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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. Wow! Was sitting here thinking / praying & needing something, then this email notification comes in. Don’t have book & not sure if I have a chance at winning one, but here I am..

  2. I don’t have any of the. Courageous books…yet. ☺️ But I work in the front office of an elementary school and, especially this year, there have been days when being kind to angry parents felt courageous. Would love the chance to go deeper into this idea and learn how to apply this with the kids and staff at school but, also, to the families and visitors we get.

  3. I have read my book. I am endorsing Kindness because it has always worked for me.

    I am a daughter (an only child), a wife and the mother of three daughters.

    We, as mothers, are very influential in the home. I learned kindness from my mother and grandmother. I knew to set that example for my children.

    Sometimes I feel shy but I am not afraid to be kind.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with others to start this revival of kindness.

    Enjoy your day.


  4. Already purchased my copy + received it all the way in the Caribbean

    Looking forward to joining the study.

  5. I have ordered my book. I love this site. It has allowed me to grow and share so many resources as gifts with women I come in contact with everywhere I go!
    Excited for this.

  6. I’m looking forward to this Bible Study because kindness is one of the beatitudes God talked about that we all need to practice….

    In His Grip,

    Karen L. Wallace ❤️⚓️⚓️✝️

  7. I don’t have my book yet but this looks very interesting and relevant for our every day lives. I’m not sure if I order now if it will be here by Monday. Thank you.

  8. This study sounds so appealing, and necessary. Who can’t use some kindness to make your insides feel warm and cozy, and to put a special glow on your face. I’m going to look for the book at my closest bookseller, and will join the study when it starts. Thank you!

  9. Looking forward to doing this study! I’ve already read the simple difference and I’m on day 3 of this devotional. I am hoping to do it with my church ladies starting in January.

  10. I am a disabled senior, & do not have the financial means to get the book, so receiving a copy would be very helpful, appreciated, & meaningful to me & I could then share it with someone else too. I plan to listen to the sessions whether I have the book or not. All your other sessions have been very uplifting, inspirational, & helpful! THANK YOU! LOVE & PRAYERS , Sherry Chatham

  11. I have this Bible study and look forward to invite a few friends so we can start the Bible study together. This world needs more kindness.

  12. I would love to join the Bible Study, but funds are low and I am working part-time hours Covid19. Paying bills and taking care of an elderly mother really puts a strain on things.

  13. I don’t have the book yet but would like to join the study. Winning a copy would be great! Naomi

  14. I do not have this book yet. I have not done a bible study before, but am interested in joining one. I am so grateful for discovering (in)courage!

  15. Hi! I don’t have the book yet and really can’t afford to buy any more books right now. So it would be great if i could win a copy to do this Bible study! Best wishes to everybody!

  16. I am loving this courageous series so far. I however let it slip my mind and haven’t ordered this book yet. Kindness can make such an impact, especially now. So many people are sad and lonely. A little kindness goes a long way. I can’t wait to join again! Working in an elementary school makes me want to encourage and demonstrate kindness every day.

  17. I would LOVE to join for the study and don’t have the book yet. Winning a copy would be amazing since I don’t have an income currently. This will also be my first Bible study in awhile, so double bonus!

  18. Hi.
    Will the videos be recorded and available to watch when convenient for those of us living in very different time zones?
    Thanks R

  19. I have my book! I can’t wait to start! I just finished the simple difference and loved it. It really tugged at my heart. Can’t wait to see how this refreshes my mind, and inspires me also. Keep up the great work.

  20. Hi. I have tried several times to be added to the Bible Study Mondays (en)Courage Kindness that began Nov 1st. I do not see an email for the Bible study. I signed up for this with my email. I did the 1st week on my own and listened to the podcast. Can someone let me know if there is actually an email invite to set up or do I just do this on my own?

    • Hi Pam! There is not an email, and you don’t have to join anything at all 🙂 Just come here to incourage.me each Monday, and that weeks reading assignment, reflection questions, discussion videos and more will all be posted right there for you! You’ll do the reading and watch the videos on your own, and engage in the comments on those posts for discussion. You can find all the posts at incourage.me/biblestudymondays. Hope that helps!