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Rachel Marie Kang is the author of Let There Be Art and the Social Media & Guest Post Manager for (in)courage. She is founder of The Fallow House and she lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children — connect with her at rachelmariekang.com.

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  1. Humm….I find it interesting that I have found this site on the first of September and the content was about looking around you instead of searing far and wide for the changes we want to see in our lives. I look forward to exploring with you all the many possibilities of what that might be!

    • nancy,

      i am coming to this realization more and more as i step into this new season in my life. the unknown is scary and can be paralyzing. i didn’t realize all these years what people meant when they would talk about stepping out on faith. it’s very scary. but once we do it, it is so rewarding and makes you trust God even more!

  2. Here in SC most of our schools have been in session for a weeks, PSL has been everywhere for over a month, the cinnamon broomsticks are popping up this week & the climate goes from hot to very warm & cool won’t show up til January so the markers September 1 brings of change are either late or delayed. But God provides beauty in everyday life all year long whether we rush ahead on the calendar or lag behind the rest of the country. What a comfort it is that He is the One to orchestrate change to fill our hearts with Himself! Thank you for encouraging us to look around & see Him!

    • I understand! I am in NC and know the fall feeling won’t come until months later. And, yet, the evidence is all around, leaves falling already. So grateful our God is always at work within us no matter the time or season we find ourselves in. Hoping you find the beauty today!

  3. I really enjoyed this. There’s something about looking around & reminding myself that The Lord is providing exactly what I need right here, right now. Thanks for the challenge to seek beauty in the places that are around me right now. Truly – this was an impactful read.

  4. Thank you for this message.Very thought provoking.Change does not come from the outside,but our inside.I have alot of work to do inside.Looking to Jesus.

  5. Wow, this message really resonates with me! But I need to read it again, in order to sift through it for the gems I want to keep. Thank you for sharing.
    Grace and peace. ❤️

    • So, so glad it touched your heart. May God sustain you through this season, showing you all the gems that are already right there for you to find <333

  6. I have to agree. I live in Tennessee, so I know fall won’t likely come until October. But this morning I saw lots of leaves around me and I stopped to think we are ready to start a new season, aren’t we? The mornings are cooler — not by a whole lot, but I will gladly give up the humidity that comes with Tennessee summers after living most of my lifetime in Ohio. 🙂 I noticed that I am “noticing” the subtle changes around me. September brings a new schedule, although our schools started last month as well. I have no kids, so that doesn’t impact me as much. I very much enjoyed your writing!

    • Stopping to notice all of these small things really does have the potential to draw us into a truth God may be teaching us. I had so much fun today picking up fallen leaves with my son. I’m learning to be content right where I am—sticky, hot Carolina summers and all : )

  7. One thing good: the view from my kitchen window. Cows in a field that’s bordered by trees. A bit of fog settling on the grass. Clear skies above. And a crescent moon accenting the blue sky. All lovely. All mine, to view every day.

    • Just so beautiful. I can see and feel it. Such peace. I long for a pastoral view like that, someday. For now, I’ll give thanks for the views from my window. Thanks for sharing yours : )

  8. Beautiful message….I’m in south LA and talk about change in the last several days!!! This type A teacher and mother struggles with unannounced and unexpected changes, especially. I love your story of recognizing where change really does happen—even at your young high school/college entry age!

    On another odd note, you are stunning!!! 🙂 Not that it matters, but I literally stopped to view your picture and beauty! Beautiful gift you have from Christ!

    Blessings to all today…
    Andree 🙂

    • I’ll trade you a day here in North Carolina for a day in California! Haha, funny how this season really does slow us down to embrace change practice contentedness, all at the same time. Hoping the season is kind to you. And, thanks so much for your kind words : )

  9. Rachel, this is what I needed today. It’s so easy for me to always wan to move on to something new. Thanks for the reminder that I have all I need in the season and place God has for me right now.

  10. God is present in so many ways in my life! Slowing down to see Him & acknowledge I have all I need isn’t always easy. Thank you for this reminder!

  11. Thank you for sharing this lovely narrative. I feel like I know you and where you went to school. I am living in Clinton, MS. I was born in Gluckstadt, MS not too far from my daily life. I enjoy the Fall of the year for certain, it ushers in Thanksgiving.
    This holiday brings no extra stress, you can have a traditional meal or prepare tacos. Everyone has something with which they can be grateful.

    You can take beautiful pictures and draw wonderful scenery for any canvas. My youngest daughter was born in October and we both enjoy the season of Autumn. Football Games, Pep Rallies, Tail Gait Parties,
    Marching Bands and the Fair comes to town. Life is good !

    You are right, often we try to run away from our every day routine to have a new point of view but if we pause and regroup our thinking, there is right in front of your eyes everything you need for life and godliness. God planned it that way.

    Thank you for the reminder.

    Brenda M Russell

    Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend

    • I’m so glad you saw the picture I tried to paint of the town I grew up in. I miss it so much this time of year, the leaves and the colors and the water. New York is beautiful. But, it’s beautiful right where I am too. Slowing down to be present and see keeps my eyes upward and my heart grateful. How beautiful, the memories and moments you share with your daughter in this season. October is right around the corner. Hoping you savor and enjoy each day : )

  12. Rachel,

    Change is constant & all around us. We just have to open our eyes & minds to see it. There have been times when I wanted to leave the small town I live in. Thinking life could be better someplace else. God has shown me that He wants me here. Here in Upper E. TN amongst Smoky Mountains. Here where I have a lots of friends, good job, volunteer opportunities, & beautiful scenery. There are many small towns around here we can explore. Autumn/Fall around here is when the weather gets a little cooler, leaves change color & you can smell good pumpkins, other homemade goodies. Yes opening my eyes & heart to see the loveliness of where I am now.

    Blessings ::)