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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. Oh Jennifer, I loved this. Moving equipment always seems to help me slow down enough to listen to God. He once showed me that following Jesus is much like following that tractor. It’s not our job to see where we are going, or to clear obstacles out of the way, we simply focus our eyes on Jesus and trust Him to lead us where He wants us to go! As simple as it sounds, I still have to work on this daily. Thanks for the reminder to be patient and not hurry!

  2. Such an important lesson, Jennifer. One we don’t hear nearly enough. When we’re rushing, we can’t hear God speaking to us. We miss seeing the needs of those around us. We miss the peace of resting in Him. We miss the abundant life He wants to give us. Let’s slow down and watch the changing of the seasons today and feel His presence.

  3. I am learning to slow down and be more present. It’s tough. It’s a gift to slow down and truly enjoy the people you are with and experience moments.

  4. I Love This! I’m retired, so I’ve learned a lot about slowing down and enjoying the moments. But some of the people around me? Not so much. I pray I can be a calming influence. Not the one who causes more chaos or stress. Still learning. I’m only 69, so I’ve still.got work to do! In this (and other) areas.

  5. Thank you Jennifer:)
    I am also in Nebraska and your words are so true. I like the slower pace. Time to think and process. Also taking time to encourage others.

    Take a breath and be kind. Rushing can steal our joy:)

    • So nice to see a fellow Nebraskan here, Rhonda! So grateful we can enjoy a slower pace. Bless you for taking time to encourage others, it’s so needed and important!

  6. Happy Monday Jennifer. I love your message about slowing down. I moved from a farming community to a small city with more convenience, but do miss the slower pace of country life. I so appreciate farmers and their hard work. Thank you for the wonderful reminder to slow down and enjoy the blessings God brings to us each and every day. God bless your ministry.

  7. Hello Jennifer. Thank you for sharing what you did. I come from a County in N.Ireland were Farming is the norm. Called Co. Fermanagh. Were you do this time of year and the Summer ger stuck behind the odd tractor. As they are out ploughing the fields. Seeing to the Potatoes Carrots and other vegetables this time of year. Which we call Harvest. Then in the Summer they are cutting the grass and making hay. Then putting out slurry on the fields. I have I used to drive but ill health put me out of it. I never go back to it again to nervous. I have seen people get impatient when behind a Tractor. Over take with inches of missing the car coming down the other side of the road. They have taken chances. They think they make it. Plus they at times don’t see the car coming down and the car has had to pull into the road side. Impatient they get. I have side and say oh that was close. They could have caused an accient. As people and kids have lost their lives in Northern Ireland because of over taking Tractors. Not have patience to just wait behind it. Even it takes them 10 or 15 minutes to get there. It not worth it. It has made me say. I hope they are saved. As if not they have been accident if that has happened because of over taking the Tractor and their impatience. So was the over taking worth it if that happens. Some have lost their lives. It is not worth it. As life is short any way. We all have only got the time on earth God blesses us with. If not saved that is sad. It bring saddness to families if someone badly hurt or even killed. Because we can’t wait behind the Tractor. So we in the world saved or not saved. Especially when saved have to do what God would want us to do that is have patience and wait behind the Tractor. You will get were you want to go. Yes you might be there 10 or 15 minutes late aren’t you better being late and getting their safety. Than over taking the Tractor and maybe being badly hurt or loosing your life. Then in both making your family sad. Because you have either been badly hurt or killed. It not worth it. How especially if Saved if impatience get the better of you. Do you expect God to project you. When you do daft things like this and over take when you could have had the patients to just wait behind the Tractor. It better to do what God would want you to do. Stay behind the Tractor. If have to be somewhere for a certain time. Leave that we got earlier. Just incase you get behind a Tractor. As if God was to speak to you and you had to be somewhere at certain time. God I know would be say leave in plenty of time. So as your not caught behind traffic or a Tractor. You will not get impatience and put your life at risk. You are better getting to were you have to go safely. Even if late. Or 10 minutes early. God would want you to be safe and drive safely. Love today’s reading. Love you all incourage. Keeping you all in my prayers. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

    • So interesting that you are around the world and experience the same things we do here in Nebraska! I love that, Dawn. Thank you so much for being here today and sharing your thoughts and stories with us! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! xo

  8. I’m not necessarily always in a hurry but I hate being late. My daughter used to tell me that I could be late and still be on time. I’m usually the first one at any function. It comes from not wanting to be the one everyone is waiting on. Don’t like being the center of attention.
    I grew up in farming country in south eastern Colorado so I know about being behind tractors and other farm equipment. So this post really struck home for me. It seems to not ever occur to us that perhaps by slowing down we might be avoiding a catastrophe down the road. We think because we see that means we know. Unfortunately we are most often wrong. Seeing what is in front of us isn’t always the whole picture.
    Thank you for reminding me of that.

  9. I am laughing at the timing of this! I was too busy this am to read this first thing as I usually do. On our way to the emergency vet we are currently sitting outside of, I literally prayed the same wait would be short tonight. Last night they encouraged us to come back tonight as it would’ve been after midnight before we’d get seen if we stayed last evening. “Mondays are our slower nights” “It shouldn’t be as bad if you come back tomorrow” There we’re 6 in line ahead of us 2 hours ago. Only 4 have left so far. Yes we’re getting anxious & impatient And then I read about not being in a hurry! God’s sense of humor! Gotta love it! I will pray for those with more serious issues. I will pray for our country. I will pray for sick loved ones. I will pray for our unsaved friends. Not a minute of this wait will be wasted. And I will not be in a hurry. (at least in this moment). Thank you for challenging me & making me laugh!

    • Oh I love hearing your experience, Ruth! God works in awesome ways… and sometimes funny! It is a beautiful thing that you didn’t let a moment of your wait be wasted and you used it to pray for others. Bless you! And I hope everything was okay with your pet! xo

  10. Dear Jennifer. I loved your article. How do you stop being impatient ?And how do you deal with the impatience of others? Thank you for your article. God bless.

    • It is hard, Lori! I have to take it one issue at a time. When I am feeling impatient about something, I try to stop, take a breath and think it through. Consciously remind myself that things will work out as they should, that I need to focus on being patient, that God is showing me something in this moment and that He will see me through the wait. Really taking the time to think all of that through has helped me a lot, instead of being focused on my rush and impatience. Praying for you as you work on it, Lori!

  11. The message of slowing down and appreciating each moment is a great reminder to me. But I want to say thank you for seeing that the farmer was doing his job and not being rude and impatient. We are both farmers and ranchers and many times I have been the one in the slow moving equipment. The person driving that equipment is someone’s husband, wife, son or daughter and they are working long hours to get the crops planted, harvested etc…

  12. Our pastor once did a sermon in which he stated, “We hurry, we worry, we bury.” I think of it often when I get into that mode.

  13. Jennifer,

    This post reminds me of the Alabama song “I’m in a Hurry (and don’t know why). Chorus: I’m in a hurry to get things done Oh, I rush and rush until life’s no fun All I really gotta do is live and die I’m in a hurry and don’t know why. There is nothing good about rushing. It causes stress & other health issues. Jesus was never ever in a hurry down here on Earth. He took His time getting to places. We would do well to follow His example. A slower paced life can allow for connection with God & others. You can take time to “stop & smell the roses”. Look around you & see all the splendor God has blessed us with. Trying hard to slow down & enjoy life.

    Blessings 🙂

    How are you doing these days? Still praying for you & hubby with the medical issues. (Hugs)