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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. I find HOPE in Spring, in Easter, in hummingbirds coming back after a long winter. God winks at us each day to give us HOPE. You’re right in that we have to look for them. Sometimes it takes the magnifying glass of opening our eyes and our heart to new things, new birth, new possibilities, new blessings. But they are all around us when we look for them.

  2. We’re in a hard season of watching our older dog slow down. We’re basically keeping him comfortable until it’s undeniablely “that time”. The back hips are awkward, his once voracious appetite is waning but the mischievous glint in his eye is still there. Each day may be his last but he still radiates joy in small snippets. He is a testimony to us of God’s goodness & consistency even in the face of changes. Not everyone gets it but not realizing it we’ve put on our detective hats & found hope in this hard season. Thank you for your insights. I love the detective hat analogy & your belief puppies are proof of God’s goodness especially! Bless you, Mary as you bless us!

    • Ruth,

      Prayers for you & family as you watch your beloved dog die. It is never easy to watch a loved one die. Pets are just as much family as people are. Asking God to give you all peace & comfort during this time.


      Beth Williams

    • Ooh Ruth, that is hard. Those moments of joy are such a gift and remind us of our eternal hope. I experienced that shortly before my 18yo cat died a couple years ago, and it was a balm. Praying for you as you navigate this loss.

  3. Good morning and thank you for this beautiful reading this morning! It’s perfect and so true for all of us. Hope and faith is what will sustain us all through the trials and tribulations life throws our way.

  4. Hope has become one of my new favorite words. There is so much meaning behind it. Your article is also offering, hope. It’s a reminder that we need to look for hope sometimes as hope isn’t always a big bright red flag waving in front of us. Hope can be found in the simplest things that can bring the most joy.
    Thank you for this article. God Bless.

  5. Yesterday I saw crocus coming up and this morning as I read this and am having my first cup of coffee for the day, I am being serenaded by the birds! Signs of hope. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. Mary-I just realized you live in KC as well. Do you listen to the Christian station Life 88.5? If so you might hear me twice daily with my radio WOW words. I am a wife, mother, author, podcaster and speaker as well. I just send you a friend request on FB. We both know Whitney P. It would be great to chat and perhaps help one another along the ministry way. You can reach me at LisaWilt.com or on FB messaging.

  7. Thank you Mary for this timely devotion is a very difficult time for me. Being a detective and looking for hope (with examples) is just what my soul needed to hear today. God’s richest blessings as you minister with your words.

    • Cathy, I’m so glad these words were an encouragement to you. Praying you find all the clues God has left for you, to point you back to hope.

  8. So very true and great reminder of whose children we are. It’s a fight but dont forget mustard grain faith move mountains. We can’t but God can. Annie

  9. You covered most of the senses as you “detectived.” But you forgot the sense of taste….the kitchen aromas on a
    holiday morning, chocolate chip cookies waiting to be devoured by children coming home from school, etc.
    And puppies….spot on!

    As a huge fan of CSI, this unsub appreciated being challenged to look for hope when you feel hopeless.

    This was a very intimate blog. Thanks.

  10. This was a very encouraging article. I thoroughly enjoyed it and there is much food for thought. Sometimes we don’t recognize hope when it’s staring us in the face. You also have to want to find hope, don’t sit there and enjoy feeling sorry for yourself. Thank you for a great article.

  11. Lovely, encouraging words,and of course we ALL need to hear this positive post as many many are struggling with the pandemic And the chaotic world rt. now!.Thanks SOOoo much for sharing!

  12. Mary, I love all the places you remind us to look for hope! I recently found hope in watching hours of kids’ baseball games without feeling pressed by deadlines….a friend who offered me the best of her closet… afternoon naps, just because. God is so very good and kind and worthy of our hope.

  13. AMEN, Mary, to your idea of detective work with eyes and ears wide open. God DOES provide signs of his loving presence that engender hope. More than a decade ago I endured a hurtful rough patch. At the time I was already in the habit of journaling about God’s faithfulness to our family. When I counted up the entries at the end of that difficult year I was shocked to discover there were more entries than any of the previous 26 years I’d been recording! Hope found ME in all the little ways God had revealed himself during those months.

  14. Thank you so very much, Mary. I am forwarding this to my friend who lost her 25 yr old son in Jan of this year in a car accident. She and her husband have strong faith and at first, struggled to find God in the midst of the crushing grief. Recently she felt the Lord saying that He was right there in all the calls, cards, hugs, meals, loving conversations about her son. That has given her so much comfort and blessing.
    Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us, Mary!