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Lucretia is a wife, mom of three, and a TEDx and Q Ideas speaker (Charlotte, NC, 2017). As a former college professor, she designed the popular ‘beginners’ course and study guide, What LIES Between Us: Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing. She is the creator and director of the Brownicity.com...

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  1. Hallelujah, thank the Lord for His tender mercies made available to His children every morning!

    We are created in the Image of our Creator!

    He is so good and kind to humanity. I am the mother of three beautiful daughters. And I am a Christ follower who believes in the Holy Bible and I know to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    Love God and love people. Everyone is your neighbor.
    We should all aspire to be Good Samaritans! The Word endures forever and God’s love endures forever.

    Why should we have to be lowered to a substandard of judging others because of their past journeys or who their parents were.

    No one can choose their family members except for legal adoptions. We have so many blessings if we just pause long enough to count some of those blessings.

    My prayer is that we embrace our children, teach them God’s unconditional love and His forgiveness through Grace and Mercy.

    Focus on how you want your children and grandchildren and parents to be treated and cared for every day then offer goodness and kindness to those who are not in your biological family.

    The Church is in the heart not in a building.

    God please continue to teach us through Your love.


    • Thank you Dr Berry and In Courage team for this beautiful piece.

      I love how God in the beginning created diversity. Never ever to cause pain, suffering or chaos in humanity but for all the diverse things (nature, animal and man) to worship Him. All this hate towards black people all over the world has been the plan of Satan, God’s enemy. Alot of people have been deceived by the enemy in their thinking today about other races, religion, etc.

      Thank you for sharing healing and allowing people to reflect back on God and His indiscribable love for us all through the His Son, Jesus Christ.

  2. Thank you, Lucretia. I wish your words were unnecessary. But, since they are needed, thank you for so eloquently expressing them.

  3. As a former educator, it makes me so sad that your teacher said that. I sincerely hope that education is striving to be more accurate and inclusive.

    • Elizabeth.
      As an educator, it brings me joy to empower students with a more accurate rendering of history and to help grow their capacity to create a better future.


  4. Lucretia,

    I find it appalling that after hundreds of years there isn’t more empathy & written history of blacks. We are supposed to be a Christian nation based on love. Apparently that only goes skin deep. When we teach American history we need to include blacks as well. Tell children about the Tuskegee Airmen & other groups that served. Why did they have to be segregated since we are all created equal? This part of our history needs to be told or it will be forgotten. It only takes 1 generation not talking about it for this part of our history to be obliterated.

    I know if it grieves me then it must truly grieve God. He wants us to love everyone as we love ourselves. Thank you for continuing to keep these stories alive. We need more people like you who strive to tell ALL the history of America.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth,
      Thank you for reading.
      You wrote:
      I know if it grieves me then it must truly grieve God.

      Yes, God’s heart longs for healing and harmony among humanity.


  5. Your article was informative and so on time, in the world we live in. It’s so sad that people allow the color of one’s skin to define how they feel or treat them.
    God created us ALL, and loves us All.
    I think of the story about Miriam (Moses sister), when she and Aaron talked about Moses Cushite (black) wife, and God was not pleased. He struck Miriam with leprosy, to let her know He was displeased with her.
    God loves us ALL. So we also, should love one another, no matter what color our skin is.

    If God be for us, who shall be against us!

    • Judy!
      Thank you for reading.
      Yes, if God be for us, then we can’t be against each other. May we love each other fiercely the way that we are loved by God.


  6. Well said. Keep proclaiming the truth of God’s children. Thank you. May your words and Black history continue to offer revelation.

  7. Thank you so very much for your eloquent portrayal of how so many choose to manipulate or omit historical events.

    As Woodson and Moorland stated, our history should be just that-an inclusive history of ALL people who have contributed to our story. My heart breaks to read of the teacher who so unjustly and incorrectly stated that Black Americans did not make significant contributions. As a search of Black Americans who significantly contributed to the better good states;

    “Black inventors are among history’s most revered geniuses, known for their relentless inquisition, passionate research and their desire to push the envelope. George Washington Carver, Madam C.J. Walker, Lonnie G. Johnson, Garrett Morgan, Patricia Bath, Percy Julian and more are responsible for some of the world’s greatest technological and social advancements.”

    These names are only a few of the thousands of creative and intelligent Black Americans who contributed to the good of all.

    Thank you so very much, Lucretia, for bringing this to our attention “to point one another to the hope of Christ”. We are all beloved beyond measure and blessed recipients of His mercy and grace.

  8. Thank you, Lucretia, for your powerful and life giving testimony. We have much to learn from you, and I am grateful to hear your voice and wisdom here this morning.

  9. I really love this post. My Husband and I when we were first married in 1945 and lived in Tulsa, OK, there was a Black Church close to us and we would walk there and worship with the Black People on Saturday night. They really know how to worship the Lord!!!
    Our Church service was on Sunday so it was good to worship with them on a Saturday Night.

    Lord Bless every one!!!

