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Marnie Hammar writes about how freedom isn’t found in being perfect, but in knowing God deeper and hearing Him louder. You’ll find her on the soccer sidelines with her hubby of 27 years, cheering for their three boys (17, 15, and 11). Marnie hangs out on Instagram, Facebook, and

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  1. So beautifully said….I’ve experienced the same to be true at a time when God used a physical injury to uncover the spiritual wounds buried deep within my withering heart. He enters in to the depths of our pain and suffering and opens our eyes to the vastness of His love and power. Thank you for sharing .

    • LaDonna, my kindred friend! I’m sorry for your pain, too. I’ve said so many times that with God, it’s never really about what we think it’s about. It sounds like you’ve felt this, too, and I’m so encouraged to know that you, too, met Him in the depths. Much love to you — thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Marnie, my sweet friend…

    What a powerful piece, written so beautifully. I love your heart and willingness to go to the deep places with Jesus, even when it’s uninvited and painful. You inspire us to do the same and to remember He is in the business of healing and bringing the resurrection to life in His children each day. Such a good story!!

    Love to you,

    • Becky, thank you. You know this journey, and your words mean much! I’m just so thankful for how Jesus meets us, every time, even when it’s for the same thing repeatedly. He truly raises us up. Much love to you!

  3. Thank you. I have experienced this through the pandemic and the forced isolation, just never knew what it was nor how to put it into words. You have done that with this post. Thank you again. Amen.

    • Paula, I completely understand what it feels like to read words that convey what you’ve been trying to process. I’m so thankful for that clarity He gave you, and trust that He will continue to speak to your heart where you are. I will pray for that for you, Paula.

    • Bethany, I’m still sitting in it now, too, and it is truly a daily decision to meet Him in the deep. I will be praying for you!

  4. Oh Marnie! This is beautiful! I am a walker, too. Walking gets me out into nature and gives me time to think and to reconnect with God. I have had periods of less walking, due to hip pain, then hip replacements. But nothing as long as you describe. Well done! Making the healing time into a learning path is so brave. You are choosing the high road. Hoping the path leads to renewed strength and healing. And an end to the pain.

    • Irene, yes! Walking is such a powerful way to connect with God. I’m so very thankful that He meets us in other places and ways, too, but I’m very much looking forward to walking with Him again! Thank you for sharing your story — I’m so grateful that you’ve recovered and I will echo that prayer for continued renewed strength and healing for you!

    • Gail, sometimes it’s so hard to see that, in the waiting, He is giving us rest, isn’t it? But you’re so right, He is so faithful to pursue us and give us invitations to seek Him.

    • Brooke, I need the reminder, too. Going deeper can feel scary, can’t it? So thankful that He meets us when we’re ready to meet Him.

  5. Thank you for your devotional! I somewhat feel your pain and journey with my hand. I had a deadly form of Melanoma on my right ring finger. I am right handed too and have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type 1. It’s a long journey of occupational therapy to restore functionality. Very humbling to learn to Be still and know that I am God. God has used this time to work in my life as well. I also have a classmate that has recently lost both of her hands and now her feet this year. Hang tight and stay the course, run the race set before the end you will win!

  6. Marnie,

    Women are doers. We think we must accomplish a laundry list of items from work to home making to child raising. Many don’t take time for soul rest. They think that resting is being lazy. God asks for us to put spiritual whitespace or margin in our lives. He wants us to take time daily to sit with Him. Spend time reading Bible, doing devotions, or simply praying. When we don’t do that & try to keep up or frantic pace our souls have unrest. That’s when we give the devil a foot hold. Uninvited wounds come creeping back. God finds ways to sideline us & get our attention. It could be a hurt knee, or some other injury. It will require rest. Good solid rest & that affords you time with God. In that rest He will heal every wound. With that we are reminded of how He has pulled us through trials before.

    Blessings 🙂