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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Amen! I woke up not wanting to get out of bed. Physically tired from working extra hours as we are short handed. Emotionally worn out from family drama & Spiritually disappointed by some surprising criticism of our wonderful church staff. But turning my eyes on Jesus makes me excited to get out of bed. I get to go worship my Redeemer, Strength & Miracle Worker not just because it’s Sunday but because of who He is! Thank you for your encouragement in truth!

    • Ruth,

      Thank you for sharing exactly where you are right now. It’s honest and an encouragement to all of us :). I’m saying a prayer for you this morning that see and celebrate the reality of Jesus throughout your day (and into the week to come with all you have going on). xo

    • Ruth,

      Praying for you sweet sister. Asking God to calm your worried & anxious mind & soul. May He give you a peace that surpasses all understanding.

      Abba Father,

      Please ease the mind & soul of Ruth. Send some peace & calm to her. Take care of the family drama & church criticism. Help her to remain focused on you & your love for her & the family. In Jesus name AMEN!

      Blessings 🙂

  2. Oh how this touched me. I am going through some health concerns. And it has been difficult not to think about the test results, the upcoming tests, the possible diagnosis. This is all because I went in for my annual physical and had the usual blood work. I keep praying but the doubt and fear creeps in so quickly. I am comforted by the lyrics and your words today. Thank you.

    • ((Hugs))

      I’m SO thankful you went for your annual physical to find these things, even if they stir uncertainty. I’m praying for you this morning, Madeline, for God’s presence and goodness to bring you peace.

  3. Thank you! This world, daily life challenges, and illness has greatly taxed my soul. But God to is with me. I shall not be afraid. He will never leave me or forsake me. Praise God! I am keeping my eyes on Jesus. He is the source of my strength!

  4. Amen, Robin! It’s easy to forget that God’s got our back in this thing we call life. Thank you for this reminder!

  5. Oh, how I needed this reminder right now in my life! I may not have the answers for the craziness I’m experiencing in my life that appears will get worse before it gets better, but I can sing, I love to sing, and this old familiar hymn will be on my lips and in my heart often! Thank you for the encouragement my mind and heart so needed!

    • Joanne,

      I find myself humming it when I didn’t even realize I was. Somehow, just meditating on the name of Jesus is so calming. I love that you thought of singing as a path toward encouragement in the Lord.

  6. Amen! In the last few years the loudest, meanest voices have garnered all the attention. Yet we have that gentle whisper of our Lord showing us the way. I try to lean into that fact, and also at the end of my day recount all the acts of grace I’ve witnessed. It helps me see there is much more kindness than ugliness and divisions.

  7. Robin thank you for sharing from you heart what you shared. You said something about let’s know who holds the world in his hands. That reminds me of song I was taught at Sunday School when small. Now 50 51 in February next year. You get it on YouTube. “He got the whole world in his hands. In hands he got me and you sister.” There are other verses to that song. It is true for us at Adult to believe it too. Not just for kids. As God has the whole world in his hands as made it. Like he made us. So what an amazing God we serve. No matter what. The world going through we can have the confidence to know we are safe in the Lord. People might say will ever get back to Normal. Especially when we look at are Hospital. Over flowing with sick people. One with Covid and ones just sick. You can hear people saying they wouldn’t like to go Hospital. Especially when so much sickness in it and Covid. People are afraid. We that are saved shouldn’t be afraid. We have a big big God who is will look after us. As another kids song goes. That I learnt. That is good is good for us as Adults today. Our God is a great big God. He is when head this world. So who do we need to put our faith in. Especially if saved. I saw this saying on line. It is so true. Prayer is the best medicine and God the best Doctor. Yes God uses Doctors to heal us and himself. But we need to go to God first in prayer and sock up his word as our medicine. Then through his Holy Spirit he will speak to us if saved and tell us what to do. No matter what it is. Even if we feel the way we feel because we can’t cope as things in this world are too much for us to cope with . Or we are not well. God is close to us. He through his Holy Spirit will if we let him. Give us the strength to cope. Plus know he close to us. He is there to help us. So we don’t need to be scared or worry. Just keep our eyes on the master. Who is Jesus. Going to him in prayer for everything. Plus standing on the promises in his world. Like in Psalm 91. As it says in verse 4 of Psalm “He. Shall cover you with his feathers and under His wings you shall take refuge. His trusty shall be your shield anf buckler.” Verse 5 says of Psalm 91. That follows on from verse 4. “You shall not be afraid of the terror by night nor the arrow that flies by day” so true. But verses. So we don’t need to be afraid. What happens in this world. Even Psalm 91 is a good Psalm to say everyday and believe it over your life. I have done that. Beloved it. Over my life and what it says. So know God will look after me. As that Psalm says. Thank you Robin for what you shared. Love it. Keeping you all incourage in my prayers. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  8. Amen! This world and my life feel so crazy at times! “Turn eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face…” Thanks for a wonderful reminder! Hugs

  9. Hi Robin, Thank you for this timely post. It seems like we will never get out from under this pandemic and it’s easy to give in to the worries of the world.

    At church yesterday the message was: Fear Not! Fret Not! Faint Not! Forget Not! It was a reminder to keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. And the chorus you added goes perfectly with that reminder.

    Keep the faith!

    • Hey Robin!!

      You know what? The older I get, the more I appreciate sermon titles I can remember! It helps me carry the message well after I hear it. Thank you for sharing this, a helpful remembrance.

  10. It is the only way, and it works every time, all the time. Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Hallelujah!

  11. Love Patsy Clairmont! (Remember her retelling of Baby Moses in the bulrushes? He was the first basket case, you know!) Also love that old chorus, Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus. “The light of his glory and grace” gives us plenty to ponder so things of this earth WILL grow strangely dim. Third, I love your insight, Robin: “When we focus on Jesus instead of circumstances, our circumstances may not change, but we sure do.” AMEN and thank you! That’s a delightful outcome to look forward to!

    • Nancy,

      Sounds like we’re both in the PC admiration society :). Her insights and encouragement stick, don’t they?

      And, yes!! We DO have much to look forward to….thank God!

  12. Robin,

    I’ve felt soul weary from work trials hubby & I face at the hospital (He is CT & I work as clerical in a unit that was shut down again-staffing issues). To alleviate my frustrations I volunteer at Loaves & Fishes food bank. I help make food boxes, put meals together or hand out meals-whatever needs to be done. Last Saturday (11/6) they had a clothing giveaway. I helped sort out the clothes as well as assisted people in finding nice clothes for themselves. Then we bagged what was left & it went to Salvation Army. In this way I take the focus off my problems & turn it towards others. Sort of like “turning my eyes upon Jesus”. We have prayed for people, a few have been baptized-mostly it feels like family of a nature. We even pray for each other when life hits them hard.

    Blessings 🙂