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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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  1. I haven’t used essential oils much but I would like to learn more about them. One that I really like is lavender. I put it on my pillow at night to help me sleep and it works really well at taking the itch and inflammation out of bug bites.

    • I have trigeminal neuralgia and began a holistic approach to treatment about 3 years ago. During that time I discovered the many benefits of essential oils. I have literally quit using any candles or room fragrance other than oils, but do still work to figure out which oils are best in different circumstances (rest, refreshing a room, sinus/allergy, etc).
      I love the idea behind this book…tying God’s natural creation directly to our health and well-being. Aren’t His works a treasure!

  2. I love using essential oils to boost our moods, support our immune system, and help us fall asleep. They are so versatile and I love learning new ways to use them!

  3. I have only used essential oils for their fragrance properties in my diffuser but I am certainly looking forward to using them in new ways with Dawn’s book as my guide. I too have to read instruction manuals!

  4. I find Lavender Ginger Rosemary and Tea tree oil very calming

    But I would love to learn more about essential oils for healing

  5. How exciting! I’ve used essential oils for years but never had a book/guide on them. You’ve got my interest.

  6. I have always been curious about essential oils, but don’t know how to use them and most of all where to purchase quality oil if I am going to learn how to use them. This knowledge would be a gift.

  7. I’ve been using lavender oil in a diffuser and love the fragrance. My husband has some debilitating health issues and I’d love to learn if there are oils that help with nerve damage so he could have some relief. Thanks

  8. I am so like that too about manuals! Sometimes with new things, I don’t even open the box. 🙂 I have been using oils for awhile now and love how they can affect us on so many levels. Have not seen too many books including God’s Design, so that is exciting to see!

  9. I have always wanted to use essential oils, but have been overwhelmed. There are so many and not just choosing ones that work but where to shop for them. I am very curious about your book.

  10. I haven’t used oils, just have used lavender scented body wash and hand cream in an attempt to calm myself, help with sleep. I’d like to learn more, thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book.

  11. I would love to learn more about oils. I use some now. I put a drop of lavender in my CPAP machine to help me breathe, but would love to know more.

  12. I would love to use essential oils for many things, but stress being #1! I just don’t know how to use them!

  13. I couldn’t believe this post when I opened it up this morning. The last texts between my daughter and I last night before going to sleep had to do with me lamenting that I need to look into using herbs and oils again to help with some health issues, especially sleep. I had a friend years ago who made wonderful tinctures and shared the generously. I have since moved to another state across the country so I have missed those gifts. This is an incentive to get back to using what nature has waiting for me.

  14. I have used lavender on my pillowcase for a good nights rest and relaxation. I would like to learn more about these natural remedies.

  15. I made a blend that helped my dad with his night sweats during his chemo treatments.

  16. I have IBS issues so use peppermint oil and teas to help.
    Also love the lavender for my bath or pillow for relaxation.
    Thank you I’m going to check out your book.

  17. I have always been interested in essential oils but I was like you,afraid of not using them the right way so I could get the most benefit from them. These books are just what I need.

  18. I LOVE essential oils. I started using them about 4 years ago when I struggled through a season of insomnIa and anxiety, which led to depression. I have so many uses, mixes, and blends that I love, but here are a few of my favorite:
    – diffuse lavendar in bedroom when sleeping at night
    -do a cleansing facial steam with tea tree, lavendar and palmarosa
    -use thieves across nose, forehead and under nose when congested
    -I no longer wear perfume- I roll on patchouli and it is heavenly
    – thieves all in one household cleaner
    -drape cool cloths soaked in combo of oils across brow after yoga or other exercise
    -diffuse lemon and peppermint in the morning to wake up
    -roll on M-grain across forehead, temples, and jaws and back of neck for headaches.

  19. I was introduced to essentials by a friend several years. In the last 2 years I have been more intrigued with the oils and their healing power. I use a lot of peppermint, lavender and blends for relieving headaches for my son and other oils for other healing issues as well. I love them and would love to have your book to guide me through my use of oils.

  20. I LOVE using the essential oils! I use them for many things, internally, topical and diffusing. Diffusing the lemon helps get rid of food preparing smells.

  21. I also read instructions and manuals. I want to understand what I’m doing and what should happen before I start. I have friends who love their essential oils and share “recipes” for different problems. I need to know more because essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier and that seems to call for some extra care.

  22. “oils won’t help you if you don’t open the bottles” those words hit me! I have 4 bottles in my drawer unopened because I am not sure how to use them. This book will help!

    • Smacked me upside my head too!! I needed that though because I tend to forget, procrastinate or dismiss what I already know I should be doing or paying attention to.

