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A three-time tongue cancer survivor and mama of children from “hard places," Michele Cushatt is a (reluctant) expert on pain, trauma and the deep human need for connection. Her most recent book, "Relentless: The Unshakeable Presence of a God Who Never Leaves", wrestles with the dogged presence and affection of...

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  1. Amen! What a loving God that gives us refuge in the midst of chaos. Home in the midst of battles.

  2. I needed this. I needed to be reminded that I’m not the only one feeling the weight of this time in our lives. I’m a single mom of 3 kids, I work full time and I am attending school online full time. I’m bombarded by the mental thoughts of not being enough when I cannot imagine how anyone is enough. Being enough is no longer a goal for me. Survival has been, and while that isn’t a good place to live I find myself laying at God’s feet when I’m here, and that is the best place to be. I want more from this life, and I know God wants that for me too. I’m just so wiped out. Asking God “how do I do this?” is a daily question I ask HIM. And my answer, “focus on ME” HE says. If God gave me my hearts desire right now it would fill in all the gaps in my life, but I know there is so much more HE wants me to obey… so I simply ask for the ability to just hang on…

    • V,

      Abba Father, please send some soul rest to V. Give her the strength & wisdom she needs to accomplish all that she needs to. Guide her steps. Bring people in her life to assist her with the daily chores of raising three Godly children, working full-time & going to school full-time. Show her that she is more than enough. She is a Child of God who can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens her. Please strengthen her & take away the feeling of survival mode. In Jesus Name I pray AMEN!

  3. Thank you Michelle. I especially love the line “He is your home.” In a few months I will be moving from my beautiful, much loved home of 24 years. I lay awake at night unsettled by all that has to be done. Though it is time to downsize, my heart grieves leaving the place where I tucked my three babies in at night, their father (now deceased for over 14 years) beside me. I’m grateful for your reminder that God is my home. Your message came at the perfect time. I’m not surprised at all.

    • Jennifer, I just did the same thing-it was HARD, but I kept that in mind this is really not my home, and God has a much better place for us!

    • Ahhhhh Jennifer, I understand so well! We moved last fall from the home where I spent the majority of my children’s growing up years. It was so painful to leave; in every room I could see the memories from the past. But you’re absolutely right–God is our true home, the only person and place that will not change, no matter what comes. Hallelujah.

    • Right there with you too. Thought I was the only one in this state of exhaustion. God has been reminding me of all the times He has brought me through tough seasons in the past. Let us all remember His abiding faithfulness . . .

  4. I agree. I officially started vacation today but realize I am bone weary tired after a summer full of events at work. I am also working a few extra hours in between all of that. Thank you for this needed reminder.

  5. Perfect for me. God gave this message to me through you. Thank you for being in God’s service.

  6. Thank you for this reminder. I recently started using the Lectio 365 app for daily devotions. Listening to the audio especially, as well as reading it, forced me to slow down and rest in my devotions, instead of rushing through the reading. It’s a start….

  7. Thank you Michele. I needed this. Since my husband died 2 yrs ago I have been tired and worn out and struggling. All I want is rest. This world needs rest. God bless you.

  8. Michele,

    These past few years have worn me out more than years dealing with aging parents. 2019 started with me being let go from a part time job. God in His infinite wisdom gave me a much much better job two weeks later. The Monday before Thanksgiving my FIL died after battling cancer again & having some strokes. At the end of the year my unit (at local hospital) was shut down–making me wonder if they were going to keep me on. Then Covid hit hard. Hubby (CT Tech) got furloughed for 6 weeks. They called him back & he worked extra. Now my job is allowing me to work extra (lots) when other clericals are out on vacation or sick. Covid is back rearing its ugly head again. I’m trying to volunteer with Relay for Life (cancer) & at church’s food bank. All of this has me soul weary. When I feel a heaviness & start acting worldly I turn back to God. Start listening to Christian or Gospel music & praising God for ALL His goodness. Learning to rest in Christ, let Him run the world for He knows best. I know I have a place to call Home & someone to call Daddy.

    Blessings 🙂

    • “When I feel a heaviness and start acting worldly…” That’s my cue, too. I can see my need for rest in my responses and words and reactions. It’s my reminder to sink back into my Father.

  9. I am exhausted. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally. The pandemic has taken loved ones from me, even my dog. I am comforted by knowing they now reside with our Lord, but it brings me down. I am struggling to get solid footing. Struggling to find my path. I don’t know how to use God’s gifts in this world. Please pray for me. Thank you. Amen.