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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Thank you Ladies for sharing your heart. In family at times. You think they don’t appreciate all you do for them. In ther own way they do. Even it doesn’t seem like it. But it doesn’t have to be money they give you. Or you give people. I go to Dad’s week days and some weekends. If he is away. To look after his dog. Then when I am there at weekends I don’t go every weekend. But I do go Monday to Friday. To help and do things for him because I love My Dad and I do it on God. My Dad not saved. I do pray for him. I don’t want him to leave me anything when his time up. As he 80 years old 81 in February next year. I just want him to know Jesus before he leaves earth. That all I want. My Dad can seem like a man to people that does not care. I go to do bits and pieces for my Dad in his home and walk his dog. I used to think does my Dad appreciate all I do for him. Then one day he turned around and said thank you for looking dog when I was away watching the Rugby and doing the house one weekend. As my Dad is a man that hardly ever say thank you. You get you feeling with my Dad he just expects you to turn up and do the jobs for him that need done in his home and walk his dog for him. As he can say Hello when you call to do bits and pieces for my Dad and walk his dog. Then he goes about doing his own thing. You go on doing what you do for him every day in his home for him to help him. Then now and then I have said to myself does my Dad appreciate what I do for him out of Love for him. Or does he just think Dawn is coming. She is hear to do the bits and pieces for me and walk the dog to keep my home nice. Does he just sees it as routine thing. So that day my Dad said thank you he doesn’t say it that often when you do things for him. For coming round when he was at the Rugby to walk the dog and do the house. I didn’t say it to my Dad on the Monday when round to do bits and pieces for him when he said thank you. As usual as he was away at the Rugby on the Saturday.I was taken back my Dad appreciate me walking his dog and doing the house. When he was away at the Rugby. I felt at that moment God say see your Dad might not say as often as you like Thank you. But he does appreciate everything you do for him. It not in his nature. That was God told me your Dad giving you his kindness by saying Thank you. By appreciating the things you do for him. So God also said don’t get upset that your Dad doesn’t say thank you as much as you like. Or you feel he doesn’t appreciate all you do for him. He does he just not good at showing it. God said you continue to do what you do for your Dad in Love for him and on to me. I see all you do for you do for your Dad. You might not get your reward from your Dad as often as you would like. But you get your be reward from me God one day. For doing all you do for your Dad in Love on to him and me God. It might not be this side of earth but it will be when you leave earth one day. So don’t get upset my Child. God told me. Now I do it in even more Love for my Dad and on the Lord. I know God is pleased with me. I will get my reward from him one day. This is my gift to my Dad. Doing his house in Love on to him and the Lord. Even though my Dad doesn’t see it like that. But he will when he gets saved one day the Lord told me. So I am glad more so to be able to help my Dad and do what I do for him. So you can give a gift to people without it being money. This is my gift to my Dad and his to me was him saying Thank you. I did thank God for that. Thank you ladies for what you shared today. I keep you all incourage in my prayers. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx