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ALIZA LATTA is a writer, artist, and pastor who is a huge fan of telling stories. She creates content for Canada’s largest youth conference, Change Conference, and is a church planter in Ontario, Canada. Her artwork and writing have been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is...

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Aliza, for sharing your gift with us. Blessings.

  2. I, like most people, overlook Saturday and the silence. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are at the forefront of our minds with all the attention. But, as you say, Silent Saturday is actually speaking “volumes, telling us, “I’m right here with you. I’m not going anywhere.” ⁣What a blessed thought! This Saturday will hold a different meaning to me this year. Thank you for your beautiful words. And thank you to your sweet niece for her whispered love.

  3. Aaah Aliza, this is so beautifully written! What beautiful descriptions of Gods presence.

  4. Tears reading this. Each morning I sit quietly with GOD for a few minutes and just try to hear what He wants me to for that day. Some days I don’t hear anything and I wonder why and wish I did so sometimes I just sit and quiet with my mind focused on Him. Your story reminds me and shows me that even in the quiet God IS there even stronger than I could ever imagine.
    God Bless and Happy Easter

  5. Aliza this was perfect, and clearly something I needed to read because it touched my soul and gave me a glimmer of hope. Bless you and your awesome gift!

  6. This is perfect – everything you write touches my heart and speaks to my soul, even though I am several decades older than you. God has blessed you with wisdom beyond your years. ❤️

  7. A lovely message to meditate on, Aliza! I was in “speed read” mode, but slowed down to savor the words.

  8. WOW! My heart melted with joy as I read this. I have been where you are Aliza. I so needed this reminder!

    I am forever grateful for the email today with exciting news!! Congratulations! Rejoicing with all of you!!! ❤

    I praise Adonai for how He has inspired your hand to write with such authenticity, vibrancy & expression. Being a visual learner, as I read this my Mom, I had to frequently pause, to process what you had written.

    We both said, “aww,” as you describe, “as a four year old….” Honestly, I made an incorrect assumption about what your niece was about to spill. That secret, I realize now, is a priceless memory you now have stored up in your soul, to treasure forever.

    My heart continues to expand with joy Alliza, during those “silent” times. I don’t cry pretty but, for me, it’s always been soothing to my soul. With God’s Omniscience, those tears are starting to bloom a new sweet aroma, with God’s glory being manifested in my life. A brand new chapter, in my pilgrimage with Jesus.

    I like to switch my devotionals every few months or years. It’s always been about God’s timing. I do my best, with & in, His excellence, to seek His guidance & clarity about what to read.

    I had not picked up “A Moment to Breathe,” 365-Day (in)courage Devotional Journal since August of 2021. As I opened it up, my hand landed on page 225, August 10, “When God Anoints You but Doesn’t Appoint You.”

    Today has become a spiritual marker & confirmation of God’s calling. To continue to believe God has never wasted any suffering in my life. That suffering keeps my heart open & teachable, to have childlike faith.

    I learn with part of each learning style. However, visual & memorization suite me best. That faith keeps my imagination stirring.

    His Joy truly is my Strength & to continue steadfastly preparing for His Perfect Will, here on earth & as it is in Heaven.

  9. Aliza,

    Great insights. God is with us always. He is speaking to us in His special ways. Sometimes it’s through people, nature, music or just a feeling. We have to be aware& quiet enough to hear His still small voice. I remember years ago when dating my husband I was going to his house for a second date. I was nervous about what might happen. God gently calmed my insecurities by playing “God is in Control” by Twila Paris. Just out of my driveway I shouted the lyrics God is in control & immediately a calm came over me & I felt like the devil fled. He didn’t audibly speak to me directly but via that song gave me a sense of peace. He can do that when we least expect it. Just be on lookout & listen for His still small whispers.

    Blessings 🙂

  10. Hello

    I so enjoyed this Testimony!
    I sure hope there are many
    People reading these!
    If we find it hard to put things
    In words with others.
    A smile would make someone’s

  11. “But in the middle of those two days lies Saturday — silent. It feels like crickets. ” Jesus was resting in the grave because it was Sabbath. I imagine his disciples were worshiping in the Synagogue on Sabbath just as He did (when He was with them), even if they were in shock and mourning.