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  1. Love this encouragement! I also like knowing God doesn’t wear a wrist watch, His mercies & forgiveness are there whenever I go to Him regardless of time of day to reset me to “green”.

  2. Mary,

    Oh so thankful God is merciful. I a mere human mess up daily. Either saying/doing wrong thing or not doing something I should. Praise God He doesn’t force us out naked & afraid. He lavishes His love on us. He reaches down & takes hold of our hands & clothes us with grace. Every single sin I confess is wiped away clean. Each day we start afresh. With such forgiveness we should also forgive. Even when it may seem hard or frustrating. Loved the prayer at the end. Abba Father thank you soo very much for loving us better than we love others. Teach us your ways so that we can love as you do.

    Blessings 🙂

  3. We have the same color chart at home. And for the same reason, behavior. It has worked great, and not just for my 7 year old, but my 4 year old as well!

  4. How my heart needed to hear this today. My daughters and I had a terrible fight last week, and I confess, I am struggling to forgive. Thank you for reminding me of my need to show them the grace that my Father shows me.

  5. Thank you for your post. This morning I woke up crying and went to bed crying last night. We have had a family struggle going on for four years this April. I see glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel but then we take steps back. Thank you for sharing your challenges. When I want to give up praying, I will remember your post and continue pushing through our hard places in prayer.

  6. I don’t have kids. But I was a Registered Childminder for 19 years. It not that I didn’t want kids. I was way to scared to give birth. I love kids. But I found it hard at time with disapline with kids in my care. If naughty. Because I knew they had different types of disapline one from me one their parents if naughty at home. Then me when their parents were working. One I found working parents would be sometimes not disapline as right as they should. Because they had not seen their kids all day. They be a bit softer on disapline things at times. Let them away with things I wouldn’t have during the day. So it was hard for me. One parent in my care said I don’t see my child that long after I pick them up from your house. It 5pm them by the time I get home. Get tea made. It such a short time of quality time together. Until it bath time and story time and bed time. If I see my Child do something wrong like throw a toy. I am making tea. I sometimes just turn my back and pretend I didn’t see them do that. They think I am Mum that does that all the time. Then when I do tell them of for say it wrong the Mum said to me their kid then sometime does not talk to them for a while. They feel they missing out on valuable time with them. When all day they been away at work from them. It near bed time. It hard. Then I am not letting them away for throwing the toys at anytime. When I was a Childminder. The Child looks at me. Think’s I too hard on them. I have to say I not I doing it in Love to teach you throwing toys is wrong Jesus disaplines us Adults in Love when we do wrong it for our own good. Through his Holy Spirit. We that are save might not like it at the time. But in the end it worth it. Like going to someone we had something against because they said something they probably didn’t know they said or done that hurt us. Saying to them in a nice way what you said hurt me. But I prayed about it and asked Jesus to forgive you. Or you said something to hurt them going to them and asking them to forgive you. As you know God’s Holy Spirit is telling you to that. You prayed to God to help you do that. Make friends again. You then feel so much better. Thank you incourage for another excellent reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxxx

  7. Ooh! This was really good, Mary! I wish I’d read this when our 3 daughters were young. Maybe it would have helped me be a better mom. But now it can help me be a better person or maybe a better grandma or friend. Thank you!

  8. What a wonderful word picture for God giving me the “green” start every second of my day. Prayers and hugs that in the precious relationship with your child–there will always be “green” and even more rejoicing in the pink and blue

  9. This story of a color chart was given by a teacher at school. This is why children and parents benefit from face to face learning in schools. My grandchildren in Michigan are still doing virtual school and it has been over a year of closure. I am praying for Michigan to open their schools asap. Teachers are front line workers!

  10. This ministered to my heart so well this am. I had just finished pouring out my heart to God about the behaviors struggles with my kindergartener daughter, and how I am just so weary of it all. Then I opened up this. Wow. It’s like God was reaching through your words to give me a hug. Thank you!! And I also just ordered a behavior chart too! What a beautiful reminder of His new and fresh mercies each day. God bless you!

  11. Green is for growing! And just as loving parents celebrate growth in character and maturity, I’m quite sure God does too. Mom and Dad don’t withhold love, affection, and praise until perfection is displayed in their child; neither does our Heavenly Father. Praise God, he has compassion on us, he knows what we’re made of, remembering that we are dust (Psalm 103:13-14 HCSB)!