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Simi was born in India and moved to Dallas, TX at the age of 7. Simi is a speaker, author, and full-time physical therapist. Her calling is to the local church and her passion is to equip women to know who they are and live faithfully right where they are....

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  1. Praise God for being a Faithful Warrior and delivering your son safely to you and your family. I have heard Him whisper words of encouragement and promise to me through the Holy Spirit throughout my life and it is the most beautiful blessing as a believer to know the God of the universe cares about me. Thank you for sharing your story and God bless you and your family.

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW! I really needed to hear that. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you! God bless you!

  3. I had a similar experience. The Night before my two-year-old was to have an MRI I heard clearly in my spirit the LIRD say to me, “It IS a brain tumor. ” The next day when we got the results I was of course grieved but at peace because my sweet, loving God had prepared me. ♥

  4. My 22 year old daughter’s mental and physical health have been rapidly deteriorating in the last 8-10 months and she has been across the country finishing college. Every day is a nail biter, wondering if I will get a call from a hospital or worse. The inability to intercede/help/fix is debilitating. The one thing I can say is that I am constantly looking to God, praying. Beseeching. Crying out. I appreciate all the reminders that God does know the whole story that I can get!

    • Melissa,

      Abba Father, Please send your healing touch to Melissa’s 22 yr old daughter. Give the family a sense of peace & comfort that all will be well. Guide them on this journey & show them your grace & mercy. AMEN!

      • Amen! Melissa, I know one thing God is reminding me is that He loves my kids more than I ever can. He had plans for them before I even thought of having them. So we can trust Our sovereign Father with them! Stay strong sis!

  5. Excellent. We can all be Gideon. Letting God help us no matter what we need help with. As Gideon trusted God no matter what. He must have been scared. But Gideon still trusted God. Did what God said. Gideon was able to do what the Lord ask him to do. It turned out just ok. If we do the same. Put our trust in God no matter how scared we are. No matter what the problem is we are going through. God will if we look to him in prayer. Through his Holy Spirit. Tell us what to do. We might not see God hand helping us right away. But God is there. In the end it will turn out ok. Because we listen to God and took our problem to him in prayer. Just like you Simi. God might not answer as quickly as we like. For the reson God does that. To make sure our faith in him strong enough to keep vor eyes on God and trust him no matter what. Yes it is hard. As you can fear get worried. Were is God why he not helping me. Our giving me answers to know what to do next. Then with keeping our eyes on God. Praying and standing on the promises in his word. We find God is there. As God answers us and tell us what to do next. Through his Holy Spirit. Then we can do what God has asked us to. As we know With God on our side it will be ok. Yes it not nice to have to go through things like this. But we have big God. Who knows us. If we keep our eyes on him. Everything will be ok. But it just having the faith to trust God more than ever in times like this. I had to that in the past. Over things in my life. Yes God didn’t answer me right away. As he was testing my faith. To see how strong it was. Did I really trust him. To be there for me. It meant me standing on the promises of God word and praying. Not taking my eyes of God. Yes it was hard. But in the end it was ok. God help me get through it. I was then able to rejoice plus thank God. For helping me through it. Thank you again for this excellent message. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  6. Simi,
    Years ago I watched God heal my aging dad’s psych issues & make him better than he had been in a long time. He eventually went back to psych hospital & died. That incident grew my faith & trust muscles immensely. When Covid hit hard in 2020 I wasn’t scared even though hubby & I work in hospitals. I know God is in control & can bring about healing any time He wants. God alone is the ultimate healer. No matter what you are going through Jesus is walking beside you waiting to give you a peace that surpasses all understanding.

    Blessings 🙂