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Aarti is a television personality, chef, cookbook author, news + documentary producer, third-culture kid, and chaser of the polyglot palate. She's fascinated by the fact that Jesus knew how to cook and spends way too long imagining what's going to be on the table at the heavenly feast. She's married...

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  1. Colossians 3:17. “And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.”

    I believe the Lord is speaking this to me today. This verse came to my mind while doing my other devotionals this morning and now with this one.

    Thank you, Aarti

  2. WOW! I have always enjoyed cooking; but never looked at it in those terms. My grandmother loved cooking & everybody who went to see her went home with some cake or something else she had made; but always with the love of God. Thank you for this, Aarti. God bless!

  3. This is so beautiful! You put words to some things I experience when I cook, that I didn’t even realize. I come from a line of family that cook out of enjoyment- my grandma from Italy cooking all day, always having snacks and treats on the table to share with her family and friends,
    my dad, who learned from her, taking a whole Saturday to make sauce from scratch, and now me, who watched both, trying to keep that tradition alive and going for my toddler son. Holy ground, indeed. Thank you!

  4. Aarti :),

    My kitchen is my happy place, where every action is a “get-to” opportunity to serve the people I love, know, and can’t wait to know. So, as I’m reading along, it was a surprise to be challenged to do something I’ve never considered: pray as I begin the process. What a lovely practice to inhabit.

    But when I got to this line: “Perhaps my greatest motivation to seek the sacred in the kitchen is this: Jesus cooked!” I couldn’t help but smile. It’s an odd juxtaposition, but I immediately thought, “Jesus wept,” the shortest verse recorded in scripture. Both sentences reflect the humanity of Jesus, how he relates to us as human. I’ve never thought about Jesus cooking, and this revelation (that’s been right under my nose) makes me so happy! I am like Him, reflecting His image when I cook! Revolutionary!

    So, thank you for challenging and inviting me to new practice and thinking. xoxo

  5. I loved this! Living alone had taken away the joy of being in the kitchen except for the times when I make something to give to my daughter. And the idea of praying before the preparation rather than just before a meal makes such sense. I never thought about Jesus in the kitchen. I have always felt my grandmother’s presence when making something that she did. Now I will think about how I have the company of two special people.

  6. Well you did it! You have surpassed every article I have ever ever read! What an inspiration of motivation
    Thank you and let us pray
    In Jesus name Amen

  7. Beautiful! As I cut up the gluten free bread for our communion cups I pray that each partaker will truly commune with their Savior. You have now challenged me to pray over the meal prep in my own kitchen. Challenge accepted with great joy & a larger understanding of our Lord! Thank you!!!

  8. This article is a gift. I am saving your words and sharing them with some special people so that they may be blessed by your beautiful word pictures as well. Thank you for helping us to draw near to the ever present love of our Lord. Blessings to you.

  9. Some of my best memories are made in a kitchen, from my grandparents to my childhood home to my own with my grandbabies. While I have a heart full of good ones, this devotion will change that going forward. Ive missed a lot of meals that could have been blessings. I’ve saved this in a ton of places so I’ll never lose it and sent and shared it with all my family and friends….now I’m off to cook breakfast…and pray! ♥️

  10. Living alone, eating is a quickie with no before thought on even eating a proper planned meal. This message including prayer before preparation, stopped me in my tracks. I can even savor God’s meal for me before hand and honor Him in prayer.
    Eating well is a gift from God, too. As i just read this message, I, definitely, will begin practicing the prayer time. After all,
    God provides the food. Thank you for a new learning experience.

  11. I love this so much! Cooking is a beautiful expression of love for family and friends. Absolutely, let’s invite God into the process!

  12. I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian and it is our way to pray before doing any major task, especially cooking:

    Lord Jesus Christ, You have said, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.” In faith I embrace Your words, Lord, and I entreat Your goodness. Help me to carry out the work I am about to begin, and to bring it to completion. To You I give glory, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

  13. I have always prayed before I cook, during my cooking and after. God has been in my kitchen since I was 5 years old – slicing the apples with me, baking the pies, sprinkling the cajun spices, battering the fish and blessing me. It is my passion far away from corporate America. It is how I show my love, and because of that, God has always been present.

  14. “It’s such a kindness, and it’s just like God to say, Nothing you do is beyond My touch.” Yes, every word! Thank you, Aarti, for transporting us to your market, your kitchen, and to the heart of our kind, intimate, available God.

  15. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I recognize that I jump into the task of cooking without taking the time to allow God’s presence to fill me and anoint this act of holy preparation and love for my family, and just as importantly, the act of self love. You have inspired me with a new recognition of His love for me. Thank you again.

