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Dorina is an author, speaker, teacher, foodie, and trail runner. She helps people chase God's glory down unexpected trails and flourish in their callings. Her most recent books are Breathing Through Grief and Chasing God's Glory. Dorina and her hubby Shawn are raising three courageous daughters in Central California.

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  1. I so needed to read this today. I have a difficult meeting today and would covet your prayers of wisdom and protection.

    • COVID plus being a teacher. I feel like I am walking into a battlefield every day at work. Sick people. Quarantined people. Classes on remote. It is exhausting. My tiny school is hurting. The teachers, office manager, and principal are getting ready to break. It is unbelievably difficult. And to top it all off…face coverings are a trigger for anxiety for me. Yes, I wear a shield (I can’t wear masks, I will have an instant panic attack), but even a shield is hard for me to wear so I fight my trigger all day during my work day. It is so very difficult. I need prayer!

      • Diane, Thank you for sharing! My heart goes out to teachers this year (and last!) You are doing hard, important, essential work by showing up every day under these conditions. Thank you for being a light to our kids. I am praying right now for strength, courage, creativity and perseverance for you.

    • Sorry, Becky, I did not mean to reply to your comment. I just meant to write a comment.

    • Becky,

      I pray your meeting went well. May God give you wisdom & discernment. Asking Him to help you make the right choice & to protect you from all evil. May this trial be over quckly!


      Blessings 🙂

  2. The love of my life went to Heaven Oct 30th 2021 due to Covid . We had been friends 12yrs but we were each others person & finally it came together Feb 2021 . Far too short, I’m stuck at best, going backwards at worst & trying to find a way forward. Feels impossible, I want to jump into the pool but I can’t find a way to go. True, deep wonderful love I never thought possible, cut too short in a life of suffering . I do not understand. He was a believer & is in Heaven no doubt, I will see him again … it isn’t enough yet though I am grateful, I’m also undone, crushed & confused.

    • Terri, I’m so sorry for your loss. My husband went to Heaven 7 years ago, and that’s a whole different kind of disorientation. I share more about it on my blog. Also, if you’re on Facebook I facilitate a group called Widow Mama Collective if you’d like to join us. There are other women there who will relate to you story.

    • Terri,

      So sorry for you loss. Asking God to help you make it through each day. I pray Jesus sends women to help you heal. Please cling to Jesus tightly. I know He alone can guide your steps & make each day a little more bearable.


      Blessings 🙂

  3. Over a year long back injury has kept me from my love of running. I have leaned on God for healing and turned away in anger more times than I can count over the course of it. I would love your prayers for ultimate healing and to get back to what I love doing. This made me cry oh so very much.

    • Thank you for sharing. My husband has suffered a back injury for almost two years now. I have such compassion for you. I am praying with you for healing, but also for joy on the journey of healing today!

  4. This was such a good timing word. Their has been a few things I’ve been trying to battle myself and I speak and say God I believe you are healing me but that ” walk” may be a little stagnant.
    Thank you!

  5. Thank you for your words. I needed this today. I felt like the Lord was sending me a message.
    I lost my husband and best friend on December 4 2021 of 60 years. I’ve been struggling to move on. I will use His words to get up and walk everyday and just push through.

    • I’m sorry for this deep loss. The beautiful part is we aren’t required to push through on our own accord. Jesus, in His grace, takes our hand when we are weak or grieving or struggling and walks with us.

  6. Please help me move pass my fear that I’m not deserving of God’s love, to be able to Stand Up, Pick up Mat and Move Forward. Amen.

  7. I need to get up and walk in my marriage, my husband left a month ago and we’ve barely had any communication since, Thursday I’m talking to a divorce lawyer because over 10 years of marriage this isn’t the first time and nothing is changing. I’m having a tough time, this week I got home and the internet was turned off because he didn’t pay the bill. I’m just so tired and have been having a tough time, please be praying for this situation.

    • Kimberly,

      Praying for you sweet sister. Asking God to have been with you last Thursday. May you get what you need & deserve. May He strengthen you-mind, body & soul. Prayers for encouragement that you will see a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. I know God can get you through this & am praying for a quick end for you.


      Help Kimberly with her divorce. I know you are against divorce, but you know the situation. Please guide her through these troubling waters. Give her strength to move forward in life. In Jesus Name AMEN!

      Blessings 🙂

  8. I do, the need to finalize my divorce. I’ve suffered much guilt over leaving my marriage 4 years ago. I’ve not moved forward regardless of how much advice friends and family have offered to, “just do it!” The guilt has been created by me and the Enemy, a chain I need to break. I pray to hear Jesus say I am forgiven and the Holy Spirit to give me the courage to move forward to leave my past mistakes in the past. Heavenly Father, please hear my prayers!

