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Kristen Strong, author of Back Roads to Belonging and Girl Meets Change, writes as a friend offering meaningful encouragement for each season of life so you can see it with hope instead of worry. She and her US Air Force veteran husband, David, have three children and live in Colorado...

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  1. Such heartfelt words. And do I ever get it. It seems as though for me,too, the last few years have been a roller coaster ride of very difficult life changes. And for such a long while I have felt stuck in the mire. But I realized the only reason I am here today, I have what I have is by the grace of God. So thank you for the reminder that it is ok to celebrate and if some other difficult situation comes around, I am not alone and I can persevere with God’s help.

  2. Thank you Kristen. Needed this today. God is trying to tell me the same thing- look how faithful He has been in the past and trust Him for the future.

  3. Beautifully written, Kristen. Thank you. God is indeed faithful. I have come to see that the most growth in my life has been in the difficult times. Not that I welcome them, but it helps me to remember, by looking back, that God is for me and that He will see me through. Praying joy over your day.

  4. I know that lie, too, as well as its claim of protection. Sadly, it ends up protecting me from joy, hope, and all of God’s goodness. I needed this today, Kristen. Thanks for pointing me back to Jesus.

    • You’re so right–it does end up protecting us from joy, hope, and God’s goodness. Beautifully said and beautifully encouraging to me, too. Thank you, Michelle!

  5. Thank you for these words, these reminders of God’s promises. God is a way maker out of no way. God is!!!Thank you and may God continue to keep you, bless you, and let your light shine for others. Amen

  6. Kirsten. Thank you for sharing your heart. When difficult change makes you scared to be happy again. I loved that you were being honest of how that time made you feel. You learnt from it that God is with and has been. Sometimes he takes us through theses hard times. To show us he was there all along. That he never left us. God showed showed you in your difficult times. That you could trust him no matter what. In his perfect timing he came through for you. To be happy again. I don’t know we’re I go this saying it says it all. Especially when we are going through difficult times. We find it hard to be happy again. The saying is “Don’t worry about tomorrow God is already there” That is sure true. In our difficulties. God goes ahead of us to path the way for us to put our trust in him. That we don’t need to worry. God is already there. Taking care of it. So we can smile again. I found that when I was 4 years ago next month going for my hysterectomy. I found it difficult before the operation. To smile and be happy. As I knew I had to have the operation to get well again. It was not because of Cancer I was having it. To get rid of periods for good. That caused my hormones to go up as I say the left for years before that. That I take seizures. So I found it hard to smile. Plus trust God when I was having my periods they throw me into a seizures. That he was right beside me and he never left me. As I took some bad seizures. Because of this and did myself harm. But through it all. When I look back at those days now. I can see God was with me and he projected me. That I never once broke a bone. As I take the seizures without any warning. Time I fall down the stairs. Because we had dog and my Husband was away walking it back then. The dog has since passed away. I be upstairs doing something. Then my Husband could come back after walking the dog and find me at the bottom of the stairs. How I go there I don’t know. So in all that I never broke a bone. God was so good. He projected me. I used to get annoyed when it came to my periods each month as I knew the seizures would happen. They were not nice. Then my Doctor of what I call The Well Woman Clinic. Said to me the only way to stop my seizures was to have a hysterectomy. To stop me having periods. That through my hormones up the left that made me take seizures. So I agreed. As I could not go on living like this for my entire time. Every month. Until I reached Menopause. When they start to stop for good. As I go it into my head. I going to take a seizure some day and brake a bone. Which I am 50 and I never have. So when the date came for my operation. I was scared. But knew God saying Dawn I am with you be ok. You have to go through it to get better. Then I found that saying. “Don’t worry about tomorrow God is already there.” I felt after reading that the day before my operation. As I knew then in my heart of hearts. God had been with me all the time. When I was having my seizures. Because of my periods. That he projected me and did not let anything happen to me. The day of my operation. I was not scared. I went through the operation with ease. It was nothing. God was with me the whole time. 4 years later I am here to tell the tale of having the operation to change my life. As I have only had one small seizure since. After the operation. Because my body was getting used to not having any periods. That throw me into seizures. I have been seizure free ever since. That is 4 years ago next month. So I can smile today. As I better. But then I couldn’t. I used to say God why me. Why because of my periods before my operation. Why why is it me. So it taught me. God was there all the time. Like he was for you. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little keeping you all incourage in my prayers. Xx

  7. I think so many women believe this lie, including myself. Seems like the middle of 2020 til today so much change has been coming my way. One right after the other and I think, good grief will this ever end? The Holy Spirit quickly reminds me that He is with me and will hold my hand through it all. Change is difficult, sometimes catches you off guard but God has promised me that He is making all things new in my life and the life of my family. That promise calms me and assures me that I am not alone.

    Thank you for this encouragement.

  8. I’m old enough (72!!) to be able to affirm from experience: “Hard change is written into a good life story along the way.” Such an important truth to keep in mind, breathing hope, strength, and stamina into our souls. Well done, Kristen!

  9. My family has been through a series of huge changes. Heavy losses of loved ones, serious injury, accidents and illness. We barely come up for breath when yet another punch to the gut comes out of the blue.

    This post is so timely.
    I know God meant for me to read it. Thank you for expressing so articulately what I have a hard time putting into
    But how can I translate this to my children, ages 9-14 who are terrified to feel anything good?

  10. Kristen,

    God said we would have trials & tribulations down here but take heart for He has overcome the world. Trials & change are never an easy pill to swallow. We have a great & mighty God who goes along & guides us through these circumstances. In the midst of each change/trial He is molding us into the person He wants us to become. For me dealing with my aging father’s psych/dementia issues taught me patience & grew my faith & trust muscles. Now when new trials come I simply turn to Jesus & ask what good thing do you have in store for me or what shall I learn from this.

    Blessings 🙂