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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. My biggest challenge is hearing what God’s is telling me so I often take the wrong turns, the indirect routes. It is hard to figure out what I need to do at times, even with the scripture. But is is reassuring to know that there is a navigator who will not give up on me.

    • Madeline, you are not alone. And I don’t just mean that God is with you through all the twists and turns (although HE IS). I mean that I feel the same struggle, so often. Thank God He is so patient and faithful to stick with us and keep guiding us.

  2. What a great picture of life illustrated by a GPS. Thank you for sharing. You have given me a smile & sound advise all in one today!

  3. Mary thank you for what you shared about the so as I call the satnav. I hate them full stop. I tell you why. Me and my husband. Decided we buy one. As we heard they were great at getting you from so I say to A&B. We pluged it into the cigarette lighter of the car. Set it up. We then we programme it to take us to were ww were going on Holiday one year. This is a good few years ago. To see if would take us there. My Husband was driving at the time. We set of thinking this is great. It will take us to Brown B&B were we were staying for few nights. We both decided we do as the satnav told us. Go the roads it told us to do. Until it said you have arrived at your destination. But we were only 20 minutes into the journey. To Browns. When it kept saying now turn right at the next junction. Then it would tell us to do something else. My Husband said. It is driving me bonkers. This so called satnav. As it is patrioting ever few seconds. Do this do that. Turn right at next road turn left at this road. My Husband perks up says. I can’t contracte on watch the road and other drivers. The satnav talking all the time. It is driving me bonkers. We were only 20 minutes from home. I had to agree with my Husband. It was very annoying this voice on the satnav tell us what roads to take every so often. It hardly ever shut up. So I said to my Husband. Do you want me to take it out of cigarette lighter and switch it off. My Husband said yes please. So I did that and both said thank you for no other voices. Telling us what roads to take. It was bliss. We both when we got to Browns B&B. Said we were not using it to direct us home again. We will find our own way home without it talking back to us. But it did teach us a lesson. Who do we trust to guide us were to go in life. To keep safe. We have no matter how annoying the voice of the satnav was. To get through the Holy Spirit to hear God voice. His leading in our lives. We said that leading anf through the Holy Spirit is alot better than the satnav. Talking all the time. As it was annoying. Very annoying. We both agreed. The voice of the Lord through the Holy Spirit. Is alot nicer and camer. God will only speak when he has too. To either correct us. Or stop us getting into trouble in life or to keep us safe or if we need to hear from him to do with a problem we have in life. What God has too to say to us he will say in nice calm audible voice with love. Not in a sqeaky voice that is very annoying like the satnav. If God need to guide us in the right direction to stop us going the wrong way in life he will also do that in a calm audible voice. Through his Holy Spirit. We both thought. That is the only guidance we need in life. No a silly satnav. A friend of mine who I used to Childmid with Daughter was getting married. The Mother asked me do I know any one that has a satnav they could borrow. I perk up said I have one. Not that old. That Her Daughter could have to keep. The Mother of the Daughter said no Dawn she will give it back to you when they come home from their Honeymoon. I said no I don’t want it back. I told the Mother why. She said Dawn or you sure. I said a big yes. I was only to glad to give it to my friends Daughter. As I would never nor my Husband used it again. As it speaking back to us every so often. Drove us nuts. The Friend of mines Daughter loved it. Her and her Husband thank us. They thought it was great tool the satnav to tell them were to go on Honeymoon. I and my Husband both say we have the best satnav of all to keep us safe in life so as we don’t get lost. That is God above. So what more do we want. God will guide us and keep us safe while on earth. He will speak to us through his Holy Spirit. What direction to go in life. Until God guides us to home in Glory one day. I say so does my Husband to that Amen. Far better than Satnav. Is our God’s direction in life. Love you all incourage. Keeping you all in Prayer. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

  4. Mary,

    Great analogy here. This post reminds me of the parable of unjust judge & the persistent widow (Matthew 18::1-8). She kept coming asking for mercy daily. Finally the judge gives her mercy because she keeps bothering him. He told that parable to show how we need to always pray & never give up. Keep knock knock knocking on Heaven’s door. We will get an answer one way or another. He will guide us on the right path He has destined for us.

    Blessings 🙂