    • Elizabeth I feel for you. But you know what you can do it. But you do it in your own time move on. Enemy out to keep you stuck in that rut of guilt. If you could speak to a trusted counsellor I would. One that is saved. As I over problems I had did. Though not like yours. It was the best things I ever did they were saved. They prayed with me. I cried it was release. To all I bottled up. I was able with the help and Christian counselling through a trusted Salvation Army Offer get to forgive as well. Know that I am Daughter of the King of Kings I am loved. I am so glad I did that. As I not be the person I am today. Without it. You might not be ready to do that. Or want to do that. But I will pray for you. You are also a beautiful Daughter of the King of Kings that king is Jesus. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little all the way in Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. Xx

    • Elizabeth, Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty here. I’m sure you are not alone in these feelings. I pray that you can break the chain of any lies that are from the Enemy and that God will gift you courage today to move forward. You are forgiven. You are His chosen daughter. And He can transform your heart and mind!

  9. Dorian so glad afte that run when you fell you didn’t brake anything. I broke my left Ankle on 1st December just there before Christmas. I go my 80 years old Dad do home help for him. Because I love him even though not saved. I do it on to the Lord as well. My Dad Washington Machine was done on in his shed on the grass. The grass was wet. I decided to check the sheets on the line inside the shed. As his house not room for hanging much clothes sheet. It was going rain I thought go down check the sheets before it rain. The grass I didn’t know was wet and would be slippy. So as I was walking to shed. I slipped and heard crack. I knew then as the pain was just offal. I broken my Ankle. I had to have operation on it on the Saturday in December of that week and I broke it on 1st December. I still healing. It was very be sore. Have no plaster on any more. But I have exercises to do on my foot to strengthen it. I have pins and stables in my foot. Boy it was so sore when I broke it. Now not as sore but sore doing the exercises. I often thought through this experience of me braking my Ankle. I still am recovering from it. Wouldn’t it be so lovely to be like The lame man that day Peter and John met on the way to the temple. He asks for alms. But Peter said Sliver and Gold have I none. But Peter gave the lame man something better than money. They believed in the power of Jesus to heal the man that day. Peter said in Act 3 Sliver and Gold I none. But what I give you I give you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. Peter took the lame man by the hand. And immediately hid feet and ankles bones received strength. So the lame man began walking leaping and praising God. Because he was Heald. I think of my Ankle that I broke and wonder why God didn’t use someone saved like Peter to heal my Ankle. As it has been so so sore through it all. Still is. As the bones healing. That I could get up and praise God for my healing. But no God has me go through all this for a reason. I believe that is to rest in him. As I be a person I go help my Dad Monday to Friday. Then do things that needed done. I never stop to take time to rest for myself. Yes I did always make sure most days that I spend time with God in prayer and Bible reading. But never probably rested I believe that is why God has not sent anyone saved to pray over my Ankle. Then it would be healed as if it was never broken. So this time now of my Ankle healing as given me the time I never give myself to rest. I just have to and I spent more time with God. Which is good for me. Anyone that knows me. Would tell you I am way to caring for my own good. I wouldn’t think of me I think of Others first. I have friend who used to live in Fermanagh like me now lives in Belfast 86 miles away from me. She said this sticks in my mind. You think you are in pain. With your broken Ankle. You can take pain relief if it gets really bad. This has stuck with me since she said it. Look at our Lord he died on that cross for all mankind. All his bones were broken and he had no pain relief. So I stopped when my friend said that to me. Wow what that would have been. So I said to myself. My pain of my broken Ankle is nothing. To compared what our Lord Jesus Christ did on the cross for us. Oh what love. So Dorinda your pain the next day would have been very sore. I feel for you. But nothing to what our Lord suffered the cross for all mankind. Oh what love that was. Thank you for sharing what you wrote. Love you all incourage. Praying for you all. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  10. I fell walking this past summer. I have not walked outside since. I do walk in stores though.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Hi Joyce, I’m sorry you’ve experienced a physical fall too. It’s hard to get back out there again too. I’m proud of you for venturing out. And maybe He will meet you next time you walk in His creation!

  11. Needed this.
    My company downsized in September, and I lost my job.

    While I am thankful that I’ve been able to use this time to keep everything running smoothly around the house and volunteer in the community, my cup doesn’t feel full.

    My prayers are that I can surrender to God and allow him to lead me to the next phase of my life.

  12. Thank you, Ive got a health issue that isnt diagnosable but is keeping me unable to hold my job. Im in limbo without care and it can feel scary. I tried a new job but got very sick the first day. Going back tomorrow trying 2nd day of training. Very unsure my health will allow me the luxury of proper employment. But trusting God to walk in again.

