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Tasha is a Korean American melancholy dreamer, wife to Matt, mom to three wild and wonderful humans. She writes about everyday life and cultural and ethnic identity, and writing has always been the way God has led her towards the hope of shalom. Her first book, Tell Me The Dream...

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    • Thank you, Jennifer. There’s a lot to see in such simple things, and I’m grateful God’s grace shows up in them.

  1. Tasha,
    Thank you for your timely post. You shared much of what I feel. My daughter is married to a black man. My precious granddaughter is biracial. She’s so innocent at 8, yet unfortunately she already has experienced unfriendly faces.
    We need to come together as humans. A simple smile as we pass one another in the grocery store is a beginning.

    • I’m so sorry for the things your daughter has wrongly experienced and I pray she will have the tools she needs to know and understand she is fearfully and wonderfully made in every part of her – from her skin tone to her unfolding story.

  2. Such a lovely, calming piece. Thank you. It’s been difficult of late, beyond what the past year has thrown at us.

  3. So beautifully and meaningfully worded. I think you captured the sadness and concern that all of us have felt this past year and even now as we have been able to step out a bit more back into life. I think i I am grieving for the life before covid, that I know is forever gone, but having faith, that God will grant us all more tenderness and caring and concern with family and friends and even strangers we may see in the grocery store line. Perhaps, before covid, all of us tho maybe not consciously were taking way too much for granted. God in His mercy and grace be praised for helping us to remember tenderness and patience. Bless you for this lovely post.

    • Thanks, Kathy. I can see exactly what you are saying. May it be so with each of us!

  4. Tasha,

    Good Morning :)….. I have been upset and hurt about many things for a good while now, however, GOD has also given me several moments of “unexpected happiness or joy,” along the way, and breakthroughs here and there….And I have not read most of my email this morning….I was listening to/watching a christian service video late last night that I came across, and it was Wonderful and Soothing- It was Praise and Worship to The LORD, and after I was listening to it for awhile and trying to sing some with it (though some would probably tell me not to for certain reasons right now) I heard what I thought was loud maybe gunshots, but I looked outside- I opened the blind in our bedroom and saw someone was setting off some “Real Fireworks.” And it was late at night, but I got to see one or two of them as they burst through the sky…. I loved it! But I had to turn the music down ( I was told to turn it off) but I turned it real low so it would still flow thru the atmosphere….. Appreciate prayers because this morning didn’t start out well earlier though, but last night…… I was “GREATFUL FOR.” It was Prayer and Praise Time Worship Time Like I Used To Have and It Was WONDERFUL and I MISS IT…….. And Your message “Tenderness Is The Only Way Forward,” Is GOOD….. Thank You and Blessings 🙂 …..Jana

    • I’m so sorry for the things that have upset and hurt you this year, Jana. Thanks for being here and for looking for God in so many parts of your day and your circumstances. I really believe that is the heart of prayer after all – an awareness that God is right there and turning towards it.

  5. There is no going back or things returning to what used to be normal. There is only going forward and relearning what to do now. We must give ourselves and others tenderness. Jesus certainly is.

  6. Tasha,

    These past years have been hard on many people. Lives have been disrupted & forever changed. The fabric of our landscape is completely different & there’s no going back to what was. All we can do is step forward courageously & show a little tenderness & God’s love. That can seem scary in these turbulent times. Thankfully we don’t have to. Jesus never asked any of us to muster up our own tenderness; He knew we’d never have enough. He only tells us to follow and abide in the abundance of His. – Praying for all to be a little kinder & tender with each other while we transition back out.

    Blessings 🙂