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  1. I thank you ladies for sharing what you did. I can shout or get annoyed with my Husband. When he is only either asking a question or doing something to help me. Make life easier to for himself and us. I can give off to him and say why do you have to do that now. Or why did you not wait until I was finished doing what I was doing. Especially if he wants to help me in doing the house work. Like hoovering and washing the floors in our house. He decides to do it now. When I want to get started on the evening meal. Why did you do it now. I want to get the evening meal started. If he has started doing it. I hear myself getting annoyed with him and also saying why didn’t you not use your brain to think to wait until I was finished doing the evening meal if I have started it. I am not being kind at all. His reply will be I just wanted to have those things done when you are cooking the evening meal. The kitchen can wait I find my Husband saying until you are finished. At least the rest of house will be done by the time your finished the evening meal. Then my Husband can ask me question I can take him up the wrong way completely. My Husband will say I was only asking or only saying something. I can take him up all wrong. Then get annoyed with him. My Husband will then say again I was only saying. You have picked me up all wrong By what I said. I didn’t mean it the way you think. You here my Husband say you believe and think what you want as you will. But he says it in a nice way not cross or annoyed with me. My Husband will say your not going to believe me no matter what I do or say. I know I only meant it this way. I find myself then being very unkind too him. Then my Husband would say I still love you I wouldn’t change you. Even if you don’t believe me. Or I was only trying to make life easier by doing the floors and hoovering them. Even if you are busy in the Kitchen with the evening meal. I willing to wait until your finished in the kitchen to do the floors and hoover them. I can find myself being guilty because I was not nice or kind to my Husband. When he was only trying to nice and kind too me. By doing the floors and hoovering them. Plus for not believing him when he asks a question. I think he means something else. When he never meant that way at all. I find then a voice saying and I know it is God’s Holy Spirit. Don’t be so hard on your Husband. All he was doing was showing you kindness. By wanting to do the floors and hoover them. He didn’t mean the question the way you did. So I find myself then. Having to say sorry for not being kind to him. For him asking me a question me taking him up the wrong way and not believing him. Him only wanting to do the floors and hoovering to make life easier for both of us. Then God says to me Dawn think before you jump to conclusions. Don’t be so hard on your Husband. When he was being kind to you only trying to help you in things like this because he loves you. I have to say Sorry to God to. Ask God to help me be kinder to my Husband and not get annoyed so easily. When he wants to help me. Or with questions jump to conclusions. So God has to work on me. In this area. I can be in other way too kind for my own good. That my Husband say Dawn your too kind and caring for your own good. You can be over kind. God has shown me this. Then people can use you. Because you just do it. Thinking that your being kind like Jesus. But then they use your good nature. Jesus does not want that. So Jesus is helping me to know when to be kind. Not be over kind. When there is no need. Have people take advantage of that. Oh Dawn will do it for me if I ask. I hardly ever say no. I say I think to myself I am being kind to them. Like Jesus. They just be using me. As they don’t want to do it themselves. They rightly could do it themselves. I have to learn not to let my over kindness be used. I can be kind. But no when it’s the right time to be kind. Know if someone is just using me. As Jesus said to me Dawn there is kindness and over kindness that is the one were people can use you. You think you are being kind by doing it for them. So in this I have to be very careful. Distern the difference. Not let my good kind nature be used. As Jesus said that to me. Plus I am very bad a listing at times. I want to interrupt if I think I know what people our going to say. Or I can’t wait to get my say in if something to say. God said to me Dawn you have to work on that. You will have to let people that are talking first finish what they are saying and not interrupt them. By starting in the middle of their conversation. Start talking. To get in what I want to say because I can’t wait for them to finish what they are saying. Then they might think as my Husband has told me. So has Jesus. They might think you are being unkind. Not letting them finish what they are saying. You could have them say something to you about interrupting when they are taking. You wouldn’t like that. No I wouldn’t. So God is helping me in all these area. To not do theses things. It will take time. But with his help I will get there. Thank you again for today podcast. I just loved it. Learnt so much from it. In my prayers. Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland xx