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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. I would love to win the Courageous Simplicity study pack. Sometimes we make life more complicated than we should— this is a great reminder to return to the simple foundations of Jesus’s teachings. And courage is always needed as we journey through this life! Praying God will use this study to bless and strengthen our hearts.

  2. I’d love two things in my life right now: consistency in building deeper friendships and a tool to help me do it. I would love to win. Thank you for this giveaway.

    • After a year of walking the difficult and painful cabmcber journey with our 25 year old son, this study speaks to my heart. I would love to win the pack.

    • I’ve been looking for a study that refocuses me on Jesus. I’ve been so distracted by fear and worry and need to be reminded and refocused on my Savior!

  3. In these days of unconnected-ness, I’m looking forward to connecting with some friends and encouraging each other to live with gratitude, simplicity, and courage. This seems like the perfect study to do together here at the start of 2021.

  4. Thank you for creating a bible study called Courageous Simplicity. The name alone draws me in and makes me want to experience it! Looking forward to the opportunities that this study creates!

  5. The Abundance of Jesus…Simplicity…while this past year has simplified our commitments, I still long to bring more simplicity into my life and heart. To get rid of the “clutter” and anxiety of the world and to focus on what God has provided. Looking forward to the possibilities!

  6. As I read this I was reminded of what I wrote in my journal just an hour ago. A prayer of thanks for simple things like a life with purpose and plans made for me before I ever came to be and for hope. I would love to walk through this study with a few other women.

  7. Frustrating how Jesus lived simply and simply lived and we have managed to complicate simply livening and living simply.

  8. I would love to win this to be able to reach out to some girlfriends that I would like to have a closer relationship with and bring simplicity to their lives. Doing this study with them would be a blessing. I have already received a copy for myself..

  9. Simplicity- THE goal for 2021!
    Praying this study is used to touch and encourage many lives!

  10. Gratitude in prayer always balances my walk with the Lord. He is our source for all things good. What a perfect place to start.

  11. I would love to share this study with friends and connect is my word for 2021!! So thankful for this opportunity!!

  12. So awesome! I would love this! One of my goals for the new year is building a community of like minded woman around me.

  13. I am looking forward to this study. Although I have never lead a study before I am strongly considering leading a study during our next church small group session that will start in jist a few weeks. I would love to win this tp be able to provide books during the study for those that might not be able to afford their own.

  14. Would love to win the 2 bible study packets to do with my elderly parents and brother while they are in quarentine for health issues.

  15. This will be a great study! Looking forward to seeing how God works in the midst of this and committing time to spend with Him.
    Thank you!

  16. This sounds amazing, would love to get a few of my friends together and go through this study.

  17. I have been reading the free first chapter and would love to win the books and continue the journey.

  18. After a year of walking the difficult and painful cabmcber journey with our 25 year old son, this study speaks to my heart. I would love to win the pack.

  19. I’m so excited about this new study! One way or another, I’ll be discovering its many gifts.

  20. Thank you for your encouraging words each day, reminding me of God’s faithfulness and steadfast love.

  21. With all that is going on today, simplicity in Christ will be the best for each of our lives. Thank you for the Bible study.

  22. Excited for this topic and to share it with my daughters and friends! 2021 seems like a great time to Houseparty or Zoom. Would love to win one of those packets! 😀

  23. We are so much in doing and rushing that gratitude seems impossible. I have to intentionally remind myself to slow down and sense God’s presence and praise Him.

  24. The Lord’s timing is always good. I just received my (in) courage bible today. I also ordered one for my sister and daughter. I look forward to this study.

  25. (in)courage has been a wonderful way to keep connected in the face of all the barriers that were put up this past year! While many of us felt isolated at times, I hope all believers also found a chance to focus on God when many of our usual distractions were on hold. Love & Prayers!!

  26. Oh my goodness! This would be such a blessing for our ladies in Recovery at Redeemed Ministries! God Bless you for all you do to encourage women!!!

  27. I would love to dig deep in this study. Soooo needed after this past year and this continuing year of uncertainty. I appreciate and thank you for this study opportunity.

  28. It’s so refreshing to read a devotional that isn’t talking about COVID/the pandemic/the new normal, but rather normal, every day life. Being reminded to give God thanks, no matter what the situation was a great reminder. In 2020 a lot of folks forgot that no matter what is going on … GOD IS STILL GOOD AND WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!!!!!

