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Grace P. Cho is a Korean American writer, poet, and speaker. She believes telling our stories can change the world, and desires to elevate women of color’s voices in the publishing industry. Learn more at @gracepcho and gracepcho.com.

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  1. Thank you for a different perspective on His silence. Sounds like Emmanuel, God with us. Holding space for us. Looks like love.

  2. Hi Grace,
    I have asking God why He is silent of my crying for help. Since October, 2020 I lost my job and applied for unemployment benefits payments which still not received none payment. I had looked everything and everyone to find help with no success. Now all my savings going. No job , no income. I keep hoping tomorrow I will see deliverance but tomorrow have came and not yet the miracle was delivered. Thank you for sharing I do appreciate very much.

    • So sorry for all your troubles. Have you tried reaching out to your church or your town office? Years ago I use to work for a temporary agency. A prayer that gives me comfort is John 16:33 “I tell you this that in Me you may find peace. You will suffer in the world. But take courage! I have overcome the world” . Stay strong, this will pass <

    • Fatima.

      Asking God to provide for you. May He shower you with many blessings beyond your imagination. Talk to a trusted friend or church member & see if you can get help somewhere. I know most towns have agencies to help people like you. Prayers that God will give you the money you need to pay those bills.

      Abba Father,

      I come to you today on behalf of Fatima. She has lost her job & needs unemployment or another job to pay her bills. You are the giver of all good gifts. I am asking you to help her provide for herself. She is running out of her savings. Please father send help quickly. AMEN.

      Blessings 🙂

  3. I know that all this stuff that has happened is terrible and hard to understand; but with time and hope and prayer we will all come of this hopefully better and not bitter. Love Ruth Ann

  4. Thank you for sharing your story and heart. Thank you for the reminder that when God is silent, it’s not in avoidance. He greives with us. He is the God of all comfort

  5. Grace, I’m sorry you and others in your family had to deal with COVID. I’m glad you all recovered. I loved this take on God’s silence. Sometimes, instead of His words, He offers us the gift of His presence. I needed that reminder.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story and your faith with us.I am glad to read you are all on the healing side of Covid. I’m not dealing with Covid, but with a different health issue and needed the reminder of sitting in silence being close to God. ❤

  7. Thank you Grace for sharing your journey through the virus, along with your immediate family. I am so pleased that your children were not infected with that awful virus.

    I had the virus last year in July, 2020. I am a patient of several medical challenges and fatigue is part of side effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Depression. My journey was without any other symptoms. I was fortunate to speak with my doctor who said to me, “just get tested, okay” and I did just that. I didn’t understand the tracing last year and I still don’t understand my journey.

    I do think that silence gives us pause to be thankful to our Creator for the blessings He has given to humanity already, the offer of Redemption by His Grace through His Son, Jesus.

    Some people are not trained up to know the love of Christ. I was raised by my grandmother and love and forgiveness are the traits of character she lived as an example for me. Now that I am mature, more than my grammar school years, I am aware of God’s tender mercies and His Hand of Favor on my life. I have had many opportunities to take offense, get jaded, to be misunderstood and I did not want to forgive all the time but God always reminds me (us) how He has forgiven those who put their trust in Him through His Beloved Son, Jesus.

    How can we breathe one breath and act like we produce our own oxygen.
    It would be a hypocrite to live that way. I love knowing that I need our Heavenly Father every second of the day and night. We (I) have a good Father and one day we will see Him face to face.
    Until then, we (I) walk by faith and not by sight.

  8. Thank you Grace for putting into words exactly how I felt when I was isolated with Covid. My husband also got sick. Each day I thanked God that neither of us had to be hospitalized or died. And each day my heart broke hearing about others who have. Reading your words today help my heart. Thank you.

  9. What is God trying to tell us this year? And now the thousands of people in our country buried by snow, bitter cold, and Texans without power, water, and food. What is God trying to tell us??????

    • Connie,
      The weather in Texas is happening as a result of what we’ve all done to the planet – this is global warming unfortunately. It’s awful for them – I live in Scotland and we are well used to such weather, but I really feel for those who are suffering in this terrible storm. I wish I knew what God was trying to tell us with the pandemic – I have wept so many tears wondering what on earth is He trying to tell us? I’ve prayed angry prayers and felt very hopeless. I can only come up with the fact that He is asking us to trust Him – but I’m finding that pretty hard just now. xx

  10. Hi Grace,

    Very true, when we want answers and God is silent, we feel like He’s absent or doesn’t care. But just “sitting” with Him silently, can be reassuring, comforting.

    Praise the Lord, that you and your family were healed!

    Stay safe, Sandy

  11. So sorry you had to go through this difficult struggle, but thankful with you that you’ve all recovered. Yes, it’s true that while everyone has been affected on some level during this pandemic, some have seemed to lose so much more. There are so many hurting around me.

    We lost my Mom this past December, not to Covid, but to cancer (after beating it over 30 years ago once and then fighting for these past two years). The thing that made it hurt so much more is that my sister and I live with our American husbands in the US while our parents were in Ontario, the place of our birth and our growing up years. My family is 500 miles away from them all, and regardless of the fact that my sister lives only an hour and a half away in miles, it might as well have been another planet because the border has been closed.

    We did all we could to get to see Mom in her last days, but had to let the door close and trust God’s plan after our great efforts would not produce the signatures we needed for permission to cross. After Mom died, we were finally able to cross and spend a few days quarantined with our Dad, helping and attending a small service at their church. While we are thankful for that time, it’s been so heart-wrenching to miss the last year of her life, only making phone calls and hearing her struggle from a distance.

