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  1. Thank you so much guys from the other side of world in Enniskillen Co.Fermamagh N.Ireland. What you guys spoke on today really really spoke me. About being kind when it can be very hard not to be kind. Get angry. I will explain myself. I have a Dad. He is can be the most stubborn man. He thinks he knows just because he is 80 81 in February next year. Knows it all. You are only trying to help him. Tell him something for his own good. He is not saved. I pray for my Dad’s salvation. I don’t want my Dad to leave me anything when his time up on earth. Just to know he is saved before he leaves earth. As my Dad does not read a Bible or go to Church expect for a Wedding Christening or if someone has passed away that he knows. But my Dad did when we were small send us me and my other two Sisters to Sunday School. Then He and my late Mum would come watch us if we were talking part in Church. After that my Dad has no instreast in God or the Bible or prayer. But I am very thankful that my Dad sent me to Sunday School. At the time as Child I didn’t really like it alot. But looking by now. I am very thankful to My as well as my Mum for sending us to Sunday School. As I remember alot of Sunday School songs I learnt when that age. Now 50 51 in February next year. They in my walk with Jesus are very good for my life today. Like the song “Jesus loves all the Children of the world Red And Yellow Black And White.” Plus “He’s got the whole world in his hands” plus loads others they are songs that I learnt in Sunday School. That apply to me as Adult today. I thank full for that. Thank full for my Dad and late Mum sending me to Sunday School. If they not done that I not know those loves songs. So I have that to thank them for. But as I was saying my Dad can be stubborn and very at times. He thinks he as I said is right all the time. Especially if older than you. For example. My Dad had tablets to take the Doctor gave him for an element he had. Then there were tablets for an old element he had. That he shouldn’t have been taking anymore. But I tried in a nice way to say to my Dad the tablets he was also taking that he shouldn’t be taking with the new ones the Doctor gave. He shouldn’t be taking them any more. As they were for an old element. That he didn’t take them right as he had them left. Not to take them just the new ones the Doctor gave him. Dad said I this is were he can be so stubborn my Dad. Don’t tell me what I need to take and not to take. I know I am to take theses and the new ones. But I said Das no your not to take the old one. They are old. They for another element you had. You didn’t finish them. You are just to take the new ones the Doctor gave you. But my Dad said to me know Dawn your wrong I have to take both. I said nicely no your not. Just the new ones the Doctor gave you. But my Dad stood firm thinking he new best. Until he had to see the Doctor to see how his new element was healing again. Doctor told him you only take the new tablets I gave you. Not the old ones you didn’t finish. So my Dad thought he knew best. There was no talking to him. So I got in my head a day or two later. As I knew my Dad and I could have got into a row. Over him taking tablets he thought he was to take as well. When he was not. So God said Dawn. Try just be kind to you Dad. Do the jobs you do for your Dad when visiting him to keep his house looking nice. Don’t get into a row over things like the tablets. Which ones he should be taking and not taking. As you only make your Dad get annoyed. You mean well and care about your Dad. So I started to do that. Be no kinder to my Dad. Not if go on at him if I think he wrong. Just say nothing. As it a loosing battle. You end getting cross. You and your Dad will end up in a row. God showed me. Also my Dad will not stop or change his stubborn ways and thinking he knows better. Even if you know you are right. Until he get saved. Just you Dawn be kind caring and loving towards your Dad. Do all you do for him to keep his house nice. On to me and the Love for your Dad. If your Dad is being stubborn over something try hard not to get into a debate with him over it. Just show him your love. Live your life for me in front of him and pray for your Dad. Dad knows I pray for him. I think he knows I believe in Jesus and am saved. So I have started to do as God told me. I get on so much better with my Dad. I am being kind to him. Showing him the love of Jesus in all I do for him. Even though it can seem like a long haul. I do it not matter what on to Jesus and for the love of my Dad and kindness. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little. I’m my prayers all of you incourage xx

  2. In Courage,

    I moved out of state for college. There was a neighbor down the hill who sort of “took me in” as a daughter. They brought me dinner my first night alone. Throughout the semester they would feed me often. Even taking me out to eat with them once. They showed me God’s love unlike I had seen before.

    When my dad died a friend-hubby’s Ex-MIL, brought us dinner that night. She understood there was lots to do & I probably wouldn’t be thinking of cooking. It was like God showing up saying here friend let me take care of this for you.

    Remembering both of these instances has inspired me to go out & find ways to bless & help others. I want to shine God’s light in this dark world. You could say I’m “paying it forward.”

    Blessings 🙂

    Has a friend ever gifted you time or service over the long haul?
    How has long-haul kindness helped you see more of God?