    Great job on this devotion. Can’t wait to read more!!!!!

  29. I am so excited about this Bible study! What a blessing it would be to win a pack and share it!

  30. It would be wonderful to win a Study pack! I lead a Bible study at my church and this would be a great study for the ladies. I was going to do the online version so I could prepare to lead them through it later.

  31. Thank you so much for the chance to win this study, it sounds like something my Bible study ladies would enjoy! I love the idea of courageous simplicity, I think keeping things simple can take courage because we are always told how we need to do or be all things anymore.

  32. I have recently formalized my umbrella ministry, Discipleship in Unexpected Ways, as a 501c3 non-profit. I’m just getting this ministry going but have been running a sub-ministry, Traveler Journeys, to take people to Israel since 2017. DIUW is housed under the Traveler Journeys website.
    I’d like to run this Bible study with my ladies going to Israel next summer. Thank you for considering granting me a packet to get started!

  33. Making every effort to brush off the dust of 2020 in this New Year. Unfortunately, like most things this side of heaven its not going to be easy. Feel the Lord directed me to this study today for very specific reasons. Looking forward to starting & hopefully leading a few friends in Courageous Simplicity. I thank you in advance for the chance to enter for tools to assist in our learning!

  34. Thank you for the encouragement and strength offered through Courageous Simplicity.

  35. In this time of pandemic, the gift of copies to do a study together, yet safely apart, is a gift indeed!!

  36. I lead a discipleship group of 3 other gals, and we’ve been struggling lately. This study may be just what we need. Thanks for the opportunity!


  37. I’m currently using my InCourage bible to do a reading plan on Grace. I truly love it and would love to get this pack to be able to share with my friends.

    • This study sounds amazing and couldn’t be more fitting! As I think about my intentions for this new year my main priority is to abide in Jesus. My prayer is that He will be my sole focus.

  38. I would love this study. I am trying to listen to God and do away with the distractions. I sure could use this Bible study to guide me.

  39. I love that courageous I the word being used in this study. I truly feel like God is releasing a deeper inner courage in each one of us to enter into the fullness that He has already set out for us. It’s just up to us to arise like never before and go after all God has in store for us! Thank you Jesus.

  40. Courageous Simplicity is definitely a need in my Bible study rotation! I am grateful that I have a true example in Jesus to live courageously and simply in Him!

  41. My sisters and I, thousands of miles apart geographically, survived this past summer by doing the Summer in the Psalms study. It kindled our love for the Lord and upheld each other’s faith. This study pack will be a sure help to growing our faith and our relationships.

  42. My workbook is on the way. Arrives next week. Super excited. I already started the free first week download and am looking forward to continue through to the end. Thank you, (in)courage Team.

  43. My sister’s word for the year is Courage, based on Deuteronomy 31:6-8! So I’m hoping to win this Bible study (or another Courageous Bible study this year) for her. Thanks for this opportunity, and I love even the thought that simplicity is courageous… I need more of that in my Type-A life 🙂

  44. I really needed to hear this about being grateful. I will thank God each day for all that he’s done for me and my family. What a great post!!!! Thank you!!!!

  45. I would love a chance to win this study pack for my friends to connect with God and each other.

  46. So excited for this study! I am a simple person to begin with. Always looking at the simple gifts from God everyday. Living simply with minimal things. This year however, one of my four words, is Simplicity. I am going to really refine even more to just the true simple blessings, and less. I struggle with courage often, though I know what my God says about it in his word. When I saw this title it caught my eye. It would be great to win copies of this study. Either way, looking forward to it.

  47. I’d love this!! I’ve gotten some ladies from my work to agree to do a Bible study with me and then there on Facebook was this study!!

  48. I have some teenager’s girls that I am mentoring and doing different things with this will be a great help to them. It will off set the cost as I am trying to do it for free for them.

  49. Super excited to check this study out with some friends as simple is my motto for 2021. We often times over complicate our faith walk! When what we really need is sitting at the feet of Jesus.

  50. In Courage,

    The study is awesome. It amazes me how we over complicate life. We think we must do it all. So many people strive to juggle all of life on their own. Never once asking God for guidance or discernment. To achieve simplicity we need to quit worrying about doing/having it all. Slow down & make time for God. He desperately wants a relationship with us. Quit fretting about tomorrow or any/all the what ifs. Turn your worries over to God. This verse sums it all up. Matthew 11:28-30 28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

    Blessings 🙂

  51. Would love to win this pack so my friends alex and Rachel and Beth can go through this study together. During this year of covid I have felt lonely and shut off from my ministry of encouraging new moms and being intentional with friendships but I heard a sermon on 1/3 and could feel God telling me “I’m pursuing you, I’m your friend, draw near to me,stop, abide and hear me. I was stopped dead in my tracks convinced this is where God is leading me to a deeper search of him, a deeper search of the Bible and a deeper relationship with him.