  13. Dear Jesus, Please be with Dawn. Hear her heart today. She desired to serve you and feel the fullness in that. I pray you would give her courage and strength for the next right step. Guide her, lead her, remind her you are trustworthy. Amen.

  14. Yesterday I fell very had face forward and landed on my fce scraping my forehead severely, breaking a bone in my nose and releasing lots of blood under my eyes . It looks like someone hit me with a bat. Your words have meant a lot to me. Thank you.


  15. Dorina, I needed this so much today. I have been in a season of waiting for an answer to prayer for so long. I KNOW God answers prayer but sometimes the waiting is hard especially when one has absolutely no patience for an answer of “not right now”. So now I get up and move forward and leave it in God’s hands. Thanks again.

  16. A long 17 year marriage that ended 2 years ago…still learning to heal and to deal with day to day emotions. Having to listen, actually listen and decipher words, guidance from God has taught me a lot….a lot of patience and a lot of humbling….

  17. Dear Dorina, thank you for sharing your encouraging writing. Your heart is beautiful. However, I’d like to make a bit of correction regarding your interpretation of the true story in John 5. Doing a little investigation – I learned you were not wrong given the lack of an important Scripture missing in the NLT and NIV and that being verse 4. I find myself shocked it is missing! I regularly use those translations and it was only because I knew something was missing in your writing that I checked other translations. KJV and NKV include verse 4. Given Bible notes, it shows there are other translations that also include it.

    The Scripture I’m referring to says: “For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water; then whoever stepped in first, after the stirring of the water, was made well of whatever disease he had” (John 5:4 NJK).

    So, with given this Scripture, you’re right in that it wasn’t the pool itself that healed some people, BUT it was the pool God designated an angel to stir its water so the one who could step in first would be healed. The water was given divine healing properties, not on its own, but by the work of God. Without using verse 4, your writing appears to me, to read as if the people had a type of superstition about the healing water. But in truth, it was a gift made available to them from God’s heart. You are right in that Jesus is the Healer. He certainly is, and as we know, He is God and He with the Father and along with the Holy Spirit have the same heart—beautifully live, breathe and work as one.

    Please know this was painful to write you. The only reason I did is that when it comes to Scripture, especially when it is misused (sadly because of a translation), I just have to jump in and at least shed light on the missing link that when used, gives a different way of reading the story.

    May our LORD continue to bless you and your work mightily!

    Melody Bollinger ~

    • Thanks for digging into the details Melody. Yes, some translations omit verse 4. As I looked into different commentaries, the reason why those verses are not always included is because the tradition concerning the moving of the water is not found in extant Greek manuscripts dated prior to A.D. 400. This section may have been based on popular tradition and thus have been added by a scribe as an effort to explain the bubbly flow of the water that occurred from time to time. Of course, this does not undermine the miracle or the main point here, which is to see Jesus as our ultimate Healer.

  18. Dorina,

    I feel your pain. I feel a couple of years ago due to the crack-in-the-sidewalk culprit. Thank you for the way that you remind us that Jesus is our true Healer.

  19. Dorina, I’m glad you survived the fall you had. I fell at work July 2020 where I injured my right knee with a contusion and a slight concussion. It took me months to get over it. Thankful for helpful coworkers when I needed help getting off the floor. I had physical therapy that helped me in a few ways. Last fall I felt good enough to apply for a seasonal job. I survived 13 days….5 weekends and 3 Fridays. I got a good job late Dec 21 and I enjoy the work.
    One never knows what will happen in life but God is always with us. His mercies are new every morning.
    Thanks for your life story and sharing encouragement.
    God bless.

  20. I really needed to read this!I have been struggling to heal from the loss of my Mother, it’s been 3years of pain and tears!I really need healing.

    • I’m sorry for your loss, Makebah. Grief is a hard journey full of ups and downs. My husband died 7 years ago, and I still have days heavy with grief. I do believe Jesus can heal us over time, but our hearts are not fully healed from loss until Heaven. Praying for you. I’ve written a lot about my grief journey at http://www.DorinaGilmore.com if you want to jump over there.

  21. Dorina,

    These past few years have been hard on us healthcare workers. While filling in full time for a co- worker who broke her arm they suddenly shut our unit down due to staffing. My new boss called & was able to put me in a new unit (ICU Covid) of all places. I didn’t care for it at first, but then I grew to like it. Working there I learned new skills-specifically how to make IVs with 4 extensions. Knowing that they need to change the IV lines Tues & Fridays I make enough for them each time I work. Doing so impressed the bosses so much they posted a full time position just for me. Each week has its challenges. Those of us who work in that & other similar units rely on Jesus to get us through the tough times. I personally have prayed for co workers & families. We all feel scraped up & sore from the last few years. It is only by the grace of God that we can continue to do our jobs.

    Blessings 🙂