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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. Thank you Karina for this great devotion , we need to be again and again reminded where we are putting our focus. Gratitude and praise is great way to change our mindsets from over analyzing or worry to focus on all the good. To focus on the cross and what Jesus has done for us! Giving thanks this morning for his great faithfulness and his mercies that are new each morning!

  2. Karina,

    God is certainly trying to teach me a lesson. I’ve had numerous emails, blog posts, podcasts about waiting & being rejoiceful in the interim. That isn’t always easy to do. My mantra has been patience is a virtue, but waiting stinks. Yet counting my blessings daily & reminding myself of ALL the goodness God has lavished on me takes the focus off problem.

    Lately I’ve been waiting for God to move on my job situation. For starters we got an interim manager that not many people like. Add to that they shut my unit at work (hospital) & put me in a Covid unit-as clerical. There isn’t a lot of work to do & that makes me feel down-grateful for having a job. Got to work cardio vascular ward some. I made it known I would love to work there. Been quoting Jeremiah 29:11 in prayers for others. One night upset & crying I heard God say “For I know the plans I have for you.” “Yes Lord” was my reply. A few days later the RN manager came over & offered me a position in that unit part-time benefitted.

    I’m thankful for ALL the blessings God is lavishing on me. Starting with my salvation. Jesus dying for my sins, having a home in Heaven & so forth. There are to many to mention here. Just remember in your waiting God has super plans for you. Plans to prosper you & not for harm. To give you a hope & future.

    Blessings 🙂

  3. Karina,

    What a loaded message God has for me through you today. I will continue to claim Psalm 121:1-2. Indeed, He is a good Father–ever faithful and true to His promises.

    May God richly bless you!

  4. Missionary friends call the goal of waiting thru hard times such as death of loved ones, serious health issues & the uncertainty of what’s next “grieving well”. The watching world sees the pain we experience & we want to walk thru it all focused on Jesus not on the pain alone. Calling it waiting well puts a more positive spin on the concept but the principal of being transparent in our lives & looking to Jesus is the same regardless what it’s called. Thanks for your beautiful encouragement!

  5. Thank you Karina. My husband and I are currently in a season of waiting. I admit it’s hard! God is good and He always makes the way. I pray my eyes see His path and my ears to hear His lead. I love what you wrote…
    “Seasons of waiting are not always easy, but they can be braved with gratitude. This kind of waiting pleases God, strengthens our spirits, and develops us for the season that lies ahead”

    Thank you for reminding me to be grateful in the hard.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing Karina. I really needed this. I am in a season of waiting and I can choose to be grateful. I pray I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and give thanks to Him through it all. ❤️

  7. My daughter just graduated from college today. She started college 15 years ago, so we have awaited this day and believed it might never come for a very long time. Since her sophomore year she has battled mental illness, been hospitalized multiple times, and barely left her room for many years. But today she got her diploma. I wish I could say that I just trusted the Lord to take care of it and waited patiently with great faith throughout these years, but I can’t. I didn’t do a good job waiting, and when her mental illness became increasingly worse, I began to feel like God had forgotten her. But God, rich in mercy and grace, didn’t forget her and He has brought her far. She still has to deal with mental illness, but it is much better due to finding the right medications and a wonderful Christian therapist. Waiting can be hard, especially when you don’t know if there will be an end to waiting, but God is with us, loving us even when we want to give up.

  8. Our pastor describes this as “the in-between ” and I too, didn’t do a very good job at being grateful. 7 long hard years watching my mother fail in health. There were many times I asked God why he didn’t take her to heaven. Her pain and anxiety were overwhelming to all of her children. The day before she died at 103 years old, I looked at her daily calendar and the saying was ” someday you’ll look back and understand why it happened the way it did”. God has a plan. I need to be reminded of that over and over. Thank you for your words.