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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Ladies I love your stories of Kindness today. I have one it not to do with kids. As I not brave enough to have kids. Yet I so love them. One things that shows kindness to me. I was not well one time taking seizures because I had catamenial epilepsy because of my periods then. It would make my hormones go up the left and throw me into a seizures before my periods and during and after them. I used to bleed heavy and mean heavy very heavy. Away back then. Before I had my Hysterectomy four years back in October this year. What made me bleed so badly was I had fibroids as well. I was not well with them. With seizures long before my Hysterectomy. Plus heavy bleeding because of fibroids. I was not well. But when I had my Hysterectomy four years ago. I only had one small seizure as my body was getting used to not having periods because of fibroids that through me into catamenial epilepsy. Which was not nice. When I was having the seizures. I get no warring with them. I did brake my front three teeth on the top of my mouth. I had an offal face. But through it all I never broke a bone. You could be talking to me one minute I seem ok. Then I could go into a seizure without out warring. Even if I was in the room on my own. So I was not well as I say. I was a bit down at that time. But not that bad. As I used to say there are people worse of than me. But seizures were not nice. I at time would say why me. To my Husband and to God and my Husband would say Dawn why not you. One day I was at home. The door rang it was a bouquet of flowers in a box for me. I wondered who could they be from. In the note it said I am praying for you theses are to Brighten your day. For all you are going through. Love Emma. Emma is my best friend. She had enough problems of her own. But she went out of her way to show me kindness and send me flowers in a big box. Emma problem are not to with health then. I cried at Emma spending her money on me to show me kindness. Show me the Love of Jesus as a friend. Even though all she was going through. I was so humbled at her kindness. I never forget her doing that for me all the days of my life. I told her that. I said there was no need to send me flowers. Or spend your money on me. Emma reply was I wanted to because you are my good friend. I want to cheer you up with all you are going through plus show you the Love of God as a friend. God bless us and made us friends. She is saved. So I wanted to share that storie with you wonderful ladies. Thank you for what you all shared today on your different acts of kindness. In my prayers all you incourage. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland xx