    • Julia,
      Thank you for reading.
      When I have worshiped with people groups whose culture and God-expression is different than mine, I get to move beyond my comfort zone to reach for spirit and truth. It is a life-giving experience. Thank you for sharing yours.


  10. Thank you for being God-focused. Thank you for inspiring us all in all you say and do. And thank you for being a living example of God’s love and beauty for all mankind.

  11. I respect and love Dr Berry from taking her online class. Which helped to change my perspective
    Thank you so much for bringing her wisdom to us. Dee Maltby

  12. May God have mercy on us; as we humble ourselves before him and heal our lands. God created each of us in His own image and knitted us together God’s creation is beautiful and he makes no mistakes; may we value and appreciate our diverse cultures, ethnicity and differences. From the days of Adam and Eve our histories began and are entwined and the truth of all history should be shared and forgive us this has not happened. I pray for peace, equality, wisdom and love to embrace us all and bless each individual, family, neighbourhood, community and country as we all should celebrate Black History month. May this be a time of healing and celebration and a time to unite and not allow this abhorrent racist behaviour and injustice to continue. Thank you for such a powerful, moving and honest message Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry and God pour out his Blessings on You, Your Family, Friends and community.

  13. Thank you for a beautifully sharing your experience. 15 years or so ago the end of January a friend’s son came in & asked his mom “when is white history month?” We were taken a bit aback by his question but in further conversation we realized he knew every race is a part of history no matter your particular race & no one race needed to be elevated above another. Wisdom from above at such a young age! So sad we don’t all have his understanding! We must listen to each other’s experience & point each other to God not the historian’s agendas.

    • Ruth.
      Thank you for reading and sharing. Your friend’s son’s sentiments are similar to those of Carter G. Woodson (aka The Father of Black History):
      “We should emphasize not Negro History, but the Negro in history. What we need is not a history of selected races or nations, but the history of the world void of national bias, race, hate, and religious prejudice. There should be no indulgence in the undue eulogy of the Negro.” (1927)

      Many continue the work of crafting and telling an inclusive accurate American history. When we learn to value the contributions of the historically marginalized, then single-month recognition will be unnecessary.

      May we find our way.

  14. I love this post. What an incredibly cruel and ignorant comment to even think, let alone say out loud. When you talked about the Negro church it brought back a memory of school for me. I went to 3rd grade in what used to be the segregated Negro school. It was two rooms and its actually about 1/2 a mile from my house. My favorite teacher ever was African American and I loved her so much. She retired that year, but when a teacher unexpectedly had to take leave when I was in 5th grade, she came out of retirement and I had her class again! My grandfather died just before the school year ended and I remember her telling me that if I ever needed to talk to someone, to come to her. I could cry just thinking about it. She was my hero; a wonderful teacher and lady.

    Please keep writing! I am truly blessed to be one of your readers.

    • Indiane.
      I am honored that you read my words. Thank you so much for sharing a chapter from your childhood. Your words brought history to life. We need more personal stories to help us re-member.


  15. During one of the most difficult times of my life I found a group of Black Women Ministers called The Holy Women of God. This group based out of Houston, Texas took me in and my best friend in with open arms. They ministered to us and opened doors for us to worship with them as sisters without hestitation. We all should learn from this kind of love and acceptance. They loved us the way Jesus loved, by looking at the heart and not the color of our skin or status. Unconditional love for your brother and sister. We have to get back to seeing eachother the way He sees, the good, what is underneath. There is a lost world we we are comissioned to reach and we can only if we learn to love and not hate. He loved us enough to give His life, surely we can be greater than the enemy seeking to destroy us. For greater is He within us, than he that is in the world.

  16. The teacher who made that comment was uneducated. Many people from all races have made contributions to our country. I truly respect Dr. Ben Carson and would have voted for him for President if given the opportunity. I learned about Eli Whitney and Dr. Martin Luther King in school. In New Mexico history classes We learned of the many contributions of the “Buffalo Soldiers” who were stationed at the forts all over NM. There is a Statue called the Sentinel of a buffalo soldier at Ft. Selden State historical monument. The ghost town of Blackdom, NM is also near me. The original post office ledgers are now in the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. I was raised to believe that you don’t judge a book by it’s cover but by it’s content. I believe that holds true with the human race.

  17. Dr. Berry, I am praying you persevere with Spirit-empowered courage and confidence as He guides you to speak heart-transforming and mind-renewing truth in love. Your articles often cause me to shed grateful tears. I love you, Sis. To the beautifully diverse (in)courage leadership team: I thank God for your commitment to standing firm on His truth and love as He continues building bridges through your faithfulness. It is my pleasure and privilege to pray for you all as I share your posts. In His service, Xochitl (so-cheel) Dixon

    • Xochitl!
      Its so great to ‘see’ you here!
      Thank you for reading my words. I sincerely appreciate your words of encouragement and prayers for me and the team. I shared your words with the team.

      May your light continue to shine and reach further.