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Ellen Wildman is the associate product manager for Bible publishing at DaySpring, and author of Single and Not Sorry. She worked on the NLT Inspire Illustrating Bible, which features more than 300 ready-to-color designs throughout the Bible that are all centered around faith, hope, or love. Ellen lives in Nashville,...

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  1. I love John…so rich in his friendship with Jesus and so God to remind of of HIS love for each of us. Good for all of us “seasoned” Christians and wonderful to leaf new Christians into a greater understanding of who Jesus was/is/can be in their lives.

  2. I grew up going to church, but never reading the bible. I would love to learn more and strengthen my relationship with God.

  3. I love the book of John. The way the John writes and describes things, I just see so much creative thinking with the words he uses, It’s so beautiful!

  4. I worked in long term care, and once was talking with an elder who said that her apartment [in Heaven] wasn’t ready yet, but when it was God would call her home. I thought that was an interesting way to think about what happens to us when we die, but then went on my merry way. Fast forward 20 years, I was bed bound with a back issue feeling sorry for myself, and started flipping through a Bible for the first time. Came across John 14:1-3 where Jesus says “in my Father’s house are many rooms… I am going away to prepare a place for you….I will come again and take you…” and it was a lightbulb going off in my head.

  5. I love all the Gospels and am especially intrigued by how they are each written with a different perspective and focus. This is a fairly new realization for me and it’s fascinating. I love John for the heart and Luke for the details.

  6. this is so amazing… breaking down the Gospels of who wrote them and the over all ‘way/purpose’ of writing the Bible.. (of course proclaiming that Jesus is Lord and Savior is first)… I believe I have always favored John… “and The Word, became flesh and dwelt among us” To KNOW that Jesus became one of us is amazing to me… He knows and understands and has experienced EVERY single thing I go through.. and loves ME still…….. thank you Jesus

  7. I have studied John in depth in a previous Bible study. I’m not sure I have studied the others in depth, although I am getting ready to start a deep dive on Matthew in our Bible study starting in September. Thank you for another opportunity to win. I enjoy all the resources you provide.

  8. Dear (in)courage team, this seems like a lovely new way to study the Bible! And it would make a lovely gift for someone who’s exploring God’s Word for the first time or for the umpteenth time.

    You ladies rock!

  9. Luke. The emphasis on the quote from Isaiah that lays out the mission of Jesus has always stirred me, encouraged me, motivated me, focused me on what’s important.

  10. I like Luke for the detailed information of Jesus and his relationships with people.

  11. I led a bible study through John this past year, and even though the book was mostly long-time Christians, it was great to see how there was always something new we could take away from these familiar stories.

  12. Forty-some years ago, when I was struggling with whether or not I believed in Jesus, I was advised to read the book of John. It is my favorite book of the bible to this day.:)

  13. John is the gospel I love the most! God’s love is so beautifully displayed through Jesus in this book♥️

  14. I love the Gospels! John, is one of my favorites and contains one of my favorite verses… “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy but I (Jesus) have come to give you life and life to the full!” -John 10:10.

    I would love a copy of this Bible! ❤️

  15. My favorite gospel is Matthew. I always loved reading Matthew at Christmas for our church play. All of our Sunday school kids would start coming down the aisle dressed as shephards, angels, and the three wise men while I was reading from Matthew the birth of our Messiah Jesus Christ. Those are precious moments ✨

  16. I love tgat each of these are written from their view of who Jesus is to them as they wrote. Just as God-Jesus-Holy Spirit each move but are 1. The Gospel is the same each moving,each telling but one. I am going to say right now Luke. Luke is my choice because I need all 3 God-Jesus & The Holy Spirit Luke shares & tells of this & so much more. Just like it is how they know Jesus & write of him. Is just as so for us & choosing today. God made it so that we may have what we need for right now! Glory to GodHallelujah

  17. I love love love John 3:16 because it says “who so ever.” There is no other requirement. No dress up clothes, no membership, no passing of litmus tests according to skin tone or education levels, no worries about being cancelled or meeting of any and all requirements. Just a plain ‘ol deciding to be a “whosoever.” And then just believe that being a “whosoever” is enough not only to get you in the door but live forever with the one who saved you?!! Who could ask for anything better. What a friend we have in Jesus!!!! If we know nothing else we know who Jesus is and that His word is true. Just by those two verses.

