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Krista Lynn Campbell is a freelance writer and an advocate for children living in poverty. Writing to sponsored children and packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child keeps her busy throughout the year. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Jay.

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  1. Perfect words from our Father, thru a willing servant. Thank you, just what was needed today.

  2. Thank you!!! God bless you… being struggling, really struggling with some messed up issues from my family. This encouraged me, but I know I still need help.

  3. Good morning Krista,
    I am queen of relying on my own strength and overthinking things. Thank you for the reminder no matter what mess we find ourselves in, God can make a way out. I have gotten better in calling on Him first, rather than as a last ditch, “Help!” Not sure where, in PA, you’re from? I was born and raised in Pittsburgh — my blood still bleeds black and gold even though I’ve lived in the South for 24 years. At the non-profit I head up which ministers to orphans and impoverished children in hard to reach countries, we initially contacted Operation Christmas Child to bring shoeboxes into the area we serve, but sadly they said they were not able to go there just yet so we we started our own program to bring Christmas to the children of this area. I invite you to my blog (just click on my name or picture) and check out my Missions tab. I’m joining with you in having a heart for these precious children of God. Enjoyed reading your post!
    Bev xx

  4. I can identify with “My life was a mess, and I needed help…Here you go, God. This is too big, too hard, and too painful. I can’t handle this.” I’m thankful that “He can handle our messes.” I realize I can’t do this on my own.

  5. Isn’t it awesome how Heavenly Father gives us answers to our difficulties in His word? Hugs to my precious sister in the Lord!

  6. Your words are a blessing to read this morning, thank-you for sharing.
    Blessings to all,

  7. I love the story of Hezekiah and his victory over the evil Assyrian king. You have used it as a point of reference to your own situation so effectively. It is something we can all identify with. It’s awesome.

  8. God restores messes, I am a perfect example. I too got that not so expected news of disception and betrayal. Mine came one year after an incident that resulted in my nose being broken in three places for being in the place my spouse called me to, his mothers. A year later, the husband of the young lady there who had been with him told me she saw it all happen. My 3 year old son was in my arms. I don’t know to this day which hurt the most, him almost killing me with his son in my arms or finding out later it was because she did not get out before we arrived and he was angry afraid I would see her. Either way, it took years, tears, pleading with God go remove the image of my face from my mind, and my baby screaming for help for me. All I know is that I knew my only hope was Jesus. It has been 38 years now and I have tried to help women in abusive situations. I have learned what we go through will make us stronger, God will take it and turm it for good to help others. I know this has been lengthly but just maybe someone will benefit from this one instance. It was not the worse, I did leave and 3 years later he passed suddenly from a rare blood disorder. God bless you all, I am blessed by your sharings.

  9. Krista,

    This world is full of messes. Some we create ourselves & some just happen to us. My story deals with aging parents & geriatric psych. I had to put my dad into gero psych hospital twice. There were days I would visit & upon leaving have to stop in the lobby to calm down. Often would cry out to God to take daddy home. This isn’t my dad anymore. First time God graciously healed dad & gave him to me for 1 year. The second time dad died in hospital. I gave God my messes & asked Him to give me strength & patience to deal with it. You stated it perfectly “Before His throne, we can present our pain and lay down our heavy load. He can handle our messes.” Praising God for taking our messes & making beauty from them.

    Blessings 🙂

  10. Thankyou so much for this. The personal problem re the hurt could have been written by me. It is exactly what i have been going through since the week before Christmas, and i still hurt terribly. I take comfort in these words and am grateful to the friend who knows my situation and sent it to me. I pray its as much comfort to any others feeling in exactly the same place

  11. thank you for sharing this. it was exactly what i needed. baby steps! yes Lord…baby steps!

  12. Thank you. I am struggling with a mess I caused hurt someone dear to me many times by neglecting him. GOD has worked on my heart that humbled me more and more. I pray my husband can love me thru this pain. God is bigger than all and I ask Him to heal all the hurt restore my husbands heart for our marriage and help me to remain humble in His work and words that hold this rag in the finished work of Jesus. GOD bless and keep you.