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Simi was born in India and moved to Dallas, TX at the age of 7. Simi is a speaker, author, and full-time physical therapist. Her calling is to the local church and her passion is to equip women to know who they are and live faithfully right where they are....

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  1. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your struggle & using it to point to the Devine. My heart is heavy that we don’t easily accept others. Thank you, Jesus that You do!!! Blessings beautiful sister!

    • Thank YOU! I think we all like the familiar and embrace it easier than we do what/who is different. It’s natural- but God calls us to the super natural upside down kingdom, where we actual befriend the outsider and pray for our enemies. So as Christians we get to go first and set the example for the world.

  2. this is beautiful Simi! so grateful for the passion God placed on your heart to share His love and redemption story in your words and vulnerable beautiful self, YOU! All praise be to God that He opened your eyes and heart to who He created YOU to be…chosen for such a time as this for His purpose and His glory!!

  3. This post is so encouraging, Simi. It motivates me to be more aware of how I may have presented a watered-down version of myself to be accepted — or where I may have thrown water on someone else’s beauty because I wasn’t comfortable with her differences.

    • That means everything! Because when we become aware we can change. It won’t happen in a day, I had to learn to continue to be self aware.

  4. Thank you for your transparency. I think you are beautiful and I celebrate you!
    Be Simi, dear friend

  5. So authentic. I have experience hiding my background but it was easier for me because you could not tell from the outside. It bothered me growing up because I so admired my grandparents for who they were and what they accomplished in spite of what they faced. I have also hidden who I am by keeping the fact that I love my church and all it stands for. Only recently have I been comfortable sharing that I was at worship, or I was at a church clean up day, or whatever was going on at church. And I feel so much better about myself and my faith. so Amen to you!

    • I am so glad that you are courageously showing up as YOU- God smiles when we finally realize there is nothing to hide, we are no longer slaves to shame or fear. We are His daughters!

  6. We all are outsiders because we are not from this world. We are of God’s kingdom. I’m Caucasian and yet ostracized most of the time because I stand up for what God says is right and I’m not afraid to share my faith.

  7. Thank you Simi! In my 20s I met a woman who was my age. I had lived in the area for a few weeks. She had been there a week. I asked if she was new to the company or the city. She said “both”. I offered to take her around and show her places to eat, the location of the company credit union, company gym and asked her to have lunch with me the next day. She asked me why I would do that since she was mixed race (Japanese and African American). I answered her with ‘I hope you won’t judge me because I am so obviously a white American’ and we both laughed. She told me later that I was the first person she had met that week who accepted her. I almost cried. It’s been decades since that encounter and the happy look on her beautiful face is still a photo on my memory.

    • Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for reaching out to that woman! It only takes one person’s love and friendship sometimes to help another feel seen and known!

  8. Simi,

    I am saddened that we don’t easily accept people different from us. We are a country filled with immigrants from all over the world. I don’t judge people from other cultures, but accept them readily. They are just like me only born in a divergent culture. Think about this: we are all going to be in Heaven one day Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Scottish, German, American. We might as well learn to like each other down here. I have a saying about myself “if you don;t like me the way I am then talk to God. He made me this way.”

    Blessings 🙂

    • I agree, when we are willing to have conversations with people that are different than us, often we will find that we are more similar than different!

  9. Your are gorgeous! What many American women would give to look like you…as we all strive to “Look Like” and serve Christ!

    Coming from 40 years as a pharmacist, many congrats on your ministry in writing as well! I continued to work while raising my kiddos. Now I have more time to write – 4 books published with 5 more coming!

    Blessing to YOU! Happy Almost Easter!