  18. Reading through Luke with a focus on “wonder” gave Jesus’s life fresh meaning and excitement for me, especially the first two chapters covering His birth story. Sometimes, the gospel stories become so familiar that we forget how miraculous they really are. Seeing God work in such loving and powerful ways through each person’s life led me to write my first devotional for the Advent season, sharing what I had found when I looked at the book of Luke with eyes of wonder.

  19. Book of John.

    Jesus our God came to save us from sin through the humiliation of the CROSS. He defeats death and sin forever.

    Jesus resurrection gives strong evidence to convince all of us who are willing to believe and live by faith in Jesus.

    Forever i worship the risen Lord and prepare for His return by feeding His sheep.. Hallelujah..

  20. We are studying Luke in Sunday School, and it has been been interesting to read the detail and unique perspective that Luke brought when he wrote this book. All of the gospels are wonderful because they tell us about Jesus, but for this time, Luke has become my favorite. Blessings on your ministry.

  21. I am am very grateful for your detailed description of the four Gospels. I am a Christian and I do often find it hard to know which Gospel to go to for certain things I’m going through. My husband, Gary is a wavering Christian who would deeply benefit from these insights. I think I’ll print the out for him as a reference. Perhaps he and I can do a study together on one of them. I think I would chose Matthew because it most completely portray’s Jesus and we are also watching The Chosen which he is enjoying and prayerfully learning from. Although being a Holy Spirit directed Christian …or trying to be I love the Book of John too. I am interested in your Bible as the description says it has space to write in and I very much benefit from that. Most Bibles barely have room for “dating” Scripture in the margins and I often forget what happened on that “date”. Having a place for journaling and noting would be very meaningful.

    • Ok so much for my “paying attention” it’s late at night for me. I like the Book of Luke for the more in depth on the Holy Spirit.

  22. Ellen,

    I enjoy all three gospels. Each one written with a different perspective. Love getting a Jewish perspective of Jesus, His life & how He fulfills Old testament prophecy. Also important to see Jesus as son of God. Learn to revere & worship Him. I find it fascinating that a doctor-a friend of Apostles would pen a gospel. What I like most in Luke are the parables he puts in. They help one to really know Jesus. John, the disciple Jesus loved, points unbelievers to Christ. Each writer has a different slant on Jesus’s life & ministry. My favorite is Luke.

    Blessings 🙂

  23. All the Gospels are incredible in different ways but I have to say that John is my favorite followed by Luke. In John’s book it reads as written by someone who not only met Jesus and wrote of him, but as one whose life was entirely transformed and never the same, who loved deeply and felt loved. It makes me feel as though the closeness Jesus speaks of is available and waiting when I mess up as humans often do. It just gives me such a blessed feeling, knowing there is nothing I can ever do to separate from God. The book of John helps me remember WHOSE I AM.

  24. I love all the gospels, but John and Luke are my two favorites and I’m having trouble picking a favorite of those two. Luke always feels like a friend telling me stories of Jesus and John holds a special place, because it was the first book I read after being saved at 35 after having no real church background at all. I had tried reading the bible before, but it never seemed to make sense. After being told the gospel and accepting Jesus, I sat down to read part of John and it no longer seemed like it was written in a “foreign language” but read like a story!

  25. My favorite story is in Matthew and the story of the woman with the issue of blood. In the gospel of Matthew Jesus calls the woman “daughter”. Not woman or girl, but daughter. That has always felt so tender to me. It is one of my favorite stories in the Bible.