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  1. I love today’s reading!!! I have had a lot of pain in my life!!! Chronic disease, a brother that committed a murder of his wife and then suicide. Sexual molestation at a very young age that progressed to rape—you did not talk about those things back then!!!
    I did not know if it was right or wrong because my mom never told me about sex, my period, yes–not sex. I loved my mom dearly!
    She became my best friend and she realized her short comings. I certainly was not a perfect parent, but I always apologized when i knew I was in the wrong. I had a brother who almost died in a motorcycle accident. I have been through 3 divorces when I was very young. I mistook narcissism for self-confidence and it almost killed me. i thank God for jerking me up by my health and making me see what He had been trying so long to tell me. I believed the Cinderella story! HA! I was a Christian, but not depending on God. Well, He changed all that. I can’t do anything without God now. I an so thankful for that. i am home bound. I live with my oldest son and his family. He converted to a different religion and my grandchildren will grow up learning so many false teachings. I gave them over to God and I pray for my son’s family. My other son now declares he is an atheist. They were raised in a Bible believing and teaching church. My heart is broken–but I know God is working in their hearts because I am praying!!! My Illness has put me through things that would have killed most people. or have driven them to insanity–truly. God directly has intervened more than 20 times to save my life. Yes, I am a Conqueror through Jesus Christ!! Now my illness is very severe–my MD tells me that there is nothing medical science can do for me—that was 4 years ago–I trust in the Great Physician!!!

  2. I needed to read this that He has empowered me and because of Him I am more than a conqueror.

  3. Anna,

    Scripture is full of people who were more than conquerors through Jesus. Look at David-he with God’s help slayed Goliath. Moses had a speech impediment rescued the Israelites from Egypt. Esther, an orphan, saved her countrymen from annihilation. Both did so with God’s help.

    Two good scriptures are: Romans 8:37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Philippians 4:13 I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. We can do nothing on our own. It is only by God’s help that we can make it through this b battlefield here on Earth. God is always with us. Guiding our paths.

    It has become easy to believe I am more than a conqueror. God has gotten me through some tough battles in my life. He is still fighting with & for me. Knowing deep down in my soul that God alone is in control of this spinning planet & He will see His plan worked out fully. That is the way I walk boldly through this life!

    Blessings 🙂

  4. there is various type of behavior. These 2 types of depression are very common in my hometown.
    1. Every wrong thing that is going on nowadays. caused by (people).
    2. Everything is wrong cuz of me. me. me.

    We have to forgive ourselves with the help of god. in both conditions.

  5. Yesterday was one of those days so I didn’t read this until today. I can almost see & hear 100s of campers yelling the day’s decree. The energy is tangible! I’ve encountered my friend group to start today with a decree! Thank you, Anna!

  6. I too can just hear the campers’ voices shouting those decrees. It’s not so common to shout in worship these days as it was in Bible times. But numerous verses in the Bible tell us to shout, perhaps because joy, confidence, strength, and power are intensified by a group-shout. Whoever began that practice at the camp flag pole was inspired. And I can imagine all the campers who participated are sharing the power of the shout to other–to this day!

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