

      Father, You are the lifter of Nancy’s head. You are close to her broken heart. You are her joy. And Your joy is her strength. May she find rest and sleep in Your presence and trust You to meet her every need. Overwhelm her with Your love and comfort and peace. Sing songs over her of Your truth and promises. Give her a glimpse of hope for her future. It is one filled with Your purposes and plans. Thank you for Your goodness and faithfulness.
      In Jesus’ Name.

    • Nancy,

      Jesus you alone know what Nancy needs. Your word says you are close to the broken hearted. Please come near to Nancy & help lessen her grief. Flood her with your sweet love & comfort. Bring light into her dark corner. Show her the plans & hope you have for her life. In Jesus Name Amen!

  8. Always in need of wisdom and guidance…specifically wisdom on what type of relationship with a partner should be like in my life, praying for that Godly man to come in and love me like Jesus Christ wants:) Thank you for your prayers.

    • Thank you for sharing Andrea!

      Father, thank You for Your kindness and faithfulness. You see Andrea and every desire of her heart. You will not forsake her. I pray that in this season of singleness she will wait well. Give her a desire to be confirmed to Your image and to prepare to be a wife who loves and serves like Jesus. Your timing is perfect. May she rest in the truth that Your ways are Holy. She can trust You with big things, little things and every thing in between. May she grow in her love and devotion for You alone. May she trust You with the rest.
      In Jesus’s Name.

  9. Karina, I am thanking God for Sandra in your life! What a profound outpouring of God’s kindness. Grateful for testimony and encouragement today, friend.

  10. Karina thank you for all you shared. I did enjoy all you wrote. I just want you know I pray for you all incourage. What I pray is for wisdom to write in the readings what God would want you all to share. For us that read them not to just read them for the sake of it. But get out of them what God wants us to get out of them and apply them to our lives. So as we can grow closer to God. I pray for all you all incourage and your friends and families for God to keep you all in good health. Any problems you are incourage families and friends are going through that you will know God is with you all. Then I thank God for the wonderful work you do giving up your time to right in the incourage readings. I ask God to bless you all for the work you all do for him. I love it and learn so much from it and you guys for sharing your life stories and other stories as God puts them on your heart. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N. Ireland God bless big big hugs to you Karina and all incourage. God bless xx

    • Thank you so much Dawn for reading, sharing and praying! We treasure each prayer and receive them with humble hearts. We are grateful for you!

  11. Karina,

    What a timely & much needed post. God cares about our mentoring each other. In fact Titus writes about it in Titus 2:3-5. He also created us to be in community. We were never meant to do this life alone. Our community of friends can be there for us in times of trial or need. God is the giver of great wisdom. We are meant to share it with others. I have been blessed to have people pour into my life. Now it is my turn to pour myself into others.

    Blessings 🙂