      Using essential oils instead of prescription drugs, OTC medications, hygienic or daily household products is really not as complicated as it seems. Some companies even simplify it for you. But it does take some experimenting because of the fact that we are all unique individuals, what works for one may not necessarily work for another, just as 1 Tylenol may relieve my pain whereas you may need 2 Tylenols to relieve your pain.

  23. I really enjoy essential oils but want to learn more. My little dog was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s and have been digging into what will help that and I have some vertigo issues so have looked into that. Would really like to win this book!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  24. Great news. New to essential oils. Want to learn more. Especially Gods way✅

  25. I’ve been using essential oils for years and I do believe God gave us what we need. It’s important to use therapeutic grade oils though. I think it is also important to have a guide to learn what to use when and how to use them, so I’m sure your books will be very helpful.

  26. I started using essential oils a few years ago. One of my favourite things to do, other than diffuse, is I add my immunity boosting (cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus, clove, and lavender) oils into my scent free hand sanitizer. Not only does it help to kill the bad stuff, it makes it smell amazing.

  27. I would like to start using essential oils, but am afraid to do so without instruction . I have MS and my toes are numb and irritated. I’ve heard God’s oils will help heal the mind and body. Thank you, Dawn, for researching and putting this book together for us.

  28. I mix several oils together and add water to make a cleaning spray for the kitchen. I use another mix with alcohol or witch hazel as a insect repellant. And I like to diffuse oils for aroma or for help fighting sickness in the house. Your books are beautiful!

  29. My sister has lots of luck with essential oils. I have tried a lot of them and lots of brands, but never with much success. Things that work for my sister do not work for me. My kids bought me the book It All Began in a Garden so I am very curious about the new book. I would much prefer to use these oils over having to take so much medicine for lots of over-the-counter issues.

  30. The only essential oil I use right now is lavender, for sleep, but I need more – I still have trouble sleeping, and am pretty anxious overall about life.

  31. Thank you for your article. I’ve bought a ton of oils and have been stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ for a while. Recently retired and anxious to use then for a variety of issues – most recently hair loss (preceded by COViD and an ankle break) / so looking for advice. Thank you.

    • Interesting to hear of someone else experiencing hair loss post-Covid. My daughter and I have lost well over half of our hair already. I recently switched to an all-natural shampoo and conditioner and it finally stopped falling out as much.

  32. I love Them in my diffuser ! I enjoy Trying different combinations.
    Karen S

  33. My favorite essential oils are Panaway and Citrus fresh from Young Living! I’ve found them very helpful as I age and have aches. Also, Citrus Fresh helps heal a skin issue I suffer from in the heat.

  34. From one instruction manual reader to another…how exciting is this giveaway!

    An assortment of essential oils sat in my desk drawer, and when the pandemic hit, I began blending them at home. They have been a great way to help calm anxiety and on mornings where I need a boost, citrusy oils provide an energizing lift that my coffee couldn’t give.

    I would love to win a copy of your book to discover more ways that my oils could work for me.

  35. I have always been a skeptic when it comes to essential oils, but I like the way you clarified that God created us and all the wonderful plants, so I would like to explore this furthur. Like you, I always read instructions so your book would be a great place for me to start.

  36. Thank you Lord God, heavenly Father, creator of everything good.

    Thank you for the offer Dawn. I pray you use your gifts and understanding for the praise and honor of our Lord, by helping others.

    I have a diffuser but need to study and learn more about God’s gift.


  37. Her books look interesting. Hopefully they aren’t linked to any particular brands.

  38. I love essential oils! I mostly use them topically or diffused. They have really helped me so much. Thank you for the chance to win!

  39. I use tea tree oil to clean my hair brush and combs. I love that I only need a few drops and they’re clean! So easy. Makes my life easier and the room smell good!

  40. I love essential oils! I use mine mostly as a room spray to freshen up my bedroom or anywhere in the house!

  41. I’ve been using them for a few years now. The peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender help my sinuses. Right now, I’m using a blend of calming oils for my husband who is in the hospital with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Blast (prayers are appreciated, please!). Every time I see him, I pray over him, and anoint him with the roller ball. I would love this guide; it will help us so much as we continue on this journey, for the children, for our health, and for our every day living.

  42. I have a selection of essential oils and have no idea how to use them. The manual that I do have is a little overwhelming…

  43. I mainly use lavender for relaxing. I would love to explore and start using different oils.

  44. I love to use oils in my diffuser. My favorite is thieves. I love the smell and love that it helps keep germs at bay.

  45. I have not used them consistently but would like to learn more. Thank you for another opportunity to win.

  46. My daughter and I have just started to dabble in essential oils and we loved making some roller bottles last week!

  47. I have used essential oils for several years now. My must have oil is a blend to help boost the immune system. I also use oils to help relax and to create an uplifting environment.