  16. What a joyful blessing to read your words this morning. I read this devotional to my husband as well. We have been doing so much more cooking together during the pandemic. I look forward to bringing the Lord into our experience. You have blessed us with your words today.

  17. As I was reading I thought “this must be an Aarti post lol! I’m no good in the kitchen and my prayer is that God will bring me a man who knows how to cook.

  18. Wow! This was truly an epiphany! As a mother of 8 with a small budget, I cooked out of necessity. I didn’t enjoy it initially, but through the years I’ve learned to enjoy it and it blesses me to now cook only for my husband and myself. I am constantly asking the Lord to show me Himself and it never occurred to me to look for Him in the kitchen. This changes the way I will approach creating in the kitchen in the future. It will become holy. This article is a paradigm shift for me going forward.

  19. Jehovah-Jirah. God IS our Provider. What a reminder. Praying calms our hearts and minds. God is in our kitchens. Lovely.

  20. Oh my goodness, we are having my sons 30th birthday celebration tonight. My younger son and I just finished preparing all the food, chopping, cutting, rolling. All done with Gods love for each other and in joy and thankfulness. Thank you for this very beautiful reminder.

  21. This is gorgeously written and I can’t wait to share it. Thank you! Also, I’m looking forward to making something good to eat this evening!

  22. LOVE THIS! I really enjoy cooking but sometimes look at it as a chore. Praying beforehand will make a huge difference. Thank you for sharing, Aarti!

  23. As I began to read this, I sensed the Lord tell me to slow down and be deeply present. I felt His presence as I read your words Aarti. I am a stay home Mom of 5 kidlets. Cooking is something I do all day, every day. Sometimes I love it and sometimes not. As the years have gone by, I have learned to love the simpliciy of cooking foods from scratch. Buying huge bags of dried lentils, pinto beans, kidney beans, rice ect. I have learned to can from my Mother in Law. So taking the time to peel pears, and many peaches……….having the blessing of time to think and reflect and hear God speaking to me as I peel, make syrup and then cook. Everything about cooking is soulful. The Friday we just had, there was a funeral for a family friend. A very sad day. Yesterday morning as I was making breakfast cake to celebrate Sabbath morning, the Lord impressed me to bake some for the grieving family as well and take it over to them. My thoughts were………..”there is so much love put into cooking/baking”. So with a happy heart I doubled my recipe and once it was baked traveled over there and presented the cake baked with love. I pray that they felt Jesus love as they at it. I love the idea of praying before I start to cook. For years now, I wake up in the morning and ask the Lord,”Father, what’s for supper tonight?” And I wait til he tells me what to cook. Your idea takes this a step further. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts, memories, smells and experiences of falling in love with cooking. In my minds eye I pictured myself there beside you. Bless you, and thank you.

  24. Aarti,

    Cooking is my happy dance. Absolutely love creating delicious dishes for others to enjoy. You really got me thinking about praying before & during the process. Usually have the radio on Christian music so I cook & praise God at same time.

    Like you I have read scripture where Jesus had breakfast for His disciples. Never did it occur to me to say “Jesus cooked.” He was fully God & fully man so He understood our need for nourishment. Now I will join God in the creation process & pray about the recipients before hand.

    Blessings :))

  25. I made chocolate chip cookies for a younger Sunday school class on Sat. I prayed as I added each ingredient that it would be equated to an aspect of their walk with Jesus. Thank you again for the inspiration!

  26. Wow. I am the principal chef for our family (including 3 teens) but if food prep is taking a long time, I get grumpy. I have never enjoyed cooking but believe in creating nutritious and healthy meals for my family so I take the time and energy to meal plan each week and cook from scratch. This blog post has totally changed my view: I believe God has pointed this out to me to change my heart and my attitude. Thanks!

  27. I enjoyed reading this as I DO cook. Most things turn out but there is always the bad day Why not pray as we prepare! A good challenge for me. Thank you!

  28. I have always loved watching you on the cooking shows. Finding out today your love for God in your cooking fills my heart. God bless you my dear Sister. You are very special to me even though we have never met.

  29. Thank you, Aarti! Your words are so true. From preparation to presentation, the process of creating a meal for others brings us closer together and closer to God.

  30. I loved watching this this also …you are a lovely person and to share something so deep with in you has such a strong showing of who you really are …not just a Chef but a God loving person …thank you for be your self and not a Fake person …I love your dishes too !! Keep it up !

  31. Cooking, baking was a passion but since the loss of my husband dinner has become a chore to prepare for just me and my son. Your words touched me deeply, thank you Aarti!