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  1. I am not a Mum but was a Registered Childminder. My reason for not having kids is not brave enough. I do love them as was Registered Childminder for 19 years. I had kids in my care some that didn’t like there Mum or Dad leaving them at my house even as babies. They cry and cry. But I knew the Parents knew I loved them and was very good at my job as Registered Childminder with them. They were not crying because it was their fault. But after an hour they stop because they knew they be safe in my care while their parents went to work. But it was just that parting at the start of the day from their parents the kids didn’t like. I would pray for them and the parents kids before they came to my house. That through time they get to know that Mum and Dad were only leaving them in my care for few hours each day. While they went to work. As the kids cried because they thought Mum and Dad when they left them they probably thought. Mum and Dad will they be back to collect them again. That is why they cried. But not all kids in my care cried when their parents dropped them of. Just some. Through time God answered my prayers. God said to me Dawn. Even if the child is a baby or toddler. You go over to that child in your care for those hours when their Mum and Dad are away to work. Say the child name. Tell them nicely and in calm loving voice. Mum and Dad has gone to work they still love you. But Mum and Dad will be back to pick up later when they are finished work. They will be so glad too see you. Because you they will have missed you all day while at work. You are in Dawn care until they finish work. Dawn Loves you so does Jesus. We have lots things to do together. I did that. Then one day one Mum came to drop her kid of with me. After a while. There no tears. The Mum said I was wanting for the tears. As it breaks my heart to leave and hear them crying. It breaks my Day. But today no tears they are happy I am going to work and coming to you. What is different today. I said to that Mum that day. I told tthem in a calm kind kind and caring voice. Mum and Dad are going to work. They still love you and Dawn loves. You are only with Dawn while they are at work. When they be finished work soon then they will be so glad to see you again. Dawn and you have lots of nice things to do today while your Mum and Dad are at work. That Mum said to me thank you Dawn for saying that to them. As I can go to work happy. Knowing they are happy and not crying. It makes my day easier to go to work. I will not worry about them as much. So God said then to me. See that Mum even if not saved you made her day. She is blessed for you doing that. You are blessed because she said thank you to you for making her day easier to go work and drop her kid of with you know they will not be crying anymore. As they know you are coming after work to pick them up. It’s only a few hours they are with you Dawn. I said thank you Lord having me say that to them. It nice to see them even as babies not crying when the parents be go to work and drop them of with me. It makes the kids parents happy too. I sowed my seed of trust into the kids that used to cry when the parents left them to go to work. As they knew it was only for a few hours each day. Then they see their parents again. They then began to know they have lots of fun in my care. Playing going to the park on nice day. Walks on a nice day. Painting and other things too. Plus Mother and Toddler Groups. Plus watching Psalty the singing song book. About Jesus for kids. Reading stories etc. That was for the babies and toddlers in my care. They enjoyed that. So God was good. I showed them love. I made the parents happy. I did what God told me to. The parents be of the all theses years that their kids have left my care still to this day appreciate my care as Registered Childminder too their kids when they were at work. How I go their kids to not cry any more when being dropped of in my care. All those kids that did cry. Began to love being with me until their parents came to collect them after work. Thank you incourage for sharing your stories of crying kids too. How you got through it. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little in my prayers all you. Love the work you all do through incourage for the Lord. May The Lord richly bless you all. Xxx

  2. There’s no telling what God can do. But you can do a lot of things for some ppl but they r so ungrateful. Then you got some that appreciate what u do for them.