  52. This sounds like it will be a wonderful study. A good way to reconnect with old friends and strengthen bonds with new ones!

  53. I would love to win the Bible Study pack. I am about to start mentoring women who are really struggling with depression and low self-worth. Helping them find and understanding to Pure, Simple Love of Christ is the ultimate goal.

  54. In this time of social isolation it is so important to be joined with my Christian friends in Bible study. Using Zoom or video chat it is so comforting to share new ideas and old ones about our understanding of God’s word with my friends so that I continue to feel connected with the body of Christ.

  55. I am pretty new to this but I’m grateful that i found this wonderful site. I’m excited to learn!

  56. We have been looking for a new Bible study for our small group. This sounds wonderful. Thank you.

  57. The spiritual practice of simplicity has been my current focus… I am looking forward to an opportunity to join in and discover more!!

  58. Love the name of the study! In the last month we’ve lost several of our loved ones and have realized we must continue to be courageous through all things in life. And when we rely on God it can be so simple to have the courage to continue on.

  59. I’m excited to be invited into these readings with “friends”. My neighbors, my friends can enjoy, grow and be lifted with God’s word. We can have conversation on blessings and growth. Thank you

  60. I look forward to opening these messages each morning, and have them sent to me directly to my work email. If I don’t have a chance to read from home, I will often take a moment during the workday to read and reflect upon the message. Thank you for being another reminder that God is constantly working with me and using me as an instrument to another’s song.

  61. This post struck me this morning and is a great reminder for me, not just to be thankful but that gratitude can help calm nerves as well. Thank you!

  62. God is such a good God. He will never leave us stranded. God restores and makes all things new. I would love to win this and study with Family.

  63. I hope to start this book study with women from my congregation. But I think it will be fun to expand it to include a friend, “be a friend who’s loving and true, please bring another gal pal with you!” for the invitation!

  64. This sounds amazing! Thank you for your continued pursuit of the Lord and providing resources to so many

  65. Thank you for adding these studies. I am looking forward to growing through them!

  66. So excited to do this study…esp.after 2020… or would be wonderful to win this to give to the ladies in our upcoming study… thank you for the generous love offering may God direct it exactly where He wants it to be.

  67. The title Courageous Simplicity peaked my interest so I watched the intro video and getting so excited about this study. This is something I need. Looking forward to this study and hope to have some friends to join me.

  68. What a wonderful way to walk in Jesus steps to be able to read His word and share it with friends. I look forward to this new study.
    Thank you

  69. I am excited that the quiz for my word of the year revealed: Connect!! As we hope for a brighter future, (pandemic, and unrest in the rearview mirror ASAP!!) I truly want to connect and love people as Jesus did.

  70. I was looking for a Bible study to start, didn’t know where to start and read your section in Homelife magazine along with the article Light the Candles and felt like wow this summed up my last year 2020 and how getting Covid changed my life but so far for the better. My life came to a grinding halt and I became re-awakened like never before.

  71. Lord, work through this study we pray. Lift our eyes to you! Break down lies and reveal to us Your truth! Use this study to we pray! AMEN

  72. I would love to do this Bible study with three friends. It would be so fun and necessary and encouraging. This is such a hard time in our lives right now and we really need this extra support of our Savior and of our best friends whom we walk along the path with. Thank you!

  73. Thanks for loving women enough to take time to write a Bible Study that we can do together!
    Excited to begin this journey w you n my friends

    Carmen Bourgeois

  74. I am new to my neighborhood and decided to host a coffee ( outside with pandemic!) Three women joined me and I would love to host a study with them. One Thousand Gifts set me on a path of gratitude a few years ago!

  75. This is awesome! My two closest friends are Christians like I am but I’m feeling them both struggle with their faith. They don’t take it as seriously. Maybe this Bible study could be a way to help them grow in their faith again and learn God’s truth for their lives.

  76. I wish I had discovered all that DaySpring has to offer sooner!! It’s so much more than encouraging cards!