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Jen encourages women to embrace both the beauty and bedlam of their everyday lives at BeautyandBedlam.com. A popular speaker, worship leader, and author of Just Open the Door: How One Invitation Can Change a Generation, Jen lives in North Carolina with her husband, five children, and a sofa for anyone...

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  1. Jen,
    Wow! What an interesting insight about how Jesus carried out a lot of His ministry – eating and drinking with others (including tax collectors, prostitutes, and the dregs of society). On Thanksgiving we took some meals to those we know who live alone, but didn’t feel comfortable with an “in-person” invitation. Just an add-on that we can offer “hospitality-to-go.” Lovely post.
    Bev xx

  2. Thank you, Jennifer! This makes me think of all the new neighbors in my neighborhood that I have yet to meet. Not just because of the virus. My hesitancy is long running. Thank you for giving me the courage to step out. In faith.

    • Irene – Grace on, guilt off.

      I love that you’ve verbalized that hesitancy and now can step forward with baby steps of faith. We have no idea how reaching out may make a difference in someone’s life. xoxox

      Let me know how it goes.

  3. Jesus love the Eating with people of all walks of life. Sure it takes me back to story of when Jesus fed 5000 plus people why I say 5000 plus people because of all the Children that would have been there that day. On two loaves and fives fish. He just love people and being with them showing them his love. Telling them story’s of how to live and love either. Love people of all walks of life. No matter what skin color they have. Like the kids song I was taught at Sunday School when I was small. It is very real for us today. Especially if saved. You get it on YouTube. It is “Jesus Love all the Children of the World Red and Yellow Black And White” How true that is for us today. Especially if saved. Even if a saved Adult. That we are too to as it says today. Love all people of all walks of life no matter what skin color they have have like Jesus did when on earth. Just like the song. You see the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 plus people and the Children that would have been there that day on five loaves and two fish. That day. To do with the Pandemic we are in. I get alot out of that story. The people in those days went to here the King of the world speak. That King was Jesus. They didn’t care or worry when Jesus told the disciples to tell them. To get all the people to sit down on the grass. Or about the insects on the grass or who had washed their hands or if anyone had washed their hands or not. Who clothes was clean or if they had kids with clean noses or hands etc. As you know how messy and dirty kids can get. Or it anyone had cold. They all new the King of the world Jesus would take care of them and not let anything happen to them. So the baskets of food were passed around with the loaves and fish in them. Every one ate and were satisfied. So that is in my eyes the Delight of Eating. Not having to worry about Germs. Or cathing anything. Like people are doing today over this Pandemic. If saved or not saved. Who especially if saved or we putting or trust in. If we were putting out trust in the King of the World Jesus. We especially the saved would have nothing to worry about. Like the People The King of the World fed that day. They didn’t worry about Germs that day or what they catch. They all knew. The King of World Jesus wouldn’t let anything happen to them. We are too do the same. I do that. I stand on the Word of God the Bible and the Promises in and Prayer. Plus Psalm 91 and the Amour of God in Ephesians 6. Love today read. Love you all incourage. Pray for you all. Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  4. So important to share our food.
    This covid makes living alone very difficult..
    I too am a widow and love to be asked to share.
    Bless you.Carmel

    • Carmel –

      I am sorry for any ways you are feeling alone right now as a widow. I am sure the holidays are especially challenging and now more so with Covid since so many can’t reach out. Praying for a deep peace to wash over you. xoxox

  5. THANK YOU for this REMINDER that having meals together is BIBLICAL. As exhausting as it can be for me at 67 years old, I STILL (and always have) cook a Sunday dinner for our entire family. My adult children used to try to find every excuse in the world as to why they and their families couldn’t make it to “Memaw’s Sunday Family Meal” each week, but I just kept cooking it and sharing the food with them by packaging it in to go containers for each of them. Soon enough, they all began to really look forward to sharing Sundays with me and even began to come early enough to help prepare our meals!! Family…….Food…..and Fellowship nourishes body, mind and soul! SO IMPORTANT for family & friends to MAKE TIME to gather together!!

    • Denise – I LOVE hearing about your Sunday Supper and it’s one tradition I’m so sad I didn’t implement sooner. For years I’ve said to my SIL, we need to do a sunday supper and never made it happen.

      Thank you for the encouragement to stay the course. Reading about your effort/rewards is SO heartwarming. 🙂

  6. I simply and absolutely love it! No wonder Christians get together and fellowship with a cuppa and a chat to begin their bible study. We are so like our Maker, our wonderful, amazing Lord! I
    love putting up pictures of high tea and coffee on facebook and today I shared your discovery about how Jesus used mealtimes to connect with people and to teach them in a friendly environment.

    • Oh thank you for sharing. 🙂

      I went to school in England and fell in love with the cuppa tea tradition while there. Even though I couldn’t fall in love with the taste of tea (I’m still trying), I follow all the same traditions (with me coffee…shhh). 🙂

  7. I’m just reading this but I now have another book to add to my to read stack & a prayer for us all to be inspired to engage those around us in the ordinary, mundane, taken for granted tasks for a greater purpose of sharing life & kingdom life with those around us.

    • I’d be honored if you added my “Just Open the Door” to your stack but no one even needs to read it to take to heart embracing our everyday moments for Him. Since we all have to eat, what better way to do that. 🙂 xoxox

  8. Jen,

    I never thought about the fact that Jesus came eating & drinking. If you think about it His first miracle was “just to keep the party going” as Mark Lowry says. He loved being with people & teaching them. He knew the best way to do that was to meet a basic need for food & drink. Then He would have their attention & could preach a good sermon. He especially wanted the lower class citizens of society to come. Those eager to hear His words & be changed like Zacchaeus. Today (12/5) I’m making desserts & taking them to the “Loaves & Fishes”-a church sponsored meal hand out for homeless & helpless. Also will help prepare food baskets with them. My way of giving back & helping feed others.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth –

      Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus as you bake and share food. What a gift to all involved. I’ve never heard the quote of “just to keep the party going” but that is right up my alley. 🙂 So glad you shared that. xoxo