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  1. Hello Ladies I loved today Podcast Video. I learnt so much from you three. On the difference types of kindness. I going to share a story with you three. My Dad is 80 81 in February next year. He can annoy me at times. As I do it t on to God and for Dad because I love him so much. Go everyday bar weekends. Expect when meet my sister’s. Or my Dad away needs me to walk his dog if he is away for the day. My Dad is great for 80. Still driving. I go to his house to do bits and pieces for him during the week and walk his dog. Doing a bit of cleaning for him. Out of daughterly love for my Dad. Plus on to the Lord. I love to do what I do to help my Dad. At 80 going on 81 in February next year. He is brilliant. Still driving. Which is amazing. But my Dad one thing that I don’t like that he does. He doesn’t recycle anything. He just throws all in the one bin. When I go to do my Dad’s during the week for him. He chats me for a short time then goes to meet his friends. I don’t mind as it gives me a better chance to tidy his house for him. But I do get mad when he is away. When I see he not recycled again and throw all in the bin that he could put in the proper bins. I sometimes let a shout out of me. When I see the kitchen bin with all throw into it. Not put in the right bins. I know if I said anything to my Dad. It would go in one ear and out the other. As the saying goes. So I just let a small shout out of me when my Dad is away meeting his friends. Why Dad I find myself quitely shouting saying can’t you recycle the stuff. Instead of putting it in the one bin in the kitchen. When I now have to take it out and put in the right bins. Why why I say. Then I just get on with doing his house for him. One day I felt God say Dawn what if I got mad with you for all the mistakes you make and things you don’t do that are right in my eyes. You not like it. I just look and say nothing. I just pour my love into you anyway. You do the same for your Dad. Don’t let the fact he doesn’t recycle get to you. Remember you are doing what you do for your Dad in love for him and on too me in kindness. You remember your Dad is not saved. He is set in his ways of doing things you will never change him. You can try. Especially when not saved. One day when he get saved. Just keep praying for him and for that day he gets saved. He will change. But it might not be over recycling stuff into the right bins. But he will change when gets saved one day. You just do what you are doing for your Dad in Love and Kindness on to me and for him as his Daughter. So that is what I do. I had to go my Dads on the weekend past as he was away for the day. I walked his dog. Got stuck into cleaning his house. For my Dad in kindness and for the Love of my Dad. Now and then my Dad will just thank you for seeing to his Dog for him. But not think at times to thank you for all the other things you did for him. When there. So I was shocked today Monday when I went round to see my Dad and do bits and pieces for him. Before he went to meet his friends. My Dad said thank you for seeing to the dog and doing the house. I was taken back at my Dad’s kindness to me. To hear him say that. As it normally not like my Dad. I thank God for my Dad showing me kindness. Then I heard clearly from God. After that today. See even though your Dad might not show it as often. He deep down appreciates all you do for him and the kindness you show him by coming most days to do his house and walk his dog. So do get annoyed when your Dad does not recycle stuff in the bin he should. I said thank you God for showing me this. It taught me alot about kindness. Do as even the other people are not kind. What Ephesians 4 verse 32 says. Which is Be kind to one another tenderhearted forgiving even as as God I’m Christ forgave you. That verse also taught me alot too. So forgive my Dad when he doesn’t show kindness. For me too continue to be kind to my Dad no matter what and tenderhearted towards him. In this I am showing my Dad the love of Jesus. Even though he might not see it. So I learnt alot about kindness in this way. Plus all you guys shared on it. My God richly bless you all. I keep you all incourage in my prayers. Thanks for today’s Podcast Video. I loved it. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. Xxx