    Still, my own family has remained healthy with two sons out working through it all, one in a “front-line” position in a grocery store, and my 93-yr. old mother-in-law having mild Covid and recovering fully!

    I’ve definitely felt some of the silence you mention, and appreciate your perspective about that. I spend many minutes and hours enjoying the quiet and extra time safe at home with my family, relish even a few moments of sharing face-to-half-covered-face with a socially distanced friend once in awhile, but still find myself feeling sad and even stuck many times.

    You’ve encouraged me to try to let go more and just sense God’s presence, soaking in his love and peace in order to have something to share with those around me. God bless you.

    • I’m so sorry for the loss of your mom K Ann. The grief of distance is so much during this time. I pray that God’s presence right now, today, would bring you comfort and joy.

  12. “But as I’ve sat in the quiet, I wonder if His silent presence is just what we need. Instead of words, He offers us Himself — the God who understands, the God of comfort.” Taking a deep breath in this today. Thank you, friend. Love you. And wrestling with you.

  13. Yes!! There such power in pausing to feel Loving Presence. I’m sorry to hear what you and your family have been through. Praying for complete recoveries for all.

  14. No matter what going on in each family. If it a health problem because of Covid or an other health reason. Or loss of job. At this time and stage of life no matter what we are all going through. I believe we still have to remember who made this world. Like the song I was taught as Child at Sunday School when small. Yes it might seem hard to you. If going through any of the things I have just said. A health issue or lost your Job because of Covid. This last while life seems so on fair. We got to remember like this song. Yes it hard. Very hard. The song you get it on YouTube. “He got the whole world in his hands and he got me and you brother and sister in his hands” That is so true. Even if you don’t see God working or doing anything in your favour. Yes it may seem hard. You prayed you have read your Bible done everything right. Still you see your friend our the person in your Church healed or find a new job. You then say what is wrong with you. You say why not me God?. Why has God worked in that person life and not mine. Our is not to ask why. Just remember if we can remember the song “He got the whole world in his hands” So he has. It hard. I been there with my health in the past and my Husband out work in the past. It hard. I seen God bless others with work at the time and not my Husband heal others and not me at right away. So we had to keep trusting God no matter what. Standing on the Promises on his Word and Prayer. Yes we were put to the test. But in the end God came through. Not in as quick as time as we would have liked. Our prayers were answered. But we believe God was putting us through the test to see how much we really really trusted him. By making us wait. Before he answered our prayers. By giving my Husband a job years ago. Healing me of my health problems through an operation I need that I had to wait to have. It was hard waiting. But we had to stand on prayer and the word of God the Bible and promise in it. God is God of Comfort. He comforted us by helping us stay strong and wait. He could have you do the same. I love today reading. You Grace even stayed strong through all you had been through. You came through it all. Your here today telling your story. I say Amen to that. God bless you. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxxx

  15. Such a very touching and moving description of your pain and relief to be out of danger and isolation again. Beautifully done. Thank you.

  16. Thanks for sharing your story. So glad you recovered. Yes, your comment on silence made me think. God’s silence can be seen as just sitting next to us. Holding us. Listening and grieving with us. This is helping me see my husband differently too. When I share something hard, he often just sits there in silence. He came from a family where there was no acknowledgement of feelings or asking how you are doing. So I get this. Sometimes I don’t think he hears me. but he sits next to me, holding space for me. And when I have questioned him about being silent, he says he is thinking. Processing. Doesn’t know what to say. But then later in the day or the week, he will comment about what I have said, and I know he heard me.

    • I love that this is helping you see your husband differently! My husband is very much the same — he needs time and space to think about what he wants to say before he says it.

  17. I am so glad that you and your family came through this. I, too, am sitting and waiting in the silence of God. I pray that for me and my family things will also work out in many ways. I ask in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

  18. Grace,

    So happy to hear that everyone recovered. This world is so noisy. Each one beckoning us to come listen, do, or see. Sometimes all you need or want is quiet. Someone to sit next to you, maybe holding you but not saying anything. A kind of comfort that Job’s friends gave him. I believe God does that sometimes. He sits with us in our hardships feeling our emotions. Giving us what we need. Time to process everything & to just be with Him-no words needed.

    Blessings ::)

  19. Hi Grace, Beautiful description of your Covid experience and impact on you and your sweet family. I spent 11 days in the hospital with double pneumonia from the virus. I find it so disturbing that another person/country could create such a devastating virus and cause such destruction and pain in people they don’t even know. Lots of spiritual warfare going on. Thankfully, God always carries us through. Keep the faith.

  20. Beautiful and honest. Thank you so much for sharing and reminding that God is there in the silence.

  21. I could have written those words. In everything written about getting this virus they don’t mention the overwhelming guilt you feel first for getting it and giving it to others and then the why did I live while so many others have not. Then for me it’s the lingering fatigue and brain fog I just can’t shake. I pray every day for an end to this pandemic and for all its survivors wracked with guilt and with long term effects. God bless you.

  22. Can any one of us say with certainty that if COVID had not taken a person’s life that they would not have died anyhow? I know someone who died in the very early days of the Pandemic. I also know people who have survived. I have not been tested for it because if I had it I didn’t have symptoms. On the other hand I have been dealing with an injury for five weeks now that has impacted not only me but my husband and elderly mother. I am trying to hold on to the words patience and restoration that God put on my heart but I get so frustrated and feel so useless sometimes that it is difficult. I am hoping now that when the snow melts and spring arrives that I will be further in my healing journey and able to do more.
    Stay safe and well!