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A three-time tongue cancer survivor and mama of children from “hard places," Michele Cushatt is a (reluctant) expert on pain, trauma and the deep human need for connection. Her most recent book, "Relentless: The Unshakeable Presence of a God Who Never Leaves", wrestles with the dogged presence and affection of...

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  1. I love this description of how boundaries are such an essential part of God’s love for us and how as our Father He knows what we need even when we don’t. It takes experience to learn the wisdom of these things and sometimes these lessons can be painful and have far teaching consequences. Thank you for this great story, I pray others will have your courage and your confidence in Christ.

  2. Thank you for that! Have you read Screen-Kids by Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane!? Some of the things you shared coincide with some of the things they mention in it. It was a good book and an eye-opener for me, a must for all society to see. Praise God for that Freedom in Christ! God bless your day!

  3. Thank you for sharing. It’s a reminder to us adults. Sometimes we seem to think it only applies to our children.

  4. This is so beautiful.
    It’s one of the lessons I have seen God continue to teach me and reveal to me and remind me of throughout my entire life…
    He is love.
    And because of that I can trust Him.
    Any chance you would want to share a copy of that contract with a mom of two preteen girls?

  5. I know I am not a Mum. Never will be. I love kids. As I was Registered Childminder for 19 years. Giving Birth no could not go there. To scared. But I see it time and time again kids with Mobile phones or Cell phones as you call them at way way far to young a age. My we Niece who is 7 I was horrified. To hear a little girl in her class had one. Way way to young at that age to have one. I don’t like some parents. Who don’t keep an eye on what their kids do on their phone. As I saw a child. I thought this was way to dangerous. I said you have all those friends names on an app on your phone that you can video chat them. It was not just there first name. It was first and last name. I thought to myself. If your phone got lost and into the wrong hands that person would know who you where and who your friends were. How dangerous in my eyes. No way should kids be allowed in my eyes to chat their friends on their phones on these video apps. It should be done on the computer or iPad etc. Were their Parents can see them. Only in my eyes should it have the internet and email address texting and for ringing people parents know about. I know a parent that has her phone that what ever her kids do on their phones she can see it on her phone. Like who they text. Or what they look up on the internet etc. Which I think is a very good idea. But the other way no. As there are kids that parents don’t keep an idea on what they do on their phones. These kid could get themselves into trouble if not careful. I praise You and Your Husband for putting down the rules. With your kids before letting them have their phones. It shows you care about them and Love them. They might not think it now or appreciatect it. But one day if they get Married and have kids of their own they will see that You both as Parents were right. They will thank you for it. At the time they might have thought You both were to strick. But better that. Than something happen. You are showing your love to them and that You both care for their safety. As if the phone got the internet on it we have to be so careful when on it. It just like us Followers of Jesus. We don’t like sometimes when Jesus tell us things for our one good because he loves us. We at the time might not like to hear what Jesus is saying to us. But Jesus always say it to us in Love. When we look back at it. We are thankful Jesus did through this Holy Spirit and his word the Bible. We then are better people for it. As sometimes we need the disapline. As I can remember when small my Mum disaplining me. When I did wrong or telling Something for my own good. At the time I did not like it. But later on. I was glad she did. As I appreciate it. As it help me learn. If I was wrong I didn’t do it again. Thank you Michele for an reading in all your wrote today. Loved it. Love you all incourage. Keeping you all in my prayers. Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

  6. Michelle,
    Thank-you for sharing this beautiful message with us this morning.
    blessings to all,

  7. Michele,

    Most children crave boundaries. Oh we won’t come out & say it, but tell us no every now & then. Discipline us when we disobey. That teaches us how far we can go without getting into trouble. It shows your love for us. God loves us like a shepherd loves his sheep. He wants us to have freedom, but also a safety net of protection. After all we are like sheep wandering here & there. Love this: Freedom with security — they go together. And they are sourced in God’s love for us, every single time.

    Blessings 🙂