  48. I have been dabbling in essential oils for a couple of things but would love to know more without getting a sales pitch for a specific brand. Thanks Dawn, for your book. I look forward to reading it.

  49. Funny how “On-Time” this article happens to be. Last night as I was showering, I noticed lumps on both sides of my throat (gland area) and thought, “I wonder what oils would be good for this issue?”

    In 2014, I too joined the essential oils bandwagon and was very skeptic at first. I spent many hours researching and experimenting with different oils and blends. I did find a few favorites, but just haven’t been consistent with using them even though I know that they truly do work and were given to us by Our Amazing Creator for that purpose. Too often I tend to forget that I have these divinely created medicinals at my disposal.

    I hear You Lord!

  50. I actually have been interestesnin essential oils but I never know what is what, how to use which one of the brands to use. I do hear some people say you can consume others say you can’t. I never know what to think. I’m interested in finding out more pertaining to sinus issues, air purification, muscle sorenes and migraines. Ok clearly I have way too many questions.

  51. I had Ling Cancer in 2013 after surgery I’ve been Cancer Free since. I’ve tried to eat right with plant base foods. In the past I’ve looked at essential oils, used some in my infusers. But I really would like to start using more oils for my sleep habits and other discomforts. I would love to be one of your winners for this book on oils and God’s reference to them too.

  52. I too have been unsure about essential oils, and only use them in a diffuser. This book would help me to understand them better. Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. I use essential oils everyday 24/7 in my diffuser. I deal with bad sinuses, and using them helps. I don’t know which ones are better than others for me. I have a box with a bunch of them and have been going through them. Also, I deal with chemical sensitivities and haven’t been able to go out as much because of the strong bleach and sanitizer smells. Have seen several doctors about the sinuses and still not a lot of answers. Not sure what else I can do. Have always believed in natural remedies, and would love to learn more.

  54. I diffused lavender and wild orange to relieve anxieties in my old dog as he was dying. Helped me too.

  55. I am new to essential oils but recently started using some. I use lavender for sleep and peppermint for headaches. I have also incorporated lemon oil in my water in the morning. I’m really excited to learn more!

  56. How exciting Dawn. Congrats…and Thank you for sharing! I grew up in NoCal in a very natural “planet loving environment” The “hippy” lifestyle was encouraged by my grandmother who used mud, honey and everything growing in her yard for every ailment, cleaning, health and eating! She too believed God created all plants and flowers for our good.
    My daughter has completely inherited the same mindset. I would love to win a copy of your book and send it to her. She would love it. Thank you Dawn.

  57. I’ve never tried Essential oils but am interested to learn more..thank you

  58. I’ve done the exact same thing. I purchased a diffuser & sample oils 3 yrs ago. They have never been opened. Having a certain fear of using them wrong has kept them in my closet for 3yrs now. Sad huh? I would love to learn how to use them the proper way.
    I suffer with a stress induced illness & feel as though I could really benefit from them.
    God bless you for putting a book together to help those like myself.

  59. I read your first book and it was very informative. I would love to win a copy of your second book! I use an essential oil blend in my homemade foaming soap. I work in the medical field and this homemade foaming soap is so soothing after harsh chemicals all day.

  60. Hello Dawn! Thank you for taking the time to put together an easy to use reference book for people like me who picks up things and just uses them, trusting that they will help with whatever I have a problem with. I have “owned” oils for a long time and would probably get more use from them if I knew all that they could do. I love lavender for bug bites and peppermint for a quick pick-me up, or indigestion, and lemon is a super cleaner/disinfectant.

    God bless you and bring you great success with your book and ministry.

  61. I love lavender oil it is so sorting and relaxing. I usually massage a drop into my temples to help me relax or I use it in my bubble bath before bed.

  62. I started using essential oils years ago, and my love for them has progressed over the years. I love the smell of Bergamot and lemon (pretty much all citrus oils make me smile). My kids have anxiety and my youngest has autism. I started looking into oils to help with my youngest son’s sleep. He has struggled all his life to sleep through the night. Essential oils have been a big blessing to us and they calm him down. We recently got a dog too that has been struggling with separation anxiety and a lavender cedarwood diffuser blend does the trick! My most favorite way to use them is to make my own soaps!

  63. I like knowing the why behind things too!! Maybe it’s why it’s kept me from using oils before now. I’ve trialed some friends suggest but don’t fully understand. I feel like the various chronic health issues in our family and the special needs of my daughter might be helped by them. I’d love to have a free copy

  64. I love essential oils , and have been wabyibg to further my knowledge. I use them to help relieve my sever sinus issues. I also learned what scents helped with my anxiety and I diffuse those This book is going to be such a blessing to so many. Thank you for the wonderful chance.

  65. I’m also an instruction book reader. I have many oils I used but #1 is Theives which is for immune boost and has what I think of as a fall scent. My #2 is Valor which is an emotional support and just the name gives me courage to do something I’m hesitant about.

  66. I am so excited for this book! I use essential oils in the diffuser and I’ve used them topically, but I definitely would love more guidance. I believe they have many benefits if we only know what to use and when. Thank you for this opportunity!

  67. I have several essential oils, and a diffuser, but I got away from using them. I’d love to learn the right way to use them and enjoy them more.

  68. I have mainly used essential oils for pain relief for years. I do not know much about the others. Would love to learn more.

  69. I love to use peppermint oil on my car clip diffuser. It not only makes the whole car smell wonderful but is invigorating on a long car ride!

  70. I use magnesium oil for soothing my “achy hip” when my bursitis flare-ups. I would love to learn about other essential oils and their benefits.

  71. I would love to learn how to use essential oils for relaxation and stress relief. We all work hard and have busy lives but sometimes I think finding time to be able to stop and relieve stress and relax is needed.

  72. Thank you Dawn.

    Your article made me more grateful for God ‘s love and blessings. I recalled in July last year, my pastor blessed me with a bottle of herbal essential oil after knowing i suffered from shoulder impingement syndrome. She taught me how to use and rub on my muscles soreness. Like you Dawn, i read thoroughly the manual, i realised how meticulous and caring my pastor was..
    The essential oil and pastor are all God’s creations.

    I pray that I am able to discover more His goodness through your book.

    Thank you for your wonderful discoveries of nature, your insight and gift. You are such a talented, blessed gift of God. Amen.

  73. I know nothing about essential oils, but have been intrigued and interested for some time. I’m excited to have a basic guide to learn all about these oils. Thank you!

  74. For many years now God has sent people across my path that need some form of healing. I started out carrying gauze and ace bandages to softball games. Then I was introduced to herbs, minerals, and oils when my Mom was terminally ill with cancer. My Dad commented that the oils we put on the bottom of my Mom’s feet were helping him to feel better too, as he breathed them all night. Then God had me start using herbs and oils for myself and He increased the number of people I met that needed help physically. Many people wanted advice from someone they knew and trusted who had my own track record with what worked for me. So I would pray and provide samples of things for friends, as the Lord would lead. Sometimes even strangers were brought by the Lord to me for help. I then became active with my church’s prayer ministry group and my BELIEF IN GOD’S DESIRE TO HEAL increased tremendously (it was difficult when everything I tried to do for my Mom didn’t work and she passed away). Over the years, as I was still working, the Lord had me purchase a decent stockpile of oils, so I would have them on hand now that I am retired and still helping others to seek God’s healing touch. Your book sounds fantastic and would increase my confidence in what oils to use and if they should be rubbed on the body, diffused, or ingested. Thank you Dawn for making this resource available to those of us in God’s Army who are “Spiritual Medics”. God Bless You!

  75. I’ve had an interest knowing more about oils & how they can help my body

  76. Dawn,

    Hubby & I are on a healthy kick. Trying intermittent fasting, & drinking super greens. Would love to learn which essential oils are good for certain things. Wanting to get back into shape & stay healthy as I age. Congratulations on the book!!

  77. I started using them to help my son’s wind down better for bed. Then I started using thieves in a mouthwash recipe for my husband who used to get constant canker sores! After seeing the difference I want to learn more!!

  78. I use several oils. Pan away, lavender, peace and calming just to name a few. I was introduced to oils from a friend. Love to learn more about specific uses!

  79. I’ve had excellent results with using Tea Tree EO both on the inside of my mouth (when I accidentally bite the inside of my cheek) and on my face to make acne disappear overnight!

  80. At almost fifty, I still suffer from acne. I like to stir tee tree oil into my evening moisturizer to try and stay ahead of it.

  81. I have been very interested in learning more about essential oils for awhile now! I love the idea of having a more “natural” way to cure minor ailments, as well as improve overall quality of life 🙂 Plus, I’m super “scent-oriented” and love lots of scents, so essential oils seem like another great way to enjoy various scents.

  82. I would love to win this! My husband has insomnia so bad and we’ve tried everything you can think of. (Except oils!)
    I have my own issues that could prob easily be solved as well.
    Eager to become more knowledgeable about these God given oils!

  83. I grow herbs and cook with them instead of using salt … would love to take the next step and this book looks like a great place to start. Thanks for your words and writing which have definitely brought calm to my days lately!